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  • Midsummer Night's Dream

    For the first few months after opening Solstice on December 1, Chef James Malone says he changed his menu almost daily. "We tried to make it as diverse as possible," he says. "We're taking everything we've seen around town and trying
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  • Arts Under Fire

    In American cinema of the 1940s, it seems that whenever someone was in dire financial straits or about to lose the farm, the solution was to rally everyone in the community for a heartwarming eleventh-hour save. Whether it was the big baske
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  • DVD Review-In the Mood for Love

    Despite having the word "love" in the title, Wong Kar-wai's film In the Mood for Love is as much about the things that nobody wants to think about when they're falling in love as it is about love itself. Consequently, the film becomes a
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  • Clarifications Past Issues

    In the April 25 Inlander, a news article described the "Quartzite Roadless Area" as one of five wild places in Eastern Washington for which environmentalists are trying to obtain federal wilderness designations. The Quartzite area, between Chewelah and Ne
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  • Game Review-Dungeon Siege

    Role-playing games are usually about losing yourself in another persona, another world, entirely. They drop you into characters that are open-ended -- they gain experience, knowledge and power, but it's up to you, the player, to decide wh
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  • Opening Films

    Kissing Jessica Stein - Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt) just can't find Mr. Right, and very much wants -- needs -- to. Helen (Heather Jurgensen) has plenty of men, but suddenly has a yen to try women. So begins this breezy, funny story of experiments in lesbia
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  • One Valley, Two Worlds

    The drive for incorporation of a new city in the Spokane Valley is bringing together some strange bedfellows. People who usually see things like the Growth Management Act through very different eyes are banding together to build a new cit
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  • Something To Celebrate

    Accolades are being given to wineries in our state and city of late. The Washington State wine industry has been hailed by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as wine region of the year for 2001. Our state is the first American region to receive th
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  • Valley Inc.

    "What part of 'No' don't you understand?" That's a question Dennis Scott says he gets a lot from potential residents of Spokane Valley, Wash., which will become the state's newest city -- and its eighth largest -- if a majority of i
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  • Camaro Blues

    I was cool once. For a decade I drove a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28. News that General Motors is phasing out the Camaro after the 2002 model year hit me hard. More than 4 million Camaros were produced since the first in 1967, peaking in 19
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  • His Cheatin' Heart

    Wind blows you down, someone pretty picks you up. Nice fantasy. That's what happens near the start of Unfaithful, Adrian Lyne's first feature since Lolita. Walking the cobbles of New York's SoHo in a sudden, violent windstorm, wife and mother
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Let Nethercutt Breathe - I was sorry to learn that Mr. [Charles] Fisk's visit to Mr. Nethercutt's office shook his confidence in our democracy (according to his letter in the May 2 edition of The Inlander). I have had many contacts with M
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  • Seriously Bent

    In a caf & eacute; that celebrates such classics of the art world as Kramer in a formal oil portrait and fellow Seinfeld buddy George Costanza posing for eternity in his boxers, somehow Ken Yuhasz's VW Microbus plunging through the wall hardly seem
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  • Recently Reviewed Restaurants

    Dalcado's - Dalcado's specializes in burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salads, all made fresh to order with high-quality ingredients, featuring lean meats and a variety of salsas made daily -- all for a price that rivals fast food fare. The d & eacute;cor is cheery,
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  • Buzz Bin

    Local Boy Makes Good - Over the years we've followed the career of local stand up comedian Bobby Delerious, from his gigs at the Brickwall Comedy Club to the time he opened for MAD-TV's Debra Wilson at WSU. Still we weren't expecting the
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  • Expand It

    Let's say there's a family -- kind of dysfunctional, but no more than most. It's Christmas, and for their oldest kid, they wrap him up a brand new Xbox. The younger brother? Not even a lump of coal. A couple of years go by, and Mom and Da
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  • Ichabod's North

    Who mourns for Ichabod's North, the Spokane rock club that three weeks ago succumbed to fire? Few people, it seems. Talk around town has less to do with loss and more to do with promise, optimism and new clubs. The atti
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  • Trailing Off

    Some come to feed the ducks. Some come to walk their dogs or to spend their lunch breaks. Some come to run. Families ride bikes, lovers hold hands, roller-bladers try to keep their balance -- there are many uses for Spokane's much-beloved
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  • Kill Boredom Now

    by Mike Corrigan For more than 18 years, THE MELVINS have survived the ebb and flow of Next Big Things precisely because they've never wasted a milli-volt of mental energy aspiring to become one. They are a burr on the butt of the recording industry, abom
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    What He Really Thinks - "I'm facing a bunch of pissants." -- Spokane City Councilman Steve Eugster, characterizing his fellow council members' lack of enthusiasm, while speaking on radio 920 AM, Monday afternoon. This was, oh, three day
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  • CD Review-Paul Westerberg

    How does a formerly scruffy punk with a wicked poison pen transition into the world of adulthood, reach out to a new audience and hang on to old fans without alienating anyone? Paul Westerberg's answer thus far has been to stick close to
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  • PO'd at the GOP

    For the second time in recent history, Idaho's Supreme Court has ruled that an aspect of term limits law may be ill-advised but that it is constitutional. The justices handed down their most recent ruling on Friday, saying that the Legi
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  • News In Brief

    The Gloves Are Off - SPOKANE -- In uncharacteristically hard-nosed statements at a City Hall press conference Tuesday, Spokane Mayor John Powers challenged the developer of River Park Square to drop what he calls an "attack campaign" agai

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