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  • Oct 10-16, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 52


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  • Old World Chic

    Descending the dramatic staircase off downtown's bustling Monroe Street, you enter another world and another time at Catacombs. Owner Rob Brewster has created an Old-World atmosphere at his restaurant that will open Tuesday in the City T
  • Local News
  • Rewriting Your Life

    Jasmine Paul's debut novel, A Girl, in Parts, opens with a troubled 9-year-old protagonist who has nightmares, asthma, bad teeth and no chin. Dottie, as this unfortunate young girl is called, endures the howling torment of her classmates on
  • Local News
  • Beantown, USA

    When you think about what coffee is, it's amazing that it ever became a drink much less a multi-million dollar industry. Coffee beans are essentially the pit of a small red "cherry," which is roasted, ground and brewed with hot water. While
  • Local News
  • Making The List

    Last June, Al Gore was pulled aside for random security screening at the gate at Reagan National Airport. Remarkably, the next day, at Mitchell International in Milwaukee, the same thing happened. At the time, the obvious joke was tha
  • Local News
  • DVD Review - Panic Room

    At some point in the past few years, film studios realized that they could make a bigger profit on a film's DVD release if they crammed a ton of features onto the disc with the movie. At first there were boring made-for-television specia
  • Local News
  • Local Bounty

    Here in the Inland Northwest, as well as in our surrounding region, we are blessed with an abundance of food that inspires culinary creativity. The versatile and flavorful cuisine found in the Northwest reflects our area's bounty of fres
  • Local News
  • Dark Territory

    Life and death are not something you immediately associate with the symphony. Of course there are operas that feature characters dying, and plenty of jubilant concerti where the soloist sends the audience home on a note of hard-earned in
  • Local News
  • Secret in the Woods

    "Time didn't exist for the tummy tucks," says narrator Elisabeth Shue at the start of this softly magical story of love and life, of death and what may turn out to be its alternative. Based on the 1975 novel by Natalie Babbitt, which has beco
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  • Letters To The Editor

    American Empire? -- Your subhead to Mr. Hagney's "Pax Americana," (10/3/02) asks, "If America is indeed an empire, is it in decline?" That's not a question; it's a fact, because Hagney states categorically that America is an empire. An
  • Local News
  • Tech Review

    These days, it seems the next craze in digital toys comes along about every five minutes as tech companies continue to turn out one gadget after another in the hopes of stumbling upon the right toy that compels consumers to buy in bulk.
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  • Eat Out at the OK Corral

    There's dining and then there's consuming mass quantities of edibles. The differences between these two methods of satisfying a basic human need may appear slight but are, in fact, profound. How one perceives those differe
  • Local News
  • Buzz Bin

    Lynda Barry is so No. 1!!!! -- Listen up folks. Here in the Bin, our heads are just about ready to explode with excitement. We already told you about next April's Get Lit! and how the featured speakers are David Sedaris, Terry Tempest Wi
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    AMC Classic Film Festival -- This week, on Friday they're screening the classic 1973 Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon (Rated: R); on Saturday, it's the 1987 cult favorite, The Princess Bride (starring Robin Wright and Cary Elwes, Rated:
  • Local News
  • Recently Reviewed

    by Inlander Staff Quinn's -- Quinn's, well known for its exquisite dinner menu, is now open for breakfast and lunch as well. During-the-week offerings include both traditional morning grub along the lines of French Toast ($3.95) and Three-Egg Omelettes ($
  • Local News
  • Ruen-ing Your Opponents

    Janelle Ruen, the quiet assassin of the winningest major college volleyball team in the nation, can't understand why everyone makes such a fuss about her playing two sports at Eastern Washington University. After all, she competed in fiv
  • Local News
  • Courting Applause

    Since it opened last summer, the refurbished Davenport Hotel has filled a void in the heart of downtown Spokane, both in terms of invigorating the entire block that it occupies, and in providing an elegant yet unintimidating living ro
  • Local News
  • Powers' Outage at City Hall

    The most recent flap down at City Hall -- Mayor John Powers' decision to abolish the jobs of two longtime city employees without any consultation with members of the City Council -- calls to mind Richard Neustadt's book Presidential Power,
  • Local News
  • Now Playing

    Alaska -- A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) The Banger Sisters -- "Hippie-dippy" does not begin to insult this paean to group


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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Oops - We Missed One -- For the first time since astronomers found Pluto 72 years ago, a new planet has been discovered in our solar system. Two astronomers at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena found the planet Quaoar fu
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  • Tuba Exotica

    You hear it all the time, and with each passing year, it seems, the chorus only gets louder: Everything sounds the same. While only the most eclectic outsider fringe music ever truly deserves the tag "original sound," there are, thank Zeu
  • Opinion
  • Project Terminated

    A controversial play about the murder of a gay man, scheduled for a student production at Lewis and Clark High School this month, was cancelled last week by the school's principal. After a week of rehearsals had been completed, Principal
  • Opinion
  • CD Review - Mud Honey

    Seattle's Mudhoney has weathered more than its share of musical storms over the years. Yet somehow the band has managed to come through it all gracefully -- a feat clearly beyond many of its flannel-clad brethren. Since We've Become Trans
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  • In Brief

    End Domestic Violence -- SPOKANE -- Since 1981, October has been Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this year the YWCA is putting on a series of events to raise awareness and get the community involved in domestic violence prevention.
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  • Asking for advice

    On November 5, Spokane County voters will be asked to cast advisory votes on two issues. The results are non-binding, but the Board of County Commissioners is expected to abide by the voters' wishes. If propositions one and two are passed

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