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  • Jul 3-9, 2003
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  • 1910

    Any list of "Top Ten Elections in Spokane History" might well have to make room for this fall's referendum on the strong mayor system. That election, as a judgment on the events of the last five years, could conceivably nudge out such g
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  • Buzz Bin

    Spader Watch 2003 -- By now you've probably heard the news: North by Northwest Entertainment -- those fine folks who brought you The Basket -- are going to be working on another feature film set right here in the Inland Northwest. Directed
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  • Mmm, Mmm Good

    From my table at Paprika, I could see the majestic bell tower of St. John's Cathedral as we awaited the arrival of our appetizers on a recent warm summer evening. It had seemed a shame to come indoors on such a lovely evening, but wit
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  • Nuclear Family

    Teri Hein's upbringing -- on a farm outside Fairfield in the 1950s and '60s -- could be described as "idyllic." Summers were spent riding horses, eavesdropping on the neighbors' phone conversations and making costumes for the annual Flag Day
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  • Opening Films

    & & by Inlander Staff Legally Blonde II: Red, White and Blonde -- & & Omigod, what darling shoes! Reese Witherspoon is back as the oh-so-perky Elle Woods, who's just landed a job as aide to high-powered Congresswoman Sally Field. While navigating the shark
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  • Back To The Beltway?

    While the country waits to find out who its new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator will be, the Sierra Club isn't holding its breath. Instead, it has released a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign, aimed at "helping" the Bush admi
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Huckleberry's Bistro -- All of the menu items here are created with natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, and the variety of foods prepared fresh daily is staggering. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soups are $2 a cup,
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  • High Tech Tip

    The paperless office was a nice dream. Remember when technology gurus forecast a world in which trees wouldn't be wasted, in which the only things that needed recycling were 1s and 0s? It's true that e-mail has changed the way we commun
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  • Now Playing

    ** 2Fast2Furious -- & & Vin Diesel took a powder, leaving Paul Walker to carry this sequel. Still a cop among speedsters, Walker's Brian O'Conner and a partner go to work for an "import-export" sleaze, all the while setting him up for
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  • Letters To The Editor

    Plan Ahead for Transit -- It is essential that the foundations of mass transit -- light rail, streetcars and bus links -- be laid as soon as possible. Otherwise it becomes prohibitive on the basis of land costs, as well as inappropriate
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  • The Real Deal

    It's just a humble red cottage near Manito Park, so small that it's barely noticeable amid all the lovely homes in the neighborhood. But come spring, the yard bursts forth in a profusion of color, with blossom-heavy roses draping the arc
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  • Derailleurs On Deck

    Author's Note: According to the new Hipster Handbook, it is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool." In its place, the term "deck" should now be used by all aspiring hipsters. So, in an effort to maintain my hipster status, this new
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  • DVD Review

    There's a fine line in horror films between violence that is terrifying and violence that is gratuitous. The distinction becomes increasingly blurred the younger the characters are. Perhaps it's because when we watch a horror film, we're
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  • Beyond Michigan

    In the affirmative action case regarding the University of Michigan Law School, had the Supreme Court ruled against the university, its diversity wouldn't have been affected at all. Here's why: Michigan is one of the nation's most selecti
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  • Simply MJ

    P aradoxically, a cheap garden tool is expensive because it will wear out faster. When you buy garden tools, buy good quality, well-made tools. The metal will have a good "temper," and it will lend itself to repeated sharpenings. For
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  • In Brief

    Trash Talk -- SPOKANE -- Diapers, candy wrappers, paper, plastic bags, construction waste -- you name it, they've found it. The Department of Ecology's Ecology Youth Corps (EYC) has hired about 400 teens between ages 14 and
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  • Giving Back The Bison

    In the 1870s, a Salish Indian brave named Walking Coyote led a handful of bison calves from the Great Plains westward to the home of his people in Montana's Mission Valley. Some traditions say he did so because he saw that European
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  • On The Scene

    This weekend was filled with the excitement and madness of Hoopfest and a variety of festivities and extracurricular activities. This being the case, I decided to check out the B-Side for some sure-fire rock 'n' roll and a little bit of t
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  • CD Review

    Commodity merchants would have a helluva time marketing guitar rock this literate and invigorating. Hearts of Oak (Lookout Records) defies trend, pretense and contrivance while it beckons with unselfconscious honesty and intelligence. Ted
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Interesting Numbers -- We know, it's summertime and few of us want to think about politics right now, but we thought this was something you should hear. Strategic Research Associates of Spokane conducted a survey in May of 400 Spokane Co

Music & Film

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  • Punk Du Jour

    Punk rock is about telling the truth. It may be stupid and pointless truth, it may be profound. But this music is typically and at its best an honest reflection of what's rattling around on any given so-called punk band's collective brain
  • Film
  • Termination Day

    It was seven years between The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The wait was worth it. It's been 12 years between T2 and this one. The wait was, again, worth it. Stopping every once in a while to pay homage to its predecessors, ofte

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