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  • Aug 14-20, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 44

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  • Five Card Draw

    Just when you thought Spokane might be mellowing out, all hell breaks loose. What was shaping up as a relatively quiet mayoral race between incumbent John Powers and City Councilman Steve Corker has ballooned into what will surely b
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  • Now Playing

    *** 28 Days Later -- When animal rights activists break into a research lab and release the wrong apes at the wrong time, the world is thrown into chaos. An experiment in rage results in a deadly virus that turns people into bloodthirsty
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  • Game Review

    The Mario sports games have generally been good. They mix a cast of expressive, iconic characters with simple, addicting gameplay and turn gamers loose against one another. Mario Tennis, for the Nintendo 64, was a compelling update of th
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  • Letters To The Editor

    Surefire Return -- I enjoyed the stories and capsules on Spokane's nonprofit community services (Philanthropy Issue, 8/7/03). These organizations are places we can invest our money, however small the amount, and be sure of getting a hu
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  • DVD Review

    It's a classic. One of those acts of artistic alchemy that shouldn't work. Bogey, lost in love and drink and political confusion, while Ingrid Bergman haunts his life. Claude Rains, Peter Lorre and a supporting cast of "formidable hams,"
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  • Funked Up Culture

    CenterStage has been typecast as a supper club, a theater and jazz venue -- in essence, a nightspot for sophisti-cats. Make no such mistake. With their elegant use of the former Odd Girls Hall on West First, featuring a sprawling theater s
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  • Government Without Politics

    In our region of the country, many cities are governed by a version of the strong-mayor form of government: Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and even such smaller cities in Oregon and Washington state such
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  • The Real Deal

    August is the month when gardeners get to enjoy the benefits of all that hard work earlier in the season. Vegetables produce like mad and the midsummer flowers bloom wildly. Given the recent heat and lack of rain, watering remains a cons
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  • Buzz Bin

    After-School Special -- Summer's never really been known as prime time in terms of the author and lecture circuit. But an upcoming reading at Auntie's defies that logic as G.U. alum and current best-selling author Brent Hartinger comes t
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Freddy vs. Jason -- You see the problem here, don't you? Neither of these guys ever actually dies. Much like their respective franchises. This film begins on Elm Street and ends up, of course, at Camp Crystal Lake. In between fighting ea
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  • A Day In The Life...

    It's just before 5 am in downtown Spokane. The sky is the color of wet blue slate, and the streetlights maintain a steady red and yellow rhythm, warning the few foolhardy drivers who happen to be out at this hour. A comfortingly familiar
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  • Love Ya, Tevye

    Maybe our expectations are set too high. Fiddler on the Roof (at the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater through Aug. 23), the 1965 Broadway hit, opens with three unforgettable songs: "Tradition," then "Matchmaker, Matchmaker," then "If I Were a
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  • Economic Development

    According to the KXLY/Inlander poll of May 2002, 85 percent of Spokane citizens said they would prefer funds be reallocated at City Hall so that more could be spent on programs to bring jobs to Spokane; when asked about reallocating
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Forget What We Said Before -- What was it, just two months ago that Republicans had their panties in a bunch over the fact that entertainers -- entertainers! -- actually had opinions. The Dixie Chicks were booed for questioning the preside
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  • On The Scene

    A small band of unassuming musicians led an all-out assault on the Spokane Opera House last Wednesday. Much like the quiet onslaught the leader of this group has made on the pop music industry, nobody saw it coming and there was nothing a
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  • Ending a 250-Million-Year Run

    It isn't easy being a cheerleader for a bottom-feeder, but I'm feeling up to the task. Montana's two varieties of sturgeon -- a miraculous, prehistoric fish that feeds at the bottom of lakes and rivers --have recently been given an expira
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  • Managing City Hall

    One of the reasons Mayor John Powers is facing not only four challengers but also one de facto recall is for the way he related to the unions. Of course for some, standing up to the unions is a badge of honor. To others, however, it
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  • CD Review

    If you haven't scored the debut album by Portland's The Thermals yet, I have just one thing to say: you have to. You have to. I'm kicking myself for waiting so damn long. I believe it was in early April of this year that a quartet of Nort
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  • In Brief

    Water Fights and Rights -- Athol, Idaho -- Silverwood Theme Park, located in Athol, has reached a settlement with local environmental groups over the park's use of water. Silverwood added a huge water feature called Bould
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  • River Park Square

    For the third straight mayoral election, the River Park Square issue looms large. As it has now landed on a legal track to an April court date, it may not be as big an issue as it was in past elections. But it remains one of the big

Music & Film

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  • Following The Sun

    After 25 years of recording together, Los Lobos (which performs at the Festival at Sandpoint this Saturday) seems as creatively restless and musically inspired today as when it first formed in East Los Angeles in 1974. S
  • Film
  • The Bigger Picture

    It's easy to take the IMAX for granted, isn't it? I mean, you go down to Riverfront Park, you sit in your seat, you get some thrills, maybe even get a little nauseous. It's just like a carnival ride but with a big movie playing at the same

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