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  • Feb 12-18, 2004
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  • Expiration Date

    Nothing lasts forever. Aside from the big things -- marriages, friendships, jobs -- there are all the little things. Creamer runs out. Cut flowers die. Good food goes bad. Computers fall into obsolescence. And every time it happens we are rem
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    Along Came Polly -- Ben Stiller plays a guy who researches germs and risks for a living; Jennifer Aniston plays his love interest. Rated: PG-13 Barbershop 2: Back in Business -- It's back to the south side of Chicago where Calvin (Ice C
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Questions Answered -- On Sunday's Meet the Press, President Bush fielded a flurry of questions from host Tim Russert. The questions were good, and Bush had answers at the ready, but the problem was that those answers raised more question
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  • Real Deal

    The Cookware Manufacturers' Association (CMA) wants consumers to cook at home more often. While this revelation falls into the "Well, duh," category, what is surprising is their reason. Noting the rise in rates of obesity and associated
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  • By the Book

    Traditionalists lament the fact that college and pro basketball have turned into an ESPN highlight reel, with players throwing fundamentals and team play out the gym window in favor of flashy spin moves and dunks. And then there's Cory
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  • DVD Review

    I love Michelangelo's work because it's so cool and so mod. The women are always fabulous. The men sit around, petulant and greedy. Of course I'm not talking about that Michelangelo. I'm talking about Italian film director Michelangelo
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  • Democracy In Action

    No one knows who said it first, but variations of a single declaration were repeated throughout Saturday's Washington state Democratic caucuses in Spokane: "I'll vote for anyone -- I'd even take a chimp in a suit, for that matter -- if he'
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  • Letters to the Editor

    A Big Boo-Boo --- Well, the not-so-eternal shock of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 must have certainly worn off, given the brouhaha over an exposed breast courtesy of the not-so-talented Janet Jackson and the similarly incompetent Jason T
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  • Messiah Modernized

    The antipasto was spread across the This is not the hippies' Superstar. The current national tour of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1971 musical doesn't feature a lot of Jesus Freaks wearing sandals, indistinguishable from one another in beard
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  • And The Winner Is ...

    Last Thursday morning, onstage at the Opera House, Spokane Symphony board president William Simer greeted a gathering by holding up an iPod -- Apple's digital music device -- and remarking that people could now take thousands of pieces of
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  • Buzz Bin

    Healthy Living, Part Deux -- Our Healthy Living issue (Jan. 29) was several weeks ago, but we're still getting lots of reader feedback. In fact, one reader took umbrage with the fact that our piece on yoga focused on just two studios (Ha
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  • Soup's On!

    Since the earliest days of human history, soup has been what's for supper. The words "soup," "sop," "sup" and "supper" all share the same root and come from the very beginning of Indo-European languages. As soon as people had fire and a
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  • Bush's Media Pass

    When George Bush is having a tough week, what does he do? Call Mom and Dad? Have a beer (hold the pretzels) with Karl Rove? Drop into the bunker for a one-on-one with Cheney? Nope, he calls the media. So, apparently, was t
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  • Game Review

    There are games (like Everquest and Starcraft) that earn their nicknames ("Evercrack" and "Starcrack") because they're addicting. So let me start by christening Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles as "Crystal Chronic." The Final Fantasy
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  • Opening Films

    50 First Dates -- Remember Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's insufferably smug TV reporter is doomed to repeat the same day over and over until he gets Andie MacDowell to fall for his unpleasant self? 50 First Dates is a variation on th
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  • Art On Ice

    From years of covering the twice-yearly Visual Arts Tour, we've learned one thing. And that one thing is this: The first Friday in February is no time to be walking around downtown Spokane at night. With an average temperature of 25 degrees
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Northern Lights -- The Northern Lights brewpub's d & eacute;cor is spacious, inviting and enhanced by low lighting, rich greens and burgundies and recycled bowling alley butcher-block tables. The menu offers traditional pub grub with a sophistic
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  • John Kerry

    A couple of weeks ago, ABC's Good Morning America was visiting with the Democratic candidates. On the screen was this little dark-haired woman giving orders about what food this particular candidate was to eat all day. "No," said the wo
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  • Dennis Kucinich

    Dennis Kucinich is not only completely opposed to George W. Bush in virtually all matters of policy and ethics; their backgrounds are polar opposites as well. George Jr. is from a rich Texas family that made its wealth on oil and foreign
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  • Wesley Clark

    There is one overriding theme to Wesley Clark's life, and that's a call to protect the country. Born in Chicago in December 1944, Clark soon moved to Little Rock, Ark., after the death of his father. In Little Rock, his mother got a job a
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  • CD Review

    The latest minimalist rock 'n' roll offering from Olympia independent label Kill Rock Stars comes fresh from a three-piece guitar-guitar-drum outfit featuring longtime underground music scene comrades and first-time band mates Christina B
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  • John Edwards

    Born to a middle-class Methodist family in Seneca, S.C., in 1953, John Edwards grew up in Robbins, a small town in North Carolina. His mother, Bobbie, ran a small business and also worked in a post office; his father, Wallace, was a texti
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  • Long-Distance Justice

    In Judge Edward Shea's recent decision to move the River Park Square case to the Tri-Cities, he gave Prudential Securities what it wanted but he has denied Spokane what it needed. Prudential Securities, a key defendant in the case
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  • Passing The WMD

    Before he departed on his quest for Saddam Hussein's fabled weapons of mass destruction, David Kay, chief of the Iraq Survey Group, confidently told friends that he promptly expected to locate the cause of the preemptive war. Yet on
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  • In Brief

    Oscars of Human Rights -- SPOKANE -- Movie Stars, pop singers and athletes are celebrated and awarded during televised ceremonies throughout the year, but rarely do we congratulate the people and organizations working hard
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  • Al Sharpton

    He has defeated Howard Dean, Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman (when Lieberman was still in the race), but so far, only once. In the South Carolina caucuses, Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. -- better known as the Reverend Al Sharpton -- came in a
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  • Needle Mania

    If you're like many Americans -- one in three, according to the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine -- you use some form of alternative medicine. You probably visit your chiropractor,
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  • Howard Dean

    Born in 1948 in New York City to affluent parents, Howard Dean's life is one of overseas study and old school country clubs. Dean's father, a stockbroker, and his mother, an art appraiser, had three other sons; one is a market researcher,
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  • Will W. Dump Dick?

    While Democratic rivals battle for the presidential nomination in a succession of grueling primary elections, Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be fighting to secure his spot on the Republican ticket behind President George W. Bush. The
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  • On The Scene

    If you haven't taken the opportunity to experience downtown's Visual Arts Tour, Friday night's offering was probably not the best time to make your maiden voyage into the center of our city's art action. Not that the art featured was sub-

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  • The Bling Thing

    Bottom line: The Northwest has no clue about mainstream rap. Sure, we see it on television and hear it on the radio, but we have no mainstream rap genre to claim as our own. California has gangster rap. The East Coast has
  • Film
  • One-Room Schoolhouse

    To watch is to learn. To understand is to love. There are so many pure hopes one can hold for the documentary film form. Nicolas Philibert's quiet 2002 masterpiece, To Be and To Have (Etre et Avoir), is a magnificent construction of empathy,

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