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  • Jun 5-11, 2003
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  • Inge Inn Of Love

    For the current production at the Lake City Playhouse (through June 14), the setting is a shabby all-night diner. Four people get stranded there by a Kansas blizzard, and soon it becomes evident that they -- along with the locals -- are des
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff 2Fast2Furious -- Vin Diesel took a powder, leaving Paul Walker to carry this sequel. Still a cop among speedsters, Walker's Brian O'Conner and a partner go to work for an "import-export" sleaze, all the while setting him up for a fall. B
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  • Blue's Chum

    Among the preschool set, the most watched show in the history of cable TV involves an oversize blue puppy who creates puzzles by planting clues. On Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues (weekdays at 10 am and 12:30 pm), Blue -- a girl doggie who bark
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Fiesta Mexicana -- The owners here have done much to dress up the place and expel the Taco Time demons with the clean, bright, festive d & eacute;cor. Service is cheerful, efficient and speedy and the menu represents good value and variety. The r
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  • Honky Tonk Angel

    It ain't much of a play, but it's a hell of a concert. In Interplayers' season-ending show (through June 21), after playwright Ted Swindley has scheduled 27 Patsy Cline songs, there's not a whole lot of time left for verbal give-and-take
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  • Now Playing

    ** Anger Management -- When it comes to the story, the script and the direction, just about everything is wrong with this movie. Adam Sandler is a nice guy loser who is supposedly suppressing a bunch of rage. Jack Nicholson is his anger
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  • Launching Point

    A favorite local pastime around here is making fun of ourselves. Despite that fact, there are a few powerful people who refuse to play the game. In fact, local leaders are banding together to implement a new economic plan for the Inland No
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  • The Real Deal

    Spokane preservation pioneers Ron and Julie Wells are known for their tireless efforts to restore and maintain the city's historic structures. Now a second generation is emerging - former Wells and Company employees Len Urgeleit and Chri
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  • High Tech Tip

    Back when MP3 music files became prevalent, and Napster was zipping them across the Internet for anyone who was interested, the music industry got scared. Here was something truly subversive, and the digital revolution threatened to take
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  • DVD Review

    For me, cinematically speaking, 1977 was a big year. There was Star Wars, sure -- but more important, it was the year that my beloved "Rescuers" books made their transition to the big screen. Written by Margery Sharp and illustrated by Garth
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Brainwashing with Bibles? -- After reading "Onward Christian Soldiers" (5/22/03), I was struck once again with what one might call our manipulative society. I was told a while ago to never mix politics and religion in polite conversati
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  • Simply MJ

    Simple Hanging Baskets -- Flowers and vines spilling from suspended baskets, old wire colanders, farm buckets, wooden crates, bins, worn-out cowgirl boots, even old straw hats make a better presentation than the hanging baskets sold t
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  • Buzz Bin

    The Shadow Knows -- If you haven't caught the Spokane Shadow at any of their home games yet this summer, consider making a date with the mighty Shadow this Saturday night. First in their division, the Shadow whomped the Abbotsford Ranger
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  • A Family Affair

    My goal was to find a neighborhood spot where I could have my own restaurant," says chef and owner Jonathan Sweatt. "I want to connect with my customers and get to know them well." Some of us may know Sweatt from his creative fare at th
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  • Healing It

    I live in the watershed of the Spokane River. These are my home waters. I care for the river.
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff The Lion's Den -- Mayor John Powers snubbed TAG (Taxpayers for Accountable Government) earlier this week when he declined their invitation to participate in a candidate forum. TAG collected money and ran anti-Powers ads in the last mayor
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  • Flowing By

    When I go to the river, which I do every day or so, I never see anyone. I know there are people who walk the same trails I walk, but during all the years I've lived here, I have rarely seen anyone else.
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  • The STA's Class Ceiling

    Last week in this space, I looked into the STA's future, offering some obvious and long overdue fixes. But after receiving some feedback on the column, I'm realizing that the STA's mission is probably a better place to start. My ea
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  • On The River

    Why are we here? Existentially speaking, that's one for the philosophers. But physically speaking, it's simple: the Spokane River.
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  • A River In My Pocket

    With the hot breath of the paving machine on the back of my neck, I escaped from L.A. and headed north by northwest in search of trout streams and an education, in that order.
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  • In Brief

    Rally For Reform -- SPOKANE - For the first time in Spokane's history, hundreds of doctors, hospital administrators and patients gathered on May 29 at the Convention Center to rally for tort reform. Proponents of tort reform say Washingt
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  • CD Review

    The cover of Summer Sun depicts the members of Yo La Tengo (Georgia Hubley, James McNew and Ira Kaplan) in a blur, bundled up against a cool, wet, overcast day. It's just the kind of gentle humor and satisfying juxtaposition of darkness a
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  • Recovering The River

    We found the river, then we lost it, and now we are trying to recover it. That, in a sentence, is the history of human contact with Spokane Falls.

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  • Double Agent

    The former Boston street punk known as Mark Wahlberg has done well for himself. He dropped out of school after finishing the eighth grade and cleaned up his tough-guy act after doing 50 days of jail time for beating on some people when he was

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