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  • Dec 27, 2001 - Jan 2, 2002
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  • Sunny disposition

    Mike Price's job just got a little more difficult -- sort of. Price is the head football coach at Washington State University and, as such, is responsible for bringing athletic respectability back to that institution -- at least as it rela
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  • Letters to the editor

    Spokane's involvement in the River Park Square Project -- it was referred to in "River Park Square Garage Litigation For Dummies," in The Inlander's Dec. 13 edition -- couldn't be clearer. It doesn't take a courtroom
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  • First Night Music

    At least as much as any other art form, music has the intrinsic capacity to invoke mood. The organizers of First Night Spokane were obviously aware of this as they chose singers, instrumentalists, duets, trios, bands and ensembles to prov
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  • 3rd Place - & amp;quot;Buffalo Wallow & amp;quot;

    As they stumble in file, Carl Packer informs his family he knows their location to be & quot;about halfway round & quot; the 19 mile road that edges the National Bison Range near Dixon, Montana. & quot;Why else, & quot; he huffed over his shoulder, & quot;put the restr
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  • First Night Visual Arts

    Of the four pillars of First Night success -- Celebration, Community, the New Year, and Art -- Art plays a vibrant, vital role in First Night Spokane. "I'm really excited about it," says Denise Bowles, who headed up the visual arts committee
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  • First Night Kids

    Everyone thinks of Christmas as a holiday for children, but that sentiment generally does not hold true for New Year's Eve. For much of the last century, New Year's Eve has been considered an evening of wild excesses and drunken debauche
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  • Tale as old as time

    "As the years passed he fell into deep despair and lost all hope... for who could ever learn to love a beast?" It's one of the most beautiful questions ever posed in American cinema. Disney's Beauty and the Beast opens with a series of staine
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  • 2nd Place - & amp;quot;Invitations & amp;quot;

    Grizz always said he spent half his marriage placating The War Department. He called her that when it was just the two of them, though her given name was Haley. She called herself Crazy Indian. "It's the only choice," she said. "I'm part cr
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  • First Night Theater

    Ringing in the New Year is all about playfulness, and playgoers will have several options during the First Night festivities. The adult version of Express Theatre Northwest will be able to draw upon its recent production of The Gift of t
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  • An aria for the New Year

    The Davenport Hotel returns to the glory days of its youth Saturday night when the Spokane Opera presents its holiday gala, "Diamonds & amp; Divas." The event, a glittering spectacle to highlight the artistic endeavors of the Spo
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  • Citizen Critique -Lord of Rings

    Having had one too many cups of coffee only added to the excitement of going to see one of the most anticipated movies since the dark ages -- The Fellowship of the Ring. Having read the books one too many times, I was ready for a movie tha
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  • 1st Place - & amp;quot;Seeing & amp;quot;

    Once, when I was a young boy, I saw something no one else was able to see. I saw it clearly, bright as a hummingbird's heart, but of course no one believed me. For a long time, I yearned to see in that special way again, but now I know it's
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  • First Night Spokane

    Who can forget the dazzling televised spectacle of Dec. 31, 1999? Vast crowds of celebrants, from the toasty and tanned Australians to the happily freezing New Yorkers, welcomed the New Year as it rolled from time zone to time zone, bouncin
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  • Local briefs

    COEUR D'ALENE -- He's an offbeat character, there's no doubt about it. Steve Badraun, a Coeur d'Alene businessman, is, after all, the guy who sat on a yellow stool on a street corner to talk with passersby during his failed mayoral b
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  • CD review - Saves the Day

    Young emo and pop-punk bands often have a hard time gaining credibility in the indie music world. Their cute skater or thrift-store boy looks and alternately catchy and sad emotional pop music allow some critics to easily write them off as
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  • High price on muslims

    On Nov. 27, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) arrested Husein Mallah of Spokane because his visa had expired. For the most part, his is a typical overstay case: Husein entered the country legally, but decided to stay after
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  • Another view on Israel

    It's not easy being a Palestinian these days. The latest suicide bombings in Jerusalem have caused a major image problem for a people that was slowly gaining some recognition from the western world, not to mention support for an independe
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  • Rock the dipper

    & quot;Hey man, are you going to that Makers show at the Dipper on Monday?" "Yeah, I think so. The opening bands look pretty good, too." "Cool. I guess I'll see you there." "Yeah. Later." How long has it been since you were involved in -- or ove

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