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  • Aug 7-13, 2003
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  • Bought and Paid For

    The man stuck the petition in my face as I was about to enter my favorite neighborhood grocery store a few months ago. "Would you like to sign a petition to force a vote on the strong-mayor?" he said -- more a request than a questi
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  • Brushes With The Divine

    I kind of gravitated to these things, and they also gravitated toward me," Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli says, his wiry frame folding and unfolding in a chair in the Lorinda Knight Gallery. Around him, leaning on the walls in anticipation f
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  • Now Playing

    *** 28 Days Later -- When animal rights activists break into a research lab and release the wrong apes at the wrong time, the world is thrown into chaos. An experiment in rage results in a deadly virus that turns people into bloodthirsty
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  • Strong Mayor - What to Expect

    The new millennium will usher in a new form of government for Spokane. After next November's election, the current council and city manager will hand over the keys to the city to a new mayor and seven-member city council.
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  • The Real Deal

    What does the National Geographic name mean to you? Adventurous photography from exotic locales? In-depth stories of anthropologists documenting disappearing cultures? Memories of hidden glimpses at scantily clad women and men right unde
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  • Book Review

    One of the great things about getting older is that sooner or later it becomes less about how you look than what you can do. Sure, it might be nice to have red highlights, a flat stomach or a great pair of shoes. But what are the attributes
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  • DVD Review

    David Cronenberg is trying to drive us all nuts. Think about it: This is the director who gave us films in which someone's head explodes during the first reel (Scanners), Jeremy Irons engages in icky gynecology (Dead Ringers), Jeff Goldb
  • Local News
  • Scorched Earth

    by Susan Tweit I've tended gardens around the West for much of my adult life, from the tomatoes and basil I nurtured through a Laramie winter in a solar greenhouse to the climbing roses I inherited in our yard in southern New Mexico's Chihuahua Desert.
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  • MAC Attacked

    Imagine that the arts are like a hospital patient with a mysterious ailment. "I don't feel so good," says the patient. "Well, let's take a look at your lifestyle," says the doc. As the doctor and the patient examine everything from the pati
  • Local News
  • At Its Peak

    As I approach the table laden with baskets of bright green peas, myriad lettuces and bunches of vibrant radishes, carrots, beets, onions and garlic, a diminutive lady with a tan, wrinkled face approaches me. Picking up the basket brimmin
  • Local News
  • Fulfilling A Dream

    Many chefs dream of opening their own restaurant. After stints at Patsy Clark's, Caf & eacute; Roma and Quinn's kitchens in Spokane, as well as Cioppino's on Nantucket Island, the talented David Laskar Goldman has realized his dream. He's now prop
  • Local News
  • Letters To The Editor

    Strong Citizen -- Twenty-ninth Avenue is finally being repaired. This busy arterial has been allowed to literally fall apart in the past five years. Frustrated drivers have endangered other drivers by swerving to avoid grooves and open
  • Local News
  • Buzz Bin

    Big on the Bicentennial -- If you've been wondering when all the Lewis and Clark bicentennial hoopla was gonna hit the Inland Northwest: it's officially underway. There are three Thursdays left (including today) in Moscow's "Summers of D
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff *** Freaky Friday -- Fans of the original 1976 film (Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris) or the 1995 TV remake (Shelley Long, Gaby Hoffman) will be surprised at how fresh it still is this time around. Jamie Lee Curtis -- in one of her best rol
  • Local News
  • To Clean or Not to Clean

    In mid-October of 1805, after being saved from starvation by Indians, the exhausted Corps of Discovery led by Captains Lewis and Clark finally reachead the Columbia River Basin -- gateway to the Pacific. The success of their two-year ques
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Cheddar Chad's Hot Dog Cart -- Eating on the cheap. Yep, we're all for it. Chad Rattray is the smiling face behind the hot dog cart on the northeast corner of Howard and Riverside (in front of the Bank of America). Every day from 11 am-3


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  • Plans Change

    On the surface everything looks pretty simple. A landowner has a piece of land - roughly 2.5 acres - that used to be in the outlying part of town. Following years of growth and new developments, the land is now surrounded by apartment com
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  • Giving The Gift Of Blood

    They are a bit tired of vampire jokes at the Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC). Not because the jokes ain't funny, but mostly because they've heard them all. Last year, more than 22,000 donors gave almost 39,000 units of blood -- you do
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  • Transitions

    The story begins with Miryam's House on the lower South Hill, a residential program for women in recovery from domestic violence, abuse, addiction and displacement, founded nearly two decades ago. Then in 1991, Sr. Cathy Beckley of the H
  • Opinion
  • On The Scene

    In just a short time Banana Joe's island paradise has cornered the market in Spokane. The meet (people) market that is. The hippest place to see and be seen was the setting for my Saturday night, with the backdrop provided by all the wome
  • Opinion
  • New Priorities Foundation

    When Nancy Schaub thinks of beauty, she's not imagining stylish clothes or fancy jewelry. For Schaub, beauty is not what sparkles and awes; it's what unfolds when people nurture positive changes. This philosophy on beauty is part of what
  • Opinion
  • Cyber-Charity

    In today's world, you can meet and date people over the Internet. You can shop for everything from food to cars to lower mortgage rates. You can traverse the globe's libraries, newspapers and real estate listings. The Internet gives you th
  • Opinion
  • CD Review

    All Your Summer Songs (Polyvinyl) is just the sort of unassuming delight that is sure to register as nary a blip on most folks' radar screens -- even those paying close attention to recent developments in indie pop. That's okay in a way, b
  • Opinion
  • Nature Conservancy Of Idaho

    Ten years from now, Cougar Bay might have been the name of the newest housing development on Lake Coeur d'Alene, or perhaps it would have been another destination hotel to rival the coppery monolith just two-and-a-half miles to the northeas
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  • Crisis Residential Center

    From the outside, it could be anyone's home. Perhaps the child of an older Spokane family, whose expansive house has withstood the changes in its lower South Hill neighborhood. Or maybe the child of a single parent who would rent an apar
  • Opinion
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Pittsburgh's Florida -- If you read The Inlander much, you've probably heard of Richard Florida -- we've written about his book, Rise of the Creative Class, at least three times in the past year or so. Florida is a professor at Carnegie M
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  • In Brief

    Market Upswing -- SPOKANE -- The Spokane MarketPlace has been in a persistent search for a permanent, year-round location for quite some time. After a stint on the corner of Ruby and Desmet, the Market has moved to what mi
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  • United Way

    Hunger. Mental illness. Catastrophic death. Educating and caring for disadvantaged children. Cancer, AIDS, terminal illness, physical disabilities of various kinds. Domestic violence. These may seem like intractable problems, but United
  • Opinion
  • Center For Justice Soccer Camp

    The Center For Justice (CFJ) is a non-profit law firm that represents people who would normally not have the resources for legal counsel. The organization works on issues such as public disclosure, civil rights and family law. But despite


  • Sound Advice
  • Supernatural Talent

    The annual live music repose from the heat and the bustle of summer in the city is well underway, even as you read this. That's it, baby, the Festival at Sandpoint launches its 2003 season on Thursday, Aug. 7 with the timeless three-part


  • Movie Reviews
  • Trading Faces

    The first time around, in 1976, it was with Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster. The second time, in a 1995 TV project, it was Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman. The first one was funny and fluffy and played with an original idea -- a young girl and

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