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  • Jun 19-25, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 36

News & Comment

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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Alex & amp; Emma -- This romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson as Emma and Luke Wilson as Alex might just have something going for it, thanks to Wilson's goofy charm and director and co-writer Rob Reiner's deft and usually very funny treatment
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  • Keep Out Of Reach

    It's summer, school is out, and chances are your kids are playing in the park and spending more time at their friends' houses than they usually do. When the youngsters head off on a tour to the lake, you probably ask if there are life ja
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  • Players Of The Century

    Naming the all-time greatest players in the 113-year history of professional baseball in Spokane -- the city's first pro team took the field in 1890, 13 years before the Indians nickname stuck -- is tricky at best, and, at worst, impossibl
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  • Recently Reviewed

    UpStage Supper Club -- You don't need to sign up for theater to sample the quisine of Chef Kile Tansy (formerly of Quinn's) as the third floor of the old Odd Fellows Hall on West First is now open for dinner. The Scallops Mornay appetize
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  • Buzz Bin

    What a Name! -- Amid all our Spokane Indians coverage this week, one nugget jumped out at us. We know that Spokane's baseball team adopted the name "Indians" in the 1903 season. But it wasn't the team's name when they started that year.
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  • The Sun'll Come Out

    Sometimes the obvious gets slighted. Inexplicably, the "Cast of Characters" in the printed program for the current Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater production is lacking the name of one rather important cast member. CST compensated by putting
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  • Now Playing

    ** 2Fast2Furious -- Vin Diesel took a powder, leaving Paul Walker to carry this sequel. Still a cop among speedsters, Walker's Brian O'Conner and a partner go to work for an "import-export" sleaze, all the while setting him up for a fall
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  • Salmon Trap

    by Robert Stokes Portland federal judge James Redden sent a shock wave through the Northwest when he rejected the Columbia River salmon recovery plan of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). He wants commitments from "Action Agencies" to carry out
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  • Minor League Movie

    Anyone who's ever lived in the Spokane area, from the turn of the 20th century to the new millennium, knows a little something about the Spokane Indians baseball club. Now, thanks to a newly released documentary, we can take a look back on
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  • When A Game Became Deadly

    I am the shadow sinister called Fate... I am the Master Umpire and I call the plays the way I see them. I have raised my arm, and nine grand boys are out. -- Spokane Indians memorial program, 1946 The tired old bus carrying the Spokane In
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  • Book Review

    It's becoming increasingly hard to tell what video games want us to do. It used to be simple: Shoot the flying saucers; eat the dots; fly the airplane. Now games have diversified their objectives. Ever since Microsoft bought many of the
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  • The Real Deal

    H idden amid the cattails in a boggy corner of the Riverpoint campus lie the remains of Marmotville, an early railroad village named for the ubiquitous local fauna. Few records remain of the bustling turn-of-the-century town, which was d
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  • DVD Review

    Very few directors from the wild years of American film are still making movies of any importance. Taxi Driver's Martin Scorsese is an exception, but his colleagues, like Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), have filled-out into Hollywo
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  • Letters to The Editor

    FCC Won't Let Me Be -- As a response to Richard Gower's letter, "Radio No Longer Rocks" (6/05/03), and recent proposed FCC legislation that shares creepy close quarters with the homogenization of radio, I would like to urge Gower and o
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  • Lewis & amp;amp; Clark's Untold Story

    Two hundred years ago this week, President Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to his former personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis, outlining his instructions and goals for the upcoming journey of the Corps of Discovery. In perhaps the most q
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  • Was It '60 or '70?

    Baseball America, a respected national magazine that prides itself on its minor league coverage, once proclaimed the 1970 Spokane Indians the greatest team in minor league history. Seattle Mariners broadcaster Ron Fairly pauses to consi
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  • 100 Years Of Baseball

    Spokane baseball fans get their first peek at the Alex Rodriguez wannabes of the Texas Rangers when the Indians make their home debut Saturday night at Avista Stadium. A sellout crowd of more than 7,000 is expected for the Indians' first
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  • Simply MJ

    Dried Food Is Simplicity Itself -- Drying foods when they are in season is nothing new. Drying, by using techniques passed from generation to generation, is probably the oldest method of food preservation. Drying as a way of preserv
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  • Hearty 'N' Healthy

    What's cooking at Huckleberry's? Um, damn near everything. The bistro is tucked into the market's southeast corner between the bread aisle and the cheese case. Here, the variety of foods prepared fresh daily is staggering -- and you can vi
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  • Hero Or Heretic?

    Like the Harry Potter books themselves, this story is about the struggle between good and evil. Unlike the Potter series, however, our story is embedded in the reality of Christianity in present-day America. Author J.K. Rowling uses magic
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  • Time To Tour

    Some of the reasons that the Inland Northwest is such a great place to live include our great landscapes and the many gardens that flourish in our parks and yards. Perhaps because we're inspired by nature or by the warm summers, gardening rem
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  • In Brief

    Water Needs Air -- SPOKANE - The majority of the Spokane River violates the water-quality standard for dissolved oxygen set by the Department of Ecology, meaning river water doesn't hold enough oxygen to stay healthy. T
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  • Voodoo Economics

    Some six months after I received notification, I'm still reeling from the latest round of health insuranc
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  • On The Scene

    This year's Dixieland Jazz Festival brought Dixieland devotees out in droves. It was a mob scene inside the Masonic Temple on Riverside: musicians bustling their way through the vaulted corridors, vendors with all kinds of memorabilia ... a
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  • CD Review

    When it comes to the spirit of emotion, there are few artists who can summon pain at its most terrible along with all of the dirty secrets that flourish in our souls -- secrets most of us deny. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have a long hist
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Foggy Memory -- Two weeks ago in this space, we commented on how Mayor John Powers decided not to participate in a candidate forum hosted by a local political action committee, Taxpayers for Accountable Government (TAG). In that item, we

Music & Film

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  • Go Army

    Punk used to be considered revolution rock, outlaw music, something that by its very existence challenged the status quo. It's a real drag that most of the so-called punk you hear today is mere commodity, bought and sold
  • Film
  • Hulk's Alter Ego

    Ang Lee is exhausted. There is no bounce in the walk of the usually low-key man who, many times over the past year, stomped around on a movie set, growling and roaring and flexing his muscles and hitting things, explaining to his special effe

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