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  • Jun 12-18, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 35

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  • Take Back Your Time

    Americans have been saying it for years, to themselves, to their spouses, to their friends: "There aren't enough hours in the day -- I need more time!" Carpe diem, the Latin proverb reminds us, seize the day. But whose day are you seizing a
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  • Class Act

    There's a new diva in the lineup for the Davenport District. CenterStage has occupied the second floor of the old Odd Fellows Hall with Spokane's only permanent dinner theater. But the big kitchen on the third floor of this funky old
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  • Simply MJ

    See You on the Front Porch -- When the next thunderstorm rolls in, take a break and watch it from your front porch. Gather together some neighbors, grab a kid or two, and let the summer evening work its magic on you. Leave the TV insi
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff *** The Dancer Upstairs -- In his intently cinematic debut as a director in The Dancer Upstairs, based on Nicholas Shakespeare's adaptation of his own sturdy novel, legendary-to-some Steppenwolf actor John Malkovich does few of the thin
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Protect America's Jobs -- After reading the article "(Don't) Let Them Eat Cake" (6/05/03), pertaining to the organizing of nurses and health care professionals, I think one reason they need to organize a union is because of the so-call
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Delhi Palace -- "Palace" may be a stretch (it's a remodeled fast food building) but the tables are nicely appointed and covered in glass. Oversize cloth napkins add a gracious touch. The menu is expansive and helpfully divided into secti
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  • Buzz Bin

    Hoax or Haunted? -- It was one of those things that had more than a few of us here in the Bin scratching our heads and going, "Man... why didn't we think of that?" At first, eBay auction item 2931457201, "Ghost in a Jar," seemed like nothi
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  • Now Playing

    2Fast2Furious -- Vin Diesel took a powder, leaving Paul Walker to carry this sequel. Still a cop among speedsters, Walker's Brian O'Conner and a partner go to work for an "import-export" sleaze, all the while setting him up for a fall. B
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  • Front And Center

    by Robert Herold The changeover of the Spokesman-Review leadership came in the wake of an internal effort to "restore public confidence." Because of acknowledged bias in its coverage of the River Park Square fiasco, the Review's probity had been challenge
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  • Wallowing In Art

    Spokane's Artfest has come and gone, and Coeur d'Alene's Art on the Green is weeks away, but head south to Walla Walla's Artwalla celebration next week and you can still get your arts fix in a big way. Artwalla offers art lovers ten days
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  • Book Review

    For more than half a century, the world's most notable politicians and diplomats have debated what to do about Israel and Palestine, while soldiers and civilians alike wage war and pray for peace. A solution to the generations of dispute
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  • DVD Review

    Viewers who endured last winter's dismal Dreamcatcher were fortunate to see one of the nine short films from The Animatrix -- the collection of Japanese animation (anim & eacute;) set in the world of The Matrix. Named Final Flight of the Osiris, i
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  • Summer Guide

    On the stands now... our 2003 Summer Guide Extravaganza, A.K.A. issue number 500. And, to celebrate, we are offering 500 things to do this summer. Pick up your free copy at one of more than 700 locations throughout the Inland Pacific N
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  • The Real Deal

    Ah, summer at the lake - it's the dream of many in the Inland Northwest. A lakefront retreat begins in memory, deep within the real and imagined realms of childhood. If you spent summers at the lake as a child, then you'll want to do the
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  • CD Review

    Originally released late last year and still garnering praise up and down countless indie top ten lists, Highly Refined Pirates from Seattle quintet Minus the Bear is a must-listen. Along with handful of other underground bands from the W
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  • Meth Kids

    Imagine what it's like being a child in meth house. Mom got you up late for school, but that's all right, because that happens a lot. Dad is still in bed, but he often is. There's no real breakfast, but you get a handful of crackers and
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  • Lies In Libby

    For more than two decades, local managers and corporate administrators kept a secret about W. R. Grace's vermiculite mine in Libby: the vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos, its fibers so small and sharp that they nestled in the mi
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  • In Brief

    Growing Generosity -- SPOKANE - Employees at Avista Utilities have transformed a one-acre plot of the company's land into a community garden for people in need. Twelve Avista employees, known as the Green Thumbs, came u
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Grace Under Pressure -- Martha Stewart has had her troubles lately, but she handles even the dreaded "perp walk" with style. When she was brought in for a mug shot and fingerprints, she signed her name, witnesses say, with the little cal

Music & Film

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  • Barter Fair

    People around town know Tony Brown by his alter ego, Grand Groove: DJ -- spinner of most things tasteful. Over the past couple of years, he's been biding his nighttime hours entertaining groove fanatics at local DJ-hosted
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  • Private Reserve

    You don't want to get on the bad side of Indiana Jones. He'd likely pull out a pistol and use it. And it's not a good idea to get Han Solo angry. He could easily sic his Wookie on you. Ruffle the feathers of Jack Ryan and you might get a fist

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