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  • May 16-22, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 31


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  • Recently Reviewed Restaurants

    Solstice - Although the entree menu at Solstice (the former Moxie in Liberty Lake) contains only seven items, they are a diverse group. The pan-seared yellow-fin tuna with wasabi aioli and black bean essence ($18) was beautifully prepared and went nicely
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  • Falls Guy

    On June 1, 1927, a logger from Monroe, Wash., named Al Faussett rode over upper Spokane Falls in a hollowed-out spruce log christened the Skykomish Queen. He survived, with injuries, but was thwarted in his desire to run the lower
  • Local News
  • DVD Review-L'Avventura

    The story of L'Avventura centers on a group of spiritually bankrupt but fiscally wealthy young people who stop on a small island during a yachting trip. After expressing irritation with her boyfriend Sandro and her friend Claudia, the be
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Beware of Tourism - In a few days the citizens of Spokane will have the opportunity to vote on expanding the convention center to bring more tourists to the city. Voters should be careful not to believe that tourism will somehow s
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  • In Search of Big Jake

    Wanted: A $1 million fish. Goes by the name of Big Jake. He might be swimming in Lake Coeur d'Alene. If so, he would be a Northern Pike of blueish-green color with a long, sloping forehead, light-colored horizontal spots on his body and a perc
  • Local News
  • Opeining Films

    About A Boy - The Nick Hornby book about a carefree bachelor who tries to meet women by posing as a father at a single parents' support group has gone through some changes, but still makes a smooth, charming transition to the screen. Hugh Grant, playing t
  • Local News
  • Buzz Bin

    Foxy Memories - By now you've all probably heard the news that the Fix the Fox campaign has just named two of the city's most famous natives, Thomas S. Foley and Patrice Munsel, as honorary chairs for the $20 million Fix the Fox campaign
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  • The Final Straw

    Okay, a confession: I don't get what people see in comedy-thrillers. Tasked with solving a mystery, we're supposed to take all those portentous "clues" seriously and analyze them well -- but every now and then we're also supposed to giggle
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  • Keeping Our Options Open

    There's nothing more American than taking direct control of your own destiny. In the drive for a new city in the Spokane Valley, it's easy to hear the echoes of 1776, with declarations of independence and cries of no taxation without rep
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  • Good As Gold

    Opposing pitchers find this difficult to believe, but college baseball's leading home run hitter has a heart of Gold. "He's a wonderful, wonderful person," longtime Gonzaga Baseball coach Steve Hertz says of Nate Gold, the Bulldogs' se
  • Local News
  • Lucas Strikes Back

    Let's do this in baseball terms. Two years ago, when George Lucas returned to directing for the first time since Star Wars in 1977 with The Phantom Menace, he hit a single that was just shy of being a foul ball. This time out, he's got a two-
  • Local News
  • Book Review-Swallowing Clouds

    The ways in which our names, words and means of expression are linked to our cultural identity has a remarkable parallel in the world of food. Both language and food, after all, are cultural necessities -- things that have been linked to c
  • Local News
  • Story of the Morel

    Go out in the woods right now and look closely. Like a gift from the gods, morels will be poking their little brown cones through the forest ground cover. They are possibly the most cherished and most hunted wild mushroom in North America. And
  • Local News
  • A Fresh Wrapper

    It's won the Inlander poll for best burritos for the last two years. So it's no wonder that SONIC BURRITO had to expand to accommodate all those satisfied customers. Sonic's new digs are located at 1415 N. Hamilton -- only a few blocks no
  • Local News
  • On Newsstands Now

    This article is only available in the printed edition of the Inlander or online at: & lt;a href= & quot;www.salon.com/news/feature/2002/05/07/students/index_np.html & quot; target= & quot;_blank & quot; & salon.com & lt;/a &
  • Local News
  • God Rock

    They used to call it gospel. But what began as the worship music of the faithful has, over the last 20 years, been transformed. In 2002, faith-based music is filling concert arenas and is beaming from both Christian and secular radio stat
  • Local News
  • SPJ Awards

    Arts Reporting - 1st Place: Michael Bowen, for "Channeling Harry," a preview of Give '
  • Local News
  • Rhythms of the Saints

    They've been working since January on a series of events that doesn't peak until late August and doesn't conclude altogether until October. In some cases, they have temporarily moved to Spokane. Clearly, the staff of the Inland Northwest


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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Change of Heart - "I don't feel I was wrong last time. But times have changed, and it is time to change our minds about creating a city of our own here in the Spokane Valley." -- Dick Denenny, past chairman of the Spokane Valley Chamber
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  • Electric Blues

    At first introduction, AARON RICHNER may seem too young to have the blues, but his guitar chops and songwriting skills will make you rethink that position in a hurry. Coming from the Hendrix/Vaughn school of flamboyant electric blues, the
  • Opinion
  • News In Brief

    To Rake Muck - SPOKANE -- He's a muckraker of our times, a prolific, thoughtful, sometimes humorous left-wing writer, and he's coming to town. He's Alexander Cockburn (pronounced "co-burn"), and he'll rock your world -- or at least, your
  • Opinion
  • CD Review-Tom Waits

    Between 1993 and 1999, the defiantly individual Tom Waits seemingly disappeared from the recording industry. Rumors abounded that he was too busy with films or some strange hobby. The latter, it turned out, was accurate; Tom Waits had di
  • Opinion
  • Cut to the Quick

    Spokanites have made their last call to Crime Check. And those who like to frequent the city's branch libraries should check the opening hours next time they visit -- they'll be cut significantly within the next two months. Watch before yo
  • Opinion
  • Georgia on Our Minds

    There are some artists who you remember because of one thing that they did specifically. For many people, Bruce Springsteen -- despite his other accomplishments -- will always be the man that sang "Born in the U.S.A." Elton John has release

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