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  • Oct 17-23, 2002
  • Vol. 10, No. 1

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  • Girl On Film

    When you mention the term "the arts," imaginations are often instinctively drawn to images of paintings, drawings and sculptures. A little bit more thought, and music, dance and theater will often enter into the general concept of "the a
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  • They Got it Right

    & & To seek out an eatery serving tasty and carefully prepared lunchables and review it. That was the mission. Simple enough, right? So it would seem. Yet there were conditions to contend with. Early on we agreed -- as we often do -- tha
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  • The Case For Split Government

    World peace" used to be such an incontrovertibly good thing that all Miss America contestants, even at the height of the Cold War, could safely say that they were in favor of it. Now, if the Bush vision of national security becomes our go
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  • Opening Films

    AMC Classic Film Festival -- Friday's classic film offering encourages viewers to learn to stop worrying and love the bomb in 1964's Dr. Strangelove (not rated), starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott. On Saturday, Sharks and Jets ru
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  • Location is Everything

    After thinking about expanding its convention center for almost a decade, Spokane seems to have worked itself into something of a corner. The Public Facilities District board is officially still considering where to expand the conventio
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  • Now Playing

    Alaska -- A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) The Banger Sisters -- "Hippie-dippy" does not begin to insult this paean to group
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Back on the Street -- Remember Rising Times, the newspaper sold by the homeless that was started by a couple of Gonzaga University students last year? Well, it's back, this time run by an Americorps volunteer. Homeless people get to keep
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  • Old vs. New

    Those who were looking for the ultimate showdown in Spokane politics to take place between incumbent County Commissioner Phil Harris and current City Councilman Steve Eugster may be disappointed these days. Or puzzled. Louise Chadez was a
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  • Fly Your Freak Flag

    Back in the good old early 1990s, during a period of surprising innovation in rock, Les Claypool's band, Primus, carved out not just a niche but an entire cave for itself as one of the weirdest bands on the planet. Defiantly idiosyncratic
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  • CD Review - Beck

    If you've ever wanted the perfect soundtrack for your post-breakup, freshly dumped blues, this is it. That musical rarity -- a song cycle that's actually hip and smart - Sea Change consists of 12 plaintive tracks that travel from the point o

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