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  • Jan 15-21, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 14

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    **** 21 Grams -- The feel-bad film of the year is a masterpiece of non-linear storytelling. The three main characters -- Sean Penn's Paul is dying, Benicio Del Toro's Jack has accidentally killed some people, Naomi Watts' Christina has l
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  • Game Review

    In the months following the holidays, gamers start to discover that the luster has worn off the shiny new games they acquired in late December. Fortunately, I came across a great new strategy game -- Star Chamber. But don't expect to walk
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  • Winter Adventure

    Let it snow, let it snow, help me choose. With so many Inland Northwest ski areas to select from, and with this season's plentiful snowfall, your typical weekend skier may be a bit unsure about where exactly to go. So we thought it would
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  • The Dean Machine

    President Bush may be about to experience one of those good news-bad news moments. The good news is that all the polls have him running well ahead of all his prospective Democratic challengers; the economy seems to have rebounded (althoug
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  • Taking On Trump

    One by one The Apprentice's 16 contestants were introduced. As I expected, half seemed to have memorized every toothy philosophy from their expensive business school pedigrees. Others, especially some of the women, looked to be relying sole
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  • DVD Review

    For movie studios, DVDs are convenient replacements for VHS tapes. But for some of us, DVDs are replacements for cable TV. Any series that's even moderately successful is now bundled up, season by season, and foisted upon the public who
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  • Buzz Bin

    Best From Banff -- Just in case you missed it when it came to the Met this past November, the Banff Mountain Film Festival is returning to the Inland Northwest with engagements in both Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint. All the images and peop
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  • The Ties That Bind

    It's indestructible. The Italian-American comedy Over the River and Through the Woods (on the Civic's Main Stage through Jan. 31) is an ironclad crowd-pleaser. Preaching the value of the ties that bind -- tenga famiglia -- as humorously as
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Fox Backlash? -- In 1999 on Meet the Press, when Tim Russert asked candidate George W. Bush how many missiles the U.S. would have left if the START II treaty was signed, Bush said, "I can't remember the exact number." Russert dropped the
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  • Ski Report

    Like all of the ski resorts in the Inland Northwest, Schweitzer suffered through a poor ski season last year. But things are back to business as usual this year, according to the resort's Sandy Chio. "I think I can speak for all of the res
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  • Hashbrown Haus

    It was one of those Thursdays here at The Inlander. For many of us it was our first full week back to work and the mood all around was -- how does one say? -- dank. Christmas was just a garishly bright, alcohol-soaked memory, and spring, we a
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  • Backcountry Preparations

    Getting Around -- There's no more obvious sign of backcountry inexperience than mode of transportation. If you encounter a posse of post-holers, struggling in their boots through crotch-deep snow, don't depend on them for help. There
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  • The Real Deal

    Mid-January officially qualifies as the dead of winter. Here in the Inland Northwest, skies are gray, trees are gray, and even the snow on the ground grows dingier every day. While gazing out at January's monochrome landscape, it's easy
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Along Came Polly -- Ben Stiller recreates the kind of role he does best -- anxious would-be suitor a la There's Something About Mary and Meet the Parents -- in this romantic comedy. Stiller plays a guy who researches germs and risks for a
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Staff A Smoke Ban Fan -- "For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die." So wrote English essayist Charles Lamb two centuries ago. Apparently, the Spokane County commissioners do not share his sentiments. In the first week of the New Yea
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  • Out Of Bounds

    To the three snowboard-packing Spokane-area dudes who brainlessly braved the popular out-of-bounds terrain high above Nelson, British Columbia's Whitewater Resort one day recently, let me offer humble thanks. These three amigos, who I b
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  • Recently Reviewed

    The Clark House -- A relic of opulent turn-of-the-century times, Hayden Lake's Clark House offers more than just a meal. Its history is steeped in mystery and tragedy. Dinner here is by reservation only and is a five-course affair. Entre
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  • Cathartic Campaigns

    The opportunistic flap that Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie has made of the two Bush/Hitler comparisons on the left political-action group MoveOn's Web site is a slyly convenient ploy. If Gillespie can convince the me
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  • The Puck Passes

    Hockey has long been a vibrant part of the Spokane sports scene. But long ago, the city blew its one and only shot at major league sports when the Spokane Canaries -- that's right, Canaries -- brought big-league hockey to town for one spec
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  • On The Scene

    It could have been called a melding of the minds, a celebration of diversity or just intense community atmosphere over at CenterStage on Saturday night. Grooves were movin', vinyl was scratchin' and the beats were off the hook. The even
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  • Locke's Last Shot

    State Sen. Ken Jacobsen, D-Seattle, tells a great shaggy-dog story to predict the atmosphere of the upcoming Legislature's 2004 session. A well-meaning rookie arrives in Olympia with some complicated, innovative piece of legislation
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  • In Brief

    And They're Off -- SPOKANE --The filing period may not begin until the end of July, but the area's first gubernatorial debate will be held on Friday. Hosted by the Gonzaga Political Science Department along with the Gon

Music & Film

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  • Jonny Come Lately

    The obvious current story line on Jonny Lang, the guitarist who exploded onto the scene in 1996 at age 15 with the bluesy Lie To Me, is that he hadn't put out an album in five years until his third outing, Long Time Comin
  • Music
  • 'Interventions kknd Lullabies,' The Format

    As far as teenage pop music goes, there isn't a whole lot that can transcend and speak to older age groups. Characterized in recent years by elementary chords, immature lyrics and male singers still waiting for a voice change, the whole ca
  • Film
  • Being Char-Lee

    In recent days, filmgoers have been able to make their own problems seem miniscule by attending such sad, depressing fare as House of Sand and Fog and 21 Grams. But those are walks in the park compared to Monster. When this one is over, and

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