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  • Dec 20-26, 2001
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  • Flavorful filmmaking

    With 2001 rapidly coming to a close, it looked as if Memento was going to be the only film of the year to have audiences leaving at the end while scratching their heads and saying, "Whoa! That was pretty weird!" And now here's Vanilla Sky, n
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  • Beat the geek

    Paul Goebel, long known professionally as "The King of TV," is one of the three regular trivia "geeks" on Comedy Central's new game show, Beat the Geeks. The game show pits two ordinary contestants against the TV geek, the music geek, t
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  • Stamp of approval

    It's a challenge just trying to figure out how to approach Sir Ian McKellen, how to begin questioning him about his craft and the choices he's made in his career. After all, he's probably best known for his numerous Shakespearean roles -- Rich
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  • Citizen's Critique- Not Another Teen Movie

    If you see my friend Hans, be sure to ask if he has taken anyone to see a good movie lately. Watch him cringe. We saw Not Another Teen Movie Saturday night. In the 82 minutes of torturous acting and horrible story, I laughed twice. Once
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  • Shacking up by the cathedral

    Many in the neighborhood are calling it a shack. It's that drive-through video store, recently opened in the parking lot of the Taco Time located just south of St. John's Cathedral, between 12th and 13th on Grand Boulevard. This descript
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  • One ring to bind them

    Move over Harry Potter. You are kids' stuff. Literally. And there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a well-made, true-to-its-source adaptation of a novel that a lot of people have read and a lot of purists -- most of them around th
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  • Where are all the art films?

    Every year around the holidays, studios start to release the films that they hope will capture both the attention of audiences looking for serious entertainment and high-publicity prestige. In the past, awards like the Oscars went almost
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  • Letters to the editor

    This is a letter in response to your article on the proposed skateboard park in Spokane, which ran in The Inlander's Dec. 13 edition. It is unlikely that anyone in our area has been involved in the building of more youth facilities that
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  • New York story

    A contemporary romance, a Manhattan lifestyle satire and a duke-out-of-water time travel comedy from the director of Heavy and Girl, Interrupted? Who would want to see that? Lots of people looking for romantic comedy over the Christmas holida
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  • Frame of reference

    There are the usual panoramic shots: things like a range of mountains against a bright winter sky, or a windswept ocean horizon with maybe some enormous boulders in the foreground. And then there are unusual panoramic shots; shots that capt
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  • CD review-Elton John

    Elton John seems to be first among aging popsters who don't make you cringe. When the Stones gear up for yet another "final" tour, the jokes about walkers and hearing aids up on stage start to fly. Maybe they didn't listen to their
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  • The W. in WTE

    A strange e-mail made it to the Bonners Ferry Ranger District's inbox the other day. It originated with the White House Energy Project Streamlining Task Force and contained a draft presentation on the value of utilizing forest biomass -- t
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  • Cell tower scramble

    Considered pests by some and pets by others, they come in many disguises and sizes. Some are big and bulky, sturdy even, suited for construction sites and pickup trucks and sitting in toolboxes. Others are sleek, petite, in playful colors
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  • Man in motion

    Spokane must be one of the most Western of cities, with its history of Indians, mining and railroads; its Caucasian population; its landscape, poised between the mountains and the rolling prairie of the Palouse. There are cosmopolitan f
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  • Behind the burqa

    It's hard to believe that 25-year-old Hena Efat ever wore a burqa. Stocky and dimpled, with short curly hair and a wardrobe full of T-shirts and baggy suits -- definitely no veil on this girl -- she dresses and acts like a Western tomboy. S
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  • Local briefs

    Changing culture? -- SPOKANE -- Good news, Spokane: You're slightly less likely to be murdered or lose property to thieves, if city police statistics are any indication. The bad news is, you're more likely to have a car stolen, get assaulted or be raped.
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  • Record store review

    Independent RECORD STORES are some of my favorite places in the whole world. ("Record store" sounds so much better than "CD store" doesn't it? Even if there's not so much as a molecule of vinyl in the entire place.) I can (and have been k
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  • Enron's end run

    I believe in God and I believe in free markets," Enron CEO Kenneth Lay told the San Diego Union-Tribune back in February. What's more, continued this titan of the energy business, Jesus himself was something of a '90s-style libertarian: "H

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