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  • Jan 9-15, 2003
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  • Whole Liotta Lovin'

    The business of an undercover narcotics officer is a down and dirty one. And Narc wastes no time getting that message across. Its opening minutes are of a terrifying, wild foot chase, done with hand-held cameras for just that right touch of d
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  • Bring Back The Racks

    Why would a family committed to the importance of a vital downtown, for the very first time ever, make almost all its Christmas purchases out in the suburban malls? That's just what happened in December: Almost all of our Christmas dollar
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  • Top Ten Film 2002

    In past attempts at putting together this annual list, especially in recent years, I've almost always had trouble paring things down. Either the films out there have been getting better or I've relaxed my standards. Here's hoping it's the for
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  • Buzz Bin

    Throwing a curve -- Sometimes news of an art show comes in too late for us to work it into the regular issue, but we're so excited about it, we have to tell you about it one way or another. Tom Dukich's current exhibit, "Some Ways of Kno
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  • Opening Films

    Adaptation -- The second collaboration, after Being John Malkovich, from writer Charlie Kaufman and director Spike Jonze. It's not as surreal as its predecessor, but it is just as insane. Nicolas Cage, in superb form, plays the Kaufman t
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  • Man On A Mission

    As American soldiers range across Afghanistan, with more arriving daily to prepare for an invasion of Iraq, there are other Americans on a completely different mission fanning out in some of the most dangerous parts of the Middle E
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  • Top Ten Books 2002

    I had to do it. You read it all the time: "New York Times Bestseller!" "43 Weeks on the New York Times Ten Bestseller List!" People go into bookstores and buy their reading material -- plunking down $25 and hours of their time -- simply ba
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  • Recently Reviewed

    The Davenport Brunch -- The atmosphere at the Davenport on a Sunday morning is so remarkably pleasant, it is worth savoring even if you don't have reservations for the hotel's over-the-top brunch located in the grand Isabella Room. The o
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  • Book Review - The Slynx

    At first glance, The Slynx could be set in medieval Russia. A peasant steps out of his hut, scratches his beard and eyes the sparkling blue-and-white landscape of a Slavic winter. But when he spots black rabbits flitting from "treetop to tr
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  • Now Playing

    8 Mile -- There's a reason that Eminem is so popular on the hip-hop scene: He's good at what he does. And he's also quite good, it turns out, at acting, here playing a slightly less edgy version of himself in director Curtis Hanson's (L.
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  • Playing The Slots

    I'm standing at the end of a long straightaway just as it climbs into a steeply banked curve. Three cars are hurtling at full throttle right at me. Racing side by side, they accelerate into a blur. Anyone's instinct would be to jump back,
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  • Exotic Eats

    At its best, dining is an experience that involves all of your senses. A second location of a popular Valley restaurant, Thai Bamboo, affords just that -- a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle. The exterior of the recently opene
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Honesty Needed -- Bob Herold, good article on River Park Square and the HUD loans ("Not Getting What You Wish For," 12/19/02). I stood before the City Council concerning the parking garage and River Park Square and testified warning th
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  • Top Ten Music 2002

    It's customary during New Year's transition time for everyone in and around The Inlander who loves music to pick through the previous year's releases and assemble lists of recommendations -- recommendations for each other and for you, oh c
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  • Folk Icon

    On Thanksgiving Day in 1965, the oldest son of America's favorite folk troubadour took out the garbage for his friend Alice and walked right into the musical spotlight. Arlo Guthrie's little ditty about Alice and the restaurant and the g
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Inaugural Ball? -- Diana Wilhite, newly elected city council member in Spokane Valley, Wash., called the other day. She says the official incorporation day for the newborn city has been set for March 31, and that the council is in the pr
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  • CD Review - Branford Marsalis

    Branford and Wynton Marsalis are all about honoring jazz tradition. But Branford, more of a risk-taker, stretches more boundaries. In the initial release of his Marsalis Music imprint, Branford pays tribute to Ornette Coleman ("Giggin'")
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  • Olympian Dreams

    Phil Talmadge never mentions Gov. Gary Locke by name. He doesn't need to. Everybody in the room at the King County Democrats' winter meeting at the Seattle Hilton knows Talmadge is talking about Locke when he says, "Everywhere I go,
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  • In Brief

    Gray Steps Down -- SPOKANE -- William Gray is stepping down from his post as the founding campus executive officer and dean of Washington State University in Spokane, at the end of the month. In a statement released late Tuesday, Gray s
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  • Teenage Kicks

    January smells like teen spirit, thanks to the folks at RAWK the Inland Northwest. The Spokane faith-based nonprofit group is a staunch supporter of all-ages live music, fostering a sense of "scene ownership" among area teens and promotin

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