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  • Dec 26, 2002 - Jan 1, 2003
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    Mike's Pit -- Featuring real barbecue you can rope up cheap and herd back to the office in minutes -- the eat-in accommodations are clean and tidy, but nothing to write home about -- this family-run operation features all your smoky favori
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  • About The Fiction Contest

    Every year we put the word out -- "Send us your short stories, folks" -- and then we sit back and hold our collective breath. But every year, we're delighted not only to see the manuscripts start trickling in, but also to note how many there
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  • The Real Deal

    Most residents of the Inland Northwest know about architect Kirtland Cutter, whose designs set the standard for Spokane buildings after the Great Fire of 1889. The Davenport Hotel, the Campbell House and Patsy Clark's former home in Brow
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  • Lott's and Lots of Problems

    Clearly embarrassed by Trent Lott, conservative columnist George Will and others like him are trying to retake the offensive by accusing the Democrats of seizing on the blunder to do some race-baiting of their own. Methinks they protest t
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  • Let The Revelery Begin!

    Spokane's newest super-sized community event, First Night, kicks off its sophomore effort next Tuesday -- when else? -- New Year's Eve. Nearly 15,000 people turned out for the inaugural party last year, and since then, the volunteers behin
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  • Still King of The Jungle

    After its original 1994 release, The Lion King earned heaps of critical acclaim, went on to be the biggest moneymaking animated feature ever ($312 million, just domestically) and won numerous awards (including a Golden Globe and the MTV Award
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  • 3rd Place Winner

    By Brenda L. Velasco Garlic Milk Cures the Soul -- The world is going absolutely 'dicoulous.' For me, to go 'dicoulous means to go insane, to go lower then you could ever go. It's an expression I made up as a child. Actually, I managed to convince myself
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  • Simply MJ

    Salad Spoon -- Now that you've eaten way too many sweets during the holidays, it's time for salad. Lots of it. Why? Because edible greens contain something your body loves called chlorophyll which is best known for its ability to clea
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  • DVD Review - My Neighbor Totoro

    My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most joyous, intelligent and amusing films ever made, and it's about time that it made it to DVD, with perfect English voice acting. This breakthrough film (a legend in Japan -- roughly the equivalent of E
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Higgins Kept Secrets -- This is in response to the story "Daycare Dilemma," by Pia K. Hansen, that ran in the Dec. 12 edition of The Inlander. On August 19, 2002, a legal notice appeared in the newspaper in the form of a Request for R
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  • Buzz Bin

    It's Back -- Folks who remember the slightly seedy, always intimate Baby Bar on First Avenue will be happy to hear it's making a comeback. Mark Henriksen, the man who brought you Slick Rock Burrito, reopened the Baby Bar a few weeks ago
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  • Opening Films

    Antwone Fisher -- Derek Luke plays the titular hero of this autobiographical film, based on the life of screenwriter and producer Antwone Fisher. Once a troubled sailor whose repeated fistfights land him in the office of Navy psychiatris
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  • 2nd Place Winner

    By Shann Ray Morning Star -- Arise, shine, for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord has arisen upon you. --Isaiah Early morning, April 4, in the small square of their bedroom a thin light opened the sphere of the dark. When the light beca
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  • Meet The Sooners - The Matchups

    Smoker's first whiff of trouble was Pork on his pickup's end-gate in insulated coveralls and an orange hunting cap, leaning against a half case of the Olympia beer he favored. Pork was his father, named not for his stoutness, but for a di
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  • Sunday Sustenance

    The atmosphere at the Davenport on a Sunday morning is so remarkably pleasant, it is worth savoring even if you don't have reservations for the hotel's over-the-top brunch. People stake out those big comfy sofas and chairs in the lobb
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  • Book Review - Game & amp;amp; Watch

    One of my earliest gaming memories is sneaking downstairs on Christmas morning and raiding the top item out of my stocking. It was a slim plastic device, narrower than a paperback and chewing-gum thin, called Game & amp; Watch. It was one of
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  • Now Playing

    8 Mile -- There's a reason that Eminem is so popular on the hip-hop scene: He's good at what he does. And he's also quite good, it turns out, at acting, here playing a slightly less edgy version of himself in director Curtis Hanson's (L.
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  • 2002 Fiction Contest Winner

    Bliss -- Smoker's first whiff of trouble was Pork on his pickup's end-gate in insulated coveralls and an orange hunting cap, leaning against a half case of the Olympia beer he favored. Pork was his father, named not for his stoutness, but
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  • Living Out Loud

    The wind blows cold and blustery, driving dead leaves and other detritus along the nearly deserted sidewalk. Downtown Spokane rests fitfully on a Sunday night. An unassuming tavern door swings open on Sprague Avenue, and out wafts the sm
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  • Water Warriors

    The motivation was pure and simple: All he wanted was a decent drink of water. Bill Martin left the San Francisco Bay Area for a new life in northwest Montana. Burned out from fighting environmental battles to protect California's remaining
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  • CD Review - Turn On The Bright

    Every so often, an album comes along that sparks a bit of interest, goes unnoticed for a spell and then, for some reason, is suddenly everywhere. The full-length debut from Interpol is one of those records, and for good reason. Turn On Th
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Double-Duty -- As you may have gathered, this issue you're holding is good for two weeks instead of one. That's right, The Inlander is taking a week off. So you'll just have to reread back issues or something to keep the withdrawal from
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  • In Brief

    Hayden First! 1, Wal-Mart 0 -- HAYDEN, Idaho -- Last week, the Hayden Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously against changing the zoning of a lot where Wal-Mart wants to build a new supercenter. The retail giant is looking at 37
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  • Salsa New Year

    Of all the parties that will be raging at local watering holes New Year's Eve, this one grabbed my skull and took it for a ride. And rides, it turns out, are most definitely part of the deal. Tuesday night, two of downtown's most beloved

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