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  • Feb 28 - Mar 6, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 20

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  • Under the Boardwalk

    Her writing schedule is an enviable one. Seattle author Carole Glickfeld usually wakes up by mid-afternoon, then dresses and heads over to her neighborhood Starbucks with a handful of pages to edit. She works on her prose with the hiss of s
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  • All-Ages Author

    Spokane is fortunate to frequently play host to some great authors. Between readings at Auntie's Bookstore and events at local colleges, we see a lot more architects of the written word than many cities our size. Each year Whitworth Coll
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  • Shell-Shocked

    Close on the heels of Black Hawk Down, the ante for the war film has been upped yet again. Still, We Were Soldiers and Black Hawk Down are two different animals. While Black Hawk works best as a physical and emotional onslaught on both viewer
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  • High-Tech Hip-Segway

    It's hard not to be drawn in by the marketing pitches from the Segway developers. Imagine how much easier life will be, they suggest, when you don't have to drive your car on those short trips to the grocery store. Imagine being able t
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Drive-By Assessments? Thanks for the recent article on property tax assessments ("Taxation Without Equalization?" 2/7/02). It's a very gray area, and your research helps public understanding of issues we are affected by, but do not typica
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  • DVD Review-Twin Peaks Season1

    Dancing dwarfs, vixens in saddle shoes, luscious cinematography and Jack Nance? Looks like we're ready for a David Lynch project. Fortunately, television audiences in 1990 weren't ready. From the moment that Nance -- a longtime Lynch cha
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  • Half-Speed Horseplay

    It's 1934 and the Cleveland Grand Opera is about to mount a production of Verdi's Otello. Just one problem: no Otello. The role is to be sung by world-famous tenor Tito Morelli, known as Il Stupendo. Of course, being an artist (and Italia
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  • A Political Machine in Spokane?

    Councilman Steve Eugster accuses Mayor John Powers of trying to build a political machine. Egads! A political machine? In Spokane, Washington, a town where public life is measured in milliseconds? Can Powers pull it off? No way -- and the
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  • Will and Grace

    During his all-too-short lifetime, Alvin Ailey was perhaps the most recognizable name in American modern dance. He brought his own experience as an African-American to the dance stage while maintaining a commitment to a broad diversity o
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  • Buzz Bin

    Dan's the Man--To say that it's Dan Dickau's time in the limelight is a bit of an understatement. The 23-year-old GU point guard has just been named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year and is the subject of a four-page article i
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  • All Systems Go

    RAND-UNIVAC was the first commercially produced computer, a room-filling behemoth with a price tag of nearly a quarter-million dollars. In 1952, a Univac owned by CBS News predicted that Eisenhower would win the '52 presidential election
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  • Vicarious Kills

    The prostitute seemed only too grateful to get into my car. It had been raining all day long, and with the sun down, it wasn't going to get any warmer. We parked, got on with our business -- the car bouncing in accompaniment -- and then aw
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  • News In Brief

    No Walk in the Park -- SPOKANE -- Wal-Mart's smiley-faced promotions just aren't keeping residents adjacent to the new north Spokane store happy. Residents of the Nevada-Lidgerwood neighborhood say a park that was supposed to be built at
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  • The City's Visa Bill

    Today, the city is already paying off a number of bonds. Back in 1991, voters approved a $20,750,000 bond for the new downtown library. Taxpayers still owe $18,260,000 on that one, and it adds $29 per $100,000 assessed property value to h
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  • Learned Behavior?

    The video game and the motion picture industries have been turning in domestic sales figures over the past few years that, for the most part, have been comparable. But in 2001, the video game business took an enormous leap forward, trump
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  • Street Repair By Numbers

    By now we've all heard City Hall's edition of the street repair story: if we don't approve the $50 million street repair bond when the special election rolls around on March 12, the streets are just going to fall apart, that's all, and we
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  • CD Review-Barry Manilow

    Cleveland's got the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Seattle's got the Experience Music Project. What's Spokane got? Zippo. Clearly, it's time for the city to get off its butt and realize a dream that, if not acted upon, could get snapped up by s
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    We're Shocked -- Shocked! -- It might be prudent to add energy rate spikes to death and taxes as one of life's gloomy certainties. Avista rates are shooting up (again!) starting March 15. Last winter, a homeowner using 1,000 kilowatt-ho

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