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  • Feb 5-11, 2004
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    Retort on Tort -- It is clear that Washington state's medical liability system is broken. The recent news that emergency room doctors and hospitals across the state have lost their malpractice insurance is just another examples. Jackpot
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  • Leaving Traces

    Outside the MAC, melting snow leaves traces over rocks. Tree branches cut across the sky, and everyone makes footprints where mud has gathered. Inside the MAC, pieces of lumber are scarred by chainsaws. Painted shapes and lines cover fl
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  • Brews and Burgers

    If that protracted bridge construction project along Trent just east of downtown kept you from the worthy restaurants housed within the former Bayou Brewery complex, there's nothing stopping you now. (The bridge is finally open.) If you'r
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  • Book Review

    As someone who has worked with books (to a greater or lesser degree) for the past 13 years, sometimes I find it depressing to visit a bookstore and look at all the new fiction. Not because so much of it is bad, but rather because so much of
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Ming Wah -- At Ming Wah, familiar Chinese-American dishes are created and served with an extraordinary level of care, precision and speed -- and at throwback prices. The restaurant is cozy with spotless pink Formica tables, dark paneling
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  • Counseling Between Courses

    Saturday, 6:36 pm The antipasto was spread across the plate, half-eaten. The babysitter had stood us up (again), and so my night out -- going to see I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change at CenterStage -- had morphed from me and my
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  • Opening Films

    Barbershop 2: Back in Business -- It's back to the south side of Chicago where Calvin (Ice Cube) and the gang (Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve) are still cutting hair and cracking wise. Enter some big bad developers who
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  • Heart Smart

    Breast cancer. Cervical cancer. AIDS. Risky pregnancies. Ask people which medical condition kills the most women on an annual basis and these are some of the afflictions you might hear about. The real answer? None of the above. "Studies
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  • Real Deal

    That official prognosticator of all things meteorological, Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog, predicted six more weeks of winter on Monday to the delight of snow-lovers and the dismay of everyone else. Of course, how a coddled rodent from
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  • Choices Galore

    Every day, average Americans make thousands of choices, from the moment we wake up to the final seconds before we drift off to sleep. We choose -- to a certain extent -- our living spaces, our jobs, our friends and lovers, whom we vote for a
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  • Now Playing

    Along Came Polly -- Ben Stiller plays a guy who researches germs and risks for a living; Jennifer Aniston plays his love interest. Rated: PG-13 The Big Bounce -- One of those who's-doublecrossing-whom capers -- set in Hawaii -- with distr
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Into a Black Hole -- This is true: $1.1 trillion is classified as "unsupported accounting entries" in the Pentagon's 2000 financial statements. That's a polite way of saying they have no idea where all that money went. To learn more (o
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  • Less is Moore

    Marcus Moore, one of the greatest players in Washington State University basketball history, has been shooting the ball like a blind man in a snowstorm. One year after pouring in a career-best 18.2 points per game, Moore's scoring avera
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  • Buzz Bin

    Back in Bach -- Don't Forget! There are still three more concerts left in the 26th Annual Northwest Bach Festival, including Friday night's "Music as Foreign Policy" at the Met, Saturday's performance of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, a
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  • DVD Review

    If the main reason to own a film on DVD is to re-watch it, you should go out and buy Lost in Translation right now. Writer/director Sofia Coppola has crafted a beautiful film that changes every time you see it. And she's fortunate to hav
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  • Local CD Review

    The Creeps -- Small Doses -- Bottled up in this little gem from Spokane's homegrown punk rockers, the Creeps, are 16 songs that will hit you hard, hit you fast and hit you often. This band embodies our town's blue-collar punk ethos. They
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  • In Brief

    Hip-Hop Professor -- PULLMAN, Wash. -- Todd Boyd, a renowned professor from the School of Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California, will be in Pullman on Monday to discuss contemporary social issues as a part of the Wa
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  • CD Review

    Hailed as "The Girl from Ipanema Meets Indie Rock," the Mosquitos' debut eponymous CD (on Bar None Records) abounds in lulling bossa nova rhythms, pensive lyrics and daiquiri-smooth vocals. As the PR legend goes, one member was repeatedly e
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  • Throwing Bouquets

    The Pander Countdown to Election Day 2004 has begun in earnest. President Bush spiced up his recent State of the Union speech by tossing a bone to his conservative base -- if not a garter belt and a Bible. Those Republican loya
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  • Humbled

    I'll always remember that very first day of freshman religion at Gonzaga Prep. Fr. Goebel wasted no time in introducing us to the Jesuit way of teaching by asking us if we could prove that God existed. I was sure this was a trick qu
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  • Be Your Own Label

    Not long ago, if you wanted to record a rock band, a jazz ensemble or a symphony orchestra, there was only one way to do it: live. To capture the sound of each instrument playing harmoniously together, you had to have all the musicians pl
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  • Bands, Bands and More Bands

    Say hello to the men and women of the local music scene, the ones willing to invest the time and the effort to provide the rest of us poor slobs with entertainment that's fresh, alive and locally grown. Support them as you would any local
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  • Job Security

    The federal government has a nice chunk of money, and it's looking to spend some of it here in Spokane. Are we talking good old-fashioned pork? Well, sort of, at least if your company is developing technology that in some way, shape or fo

Music & Film

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  • Inside The Big Easy

    Spokane's newest spot for live entertainment and alcohol-fueled dance parties has arrived. The now-operational Big Easy nightclub at the corner of First and Monroe kicked off its string of grand-opening festivities with a VIP event last F
  • Music
  • Prairie Flyer

    Do tattoos make the band? What about unemployment, or just plain disregard for societal norms? Must every band be filled with tattooed, out-of-work social zealots in order to grab the attention of popular culture? By day, the members of
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  • Hoosiers On Ice?

    It's hard not to know how this story ends. The climax of the real life story took place in February 1980, when the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team - its all-star roster composed of college players, most of whom had first met the previous June -- went

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