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  • Jan 22-28, 2004
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  • New Vintage

    There's a progression in Tim Egan's books, from Spokane to the Pacific Northwest to the West in general - and now, with his novel The Winemaker's Daughter, on to the broader themes of the literary West. Breaking Blue recounted Tony Bamont
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  • Now Playing

    **** 21 Grams -- The feel-bad film of the year is a masterpiece of non-linear storytelling. The three main characters -- Sean Penn's Paul is dying, Benicio Del Toro's Jack has accidentally killed some people, Naomi Watts' Christina has l
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  • Libby Redux

    As so often happens with great stories, this one came to Andrew Schneider completely by chance. Schneider - who has two Pulitzer Prizes on his desk - was in Montana in the summer of '99, doing a story for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on
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  • Treu Preu

    You don't even have to explain anything," Eckart Preu enthuses, discussing one of a symphony conductor's main jobs: choosing what music to perform. "If you program it well, a concert is self-explanatory." Preu is the last of five candid
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  • Lost Highway

    Eastern Washington is a minimalist's landscape. Endless horizons, blocks of color, the interplay of light and shadow - these are the delights that await the traveler in the land east of the mountains. Yet after the gaudy natural splendor
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  • DVD Review

    Growing up, the closest I would come to a horse was my best friend Cindy's stable of lifelike plastic Breyer steeds. I treated them as little more than exotic conveyances for my Barbie, while Cindy, who clearly knew a Pinto from a Palomino,
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Where Is He Now? -- It's not just the students at Eastern Washington University who go on to do great things. Former EWU president Marshall "Mark" Drummond has been appointed as chancellor of California's community college system, the la
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  • The Real Deal

    Do you ever stop to think about what your back yard looked like before it was your back yard? Whose footsteps have left their imprint, ever so slightly, in the soil outside your door? How much of the natural landscape is truly natural? A
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  • Buzz Bin

    Langbehn Leaving -- The local theater scene will be diminished next week by the departure of Spokane Civic Theater's Marilyn Langbehn. Langbehn, who acted in her first show at the Civic in 1972, has been the theater's full-time marketing
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  • Good Fortune

    The smiles that greet you upon entering the Ming Wah Chinese restaurant flow naturally from your hosts, Kam and Andrea Kwong. Kam is the owner, server, and one of the cooks as well. He's also one of the most friendly restaurant owners you
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Readers The Meaning of SpIFF -- The Inlander's Buzz Bin (1/8/04) ran a note about Spokane International Film Festival officials changing our acronym from SNIFF to SpIFF. True, we did, and we thank you for noting that in the column. Somehow fes
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  • Pushcart Before The Workhorse

    For a writer, the idea of seeing your short story in the newest issue of McSweeney's -- not to mention receiving a Pushcart Prize nomination for it -- is a bit like being the literary equivalent of a rock star. Pushcart Prize stories are ofte
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  • Opening Films

    & & * The Butterfly Effect -- & & Long shelved, The Butterfly Effect premiered at Sundance this week before griming theaters across the country, a callow and cruel grab-bag of time-travel pretension, preteen lust, pedophilia, the
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  • Book Review

    As the old chestnut goes, you should never judge a book by its cover -- but in this case, that's OK. In fact, just looking at the cover of Howard Dean's Winning Back America can tell you nearly everything that Dean discusses in its pages. A
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  • Recently Reviewed

    The Chalet -- With an interior like a ski lodge, this Alpine-themed South Hill institution is as soothing as a cup of Swiss Miss. We were all impressed with the Chalet's presentation, since breakfast foods are notoriously kind of beige-y
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  • In Brief

    Sex Talk -- CHENEY - Most of us have seen reports about NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant's alleged sexual assault, but sound bites can't relay the whole story. When it comes to an issue as vitriolic as sexual assault, there's a lot to learn
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  • Sins of The Father

    * Editor's Note -- This has been a difficult story for The Inlander to get into print. Not only is it a sensitive subject that has been extremely painful for everyone involved, but it also has a personal edge for all of us here. One of the
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  • On The Scene

    Descending the stairs to Catacombs is a transcendent experience. Each step down the subterranean corridor leads you out of Spokane and into a place much more mysterious, perhaps long since forgotten. You might swear you're in the depths o
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  • The Bush Complex

    In the wake of former George W. Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's "outing" of the president, Slate magazine carried a most interesting cyberspace exchange -- a retrospective debate over the justification for the war among six s
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  • Recollections

    The following is Bishop Skylstad's statement regarding his recollection from 28 years ago when he first was pastor at Assumption Parish, and then the Chancellor for the Spokane Diocese, concerning Pat O'Donnell: I have searched
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  • Pedophilia -- What Parents Should Know

    Millions of Americans fit the profile of a pedophile. They come in all ages and from all social groups, but most are men. Some abuse girls and some abuse boys. Just as most rape victims know their perpetrator, most victims of child molest
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  • The Church Is Doing Something

    Ever since the first allegations were made against the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, survivors of the alleged abuse have repeatedly accused the diocese of not doing enough and of dragging its feet on sharing information about the accused p

Music & Film

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  • Soul Patrol

    The physical and spiritual leader of the Amazing Giant People Ensemble, trumpeter Carlos Washington, was first exposed to music the old-fashioned way, through singing in the choir at his hometown church in Harrisburg, Pa. As a boy, he als
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  • 'Room on Fire,' The Strokes

    There's something so hate-able about the Strokes. For one, they were practically an overnight success with their release of the 2001 Is This It? They also all have annoying cool names like Fab, Nikolai and Casablancas. Arggh... Aside from a
  • Film
  • Star-Struck

    Ah, there's nothing like a movie title with an exclamation point at the end of it! Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! has nothing on Oliver!, Airplane!, Oklahoma! or Top Secret! (which remains, please note, the only film that features Omar Sharif

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