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  • Jan 8-14, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 13

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  • A Restaurant Reincarnates

    There's no place in Spokane I'd rather be, with the Big Easy going in and the Met just across the street," exclaims Joel Stehr, co-owner of downtown's newest restaurant, JoeCo Brazil's. Stehr and his partner and co-owner Adrian Brazil
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  • One To Rule Them All

    Top 10 movies -- Our critics agree that Peter Jackson's epic The Return of the King is the best film of 2003, but there are plenty of others worth seeing, too. Ed's List -- Two years ago, I had to struggle among A.I. - Art
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  • The Real Deal

    Ah, new beginnings ... It's a brand-new year, and the old slate has been wiped clean. Oh, sure, it'll fill up again soon enough, but there's a wonderful feeling of optimism that takes hold at the start of every year. Along with the hop
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  • Top 10 DVDs

    1. The Animatrix The new Matrix films were incredible disappointments. But The Animatrix is a fitting sequel to the first film. Some of the best contemporary Japanese animators created these short films, each examining a different aspect
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  • Cold Enough?

    We can't control the weather. But when we're hit with a cold snap like the one being experienced this week, the weather can lead us to think about more pressing issues, the ones we do control. For example, are Spokane County's more than 6,
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Twigs Bistro -- Twigs offers food and atmosphere that manages to transcend commonly held food court dining conceptions. The lunch menu of the day offers an array of intriguing and competitively priced choices, including sandwiches and wr
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff **** Big Fish -- Tim Burton's newest fantasy is more down to earth than his recent films, but still maintains a magical, fantastical edge. A son (Billy Crudup) finally tries to get to know his elusive, story-spinning father (Albert Finne
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  • Too Painful to Ignore

    After One Spokane, now what? This is just one of many questions facing our new mayor. Because this program made so small a dent, if West does nothing at all, then One Spokane will quietly drift off into history, and we will go back to arg
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  • Top 10 CDs of 2003

    So this is the New Year. Time to look back one last time at the music that turned our collective cranks here at The Inlander during 2003. It's a tradition that we enjoy sharing with each other and with you, steady reader. Be assured that
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  • Online Escape

    There are two buildings in a clearing in the woods north of Spokane. A young man glides through the cavernous space of one of the buildings on a scooter. Nearby, the outline of a body is sprawled across the middle of the cement floor beh
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  • Now Playing

    **** 21 Grams -- The feel-bad film of the year is a masterpiece of non-linear storytelling. The three main characters -- Sean Penn's Paul is dying, Benicio Del Toro's Jack has accidentally killed some people, Naomi Watts' Christina has l
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Staff Evil Empire? -- The article "The Two Towers" (12/ 18/03) is an interesting chronology of events, but it fails to make any critical assessment. Despite the portrayal, all is not well in Camelot. The article suggests that there isn't an or
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  • Top 10 Books of 2003

    1. Oryx and Crake -- by Margaret Atwood -- Opening with that old warhorse of many a futuristic novel and film - the "last man on earth" scenario - Margaret Atwood nevertheless treads where few have gone before. Snowman is
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  • Buzz Bin

    Last Night, First Night -- The success of Spokane's First-Night-for-the-third-time can be measured by how there are so many more venues and events than anyone could possibly take in. So, a partial perspective: During the afternoon kids'
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  • Teflon Man?

    The presidential party of the party that doesn't hold the White House is like a ghost party that miraculously springs to life in January of the election year. It exists apart from the congressional party and often against it, a
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  • In Brief

    Guns 'n' Safety -- OLYMPIA -- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has joined a nationwide, $50 million firearms-safety initiative called Project Childsafe, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Justice, m

Music & Film

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  • Channeling Jack

    Don't be fooled by the name --the music of the Blank Tapes is hardly empty. And it's quite surprising that it isn't, considering the fact that the band is only "kind of" a band. The three-piece group came out of Newport Be
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  • Hooked, At Last

    Perhaps someone pulled Tim Burton aside last year and hinted to him that he was floundering, that his most recent films -- Planet of the Apes and Sleepy Hollow -- were just too grim; that the one before that -- Mars Attacks! -- was too silly. Or

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