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    Along Came Polly -- Ben Stiller recreates the kind of role he does best -- anxious would-be suitor a la There's Something About Mary and Meet the Parents -- in this romantic comedy. Stiller plays a guy who researches germs and risks for a
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  • Criminal Residue

    Situated near the Spokane County Courthouse is an inconspicuous warehouse, one of several in the area. Paint peels off its metal railings, and the sidewalks around it are cracked and uneven. The building looks deserted, but it's actually a
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  • Six Ways To Slim

    A to-do list with every item crossed out. A calming massage at a day spa. Driving on an open freeway on a bright summer day. There's a certain feeling of relaxation and wholeness that I get from these things -- and it best describes the way
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  • The Real Deal

    Let's say your organization has put you in charge of a new building project, and you're supposed to make sure this project follows green building standards and is done in a sustainable way. Who are you going to call on to do the job? Ar
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  • Diet - The Atkins Plan

    When everyone else is asking for vinaigrette dressing on the side or half a lemon, you can order blue cheese or creamy ranch! You can have Hollandaise, cream cheese and whipped cream - virtually all of your formerly forbidden 'fattening'
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  • Game Review

    We all have poop meters. We have food meters, comfort meters, and entertainment meters, too. And when one of our meters fills up, it's hard to concentrate on anything else. Keeping our meters regulated is an important part of life. Or so
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  • DVD Review

    Watch out for this stinker lurking in the new release section of your favorite entertainment superstore. Watching Comic Book: The Movie (Miramax) in the hopes of ingesting some light comic entertainment is like taking a big swig of milk r
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Eye on Profits -- Everybody knows the real show on Super Sunday is usually the ads. More often than not -- and especially when they give coaches two weeks instead of one to prepare -- the Super Bowl itself is a blowout. This year, along wi
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  • Hospital News

    Sacred Heart -- When Sacred Heart's new west tower opens in the fall, women coming in for inpatient or outpatient treatment will find most women's services gathered under one roof rather than spread across the sprawling medical campus. E
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  • Reel Respect

    It's rare enough for something like a film festival to find an audience in Spokane. But during the five years that it's been in operation, the evenings of full houses and exciting premieres have confirmed that not only can Spokane sustai
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  • Diet - Macrobiotics

    Though macrobiotics sounds eerily like something Scientologists could have come up with, it's actually an ancient lifestyle that's evolved mostly from East Asian nutritional practices. Even though stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna swe
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  • Buzz Bin

    Envelope, Please -- Over the past four years, Golden Globe honorees have matched up less and less with Oscar winners. This year seems likely to reverse that trand, with most of the early front-runners for the Academy Awards having alread
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  • Curing Cabin Fever

    Has this monotonous gray, cold weather given you a good dose of cabin fever? Do you feel like you've watched enough TV and movies lately to last you until next winter? Well, there's an antidote to all this cocooning. It's the abundance of
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Readers Not to Choose is to Choose -- I consider myself a fervent anti-smoker, but even I have to wonder what the county commissioners are thinking on this one. I have too little empathy for smokers, however, to want to take up their cause. No
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  • Excercise - Pilates

    A dozen people spread out on floor mats, with New Age-y music wafting over the speakers. My first Pilates class seemed tranquil enough, with the instructor asking us just to concentrate on our breathing. Then she set up our first exercise
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  • Palace of Athletics

    The Sports USA Sports Complex is one heck of a gym -- you know, in the same way that the Taj Mahal is one heck of a mausoleum. The range of sports activities and other services planned at Sports USA is all but unparalleled anywhere in th
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff The Big Bounce -- His name's Jack Ryan, but he's neither the president nor is he played by Harrison Ford. This Jack Ryan is a smooth operatin' petty criminal invented by crime writer Elmore Leonard and inhabited by the comely good looks
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  • Diet - Juice Fast

    We put so many things in our body. Some we put in there purposefully, such as food and drink, but many things sneak in without our knowledge. Many experts say our modern environment is toxic: off-gases in our homes; exhaust and smoke in
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  • Bachanalia

    Only a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, classic rock-listening troglodyte would dismiss the works of Johann Sebastian Bach as "highbrow crap by some dead white guy." And yet, sometimes it's easy to think of Bach -- who appears in his portr
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Ming Wah -- At Ming Wah, familiar Chinese-American dishes are created and served with an extraordinary level of care, precision and speed -- and at throwback prices. The restaurant is cozy with spotless pink Formica tables, dark paneling
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  • Diet - Weight Watchers

    It's easy to overlook the old standards. All the Atkins, Zone and Caveman Diet people have entire sections and sometimes entire grocery stores devoted to their new "low-carb lifestyle." The macrobiotic, vegan/vegetarian, whole foods, juice
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  • I Love You Tommorrow

    Society seems to forget an icon from our youth; we pause to reminisce; we get a little sad. When our childhood heroes fade along with our long-lost hopes and dreams, we start grieving for ourselves. Douglas Carter Beane's Music from a
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  • On The Scene

    Nestled quietly in the Broadview Dairy building on Washington Street just north of the river lies the Caterina Winery. Known locally for its fine grape creations, the winery also boasts a lovely wine bar that features live music on the we
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  • Good Habits First

    Public education has been in the news this past week. First, we heard President Bush defend his much-criticized "No Child Left Behind Act." Washington state's response to federal policy, the controversial WASL tests, came under more inten
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  • In Brief

    Fewer Kids Having Kids -- SPOKANE -- Teen pregnancy and teen abortion rates are down in Washington state as well as in the nation. That's the good news in the "Washington State Pregnancy and Induced Abortion Statistics" re

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  • Bass Virtuoso

    The vast majority of musicians on this great green earth will spend their days toiling in futility. But even a futile struggle can be a rewarding one. Only a handful of the masses making soothing sounds can be music tele
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  • 'The Black Album,' Jay-Z

    Rap music of the early- to mid-1990s was quickly consumed by the fiery tempers of battling East Coast and West Coast rappers. While the mainstream media was consumed with the fight between Los Angeles-based Tupac Shakur and Brooklyn-based
  • Film
  • Test Anxiety

    Leave it to MTV Films, here partnered with Paramount, to come up with a movie that's kinetic in style, aimed directly at many different types of young characters, and empty-minded to the point of vacuity. Sounds bad, but that last part isn't

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