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  • Feb 19-25, 2004
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  • Buzz Bin

    Strictly Ballroom -- It's fun to play dress up! Last Saturday found at least one Buzz Bin birdie whirling around like Julie Andrews (or her much clumsier younger sibling) at Allegro's Viennese Ball. The Davenport's Marie Antoinette and G
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  • Now Playing

    50 First Dates -- Remember Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's insufferably smug TV reporter is doomed to repeat the same day over and over until he gets Andie MacDowell to fall for his unpleasant self? 50 First Dates is a variation on th
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Promises, Promises -- As a lifelong Democrat, retired military and a senior citizen, I must agree that George Bush is the most promising of today's presidential candidates. As a retired veteran, I know how much he promised us; as a sen
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  • Real Deal

    Walk into a house that was last decorated in the 1970s and you'll see the ubiquitous Harvest Gold and Avocado Green appliances with lots of orange and brown on the walls and floors. In those rare examples from the 1950s that remain untou
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Northern Lights -- The Northern Lights brewpub's d & eacute;cor is spacious, inviting and enhanced by low lighting, rich greens and burgundies and recycled bowling alley butcher-block tables. The menu offers traditional pub grub with a sophistica
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  • Book Review

    A good encyclopedia should do two things: feed our needs for both information and imagination. We should be able to lose ourselves in something that we didn't know before we picked up that book. And we should start to connect what we kn
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  • DVD Review

    I love movies about sub-cultures. Whether it's about drug users, transvestites or fundamentalists, you can sign me up for any movie that takes a look at a small group that the rest of the world tries to forget. There's something defiant,
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  • Hail To The Chefs

    February, my friend, is Heart Month; so decree the fine people over at the Heart Institute of Spokane. So put down that Hungry Man dinner -- Frozen Food Month isn't until March -- and listen up, because Cupid isn't the only one who has his
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  • Let The Good Times Roll

    Unless you've been on Mars with the space rovers for the last few weeks, you've heard about the Big Easy and all the activity it's generating in downtown Spokane. But did you know it also has an upscale restaurant attached to its premise
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  • Urban Brawl

    If you think expanding a convention center isn't a big enough job, try getting into the restaurant business at the same time. When the Public Facilities District (PFD) decided to expand the Spokane Convention Center eastward rather than to
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  • Down For The Count

    In a film without much perfection, credit must be given to the person who came up with the title. It's perfect. And that's not good. With acceptable acting, lackluster direction, and a ridiculously manipulative script, this story, based on th
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  • From Verse To Worse

    Oh, that nasty Simon. He's so mean on American Idol to all those poor people who think they can sing. But what about all those folks who think they can write? (By which I mean, pop songwriters with entourages and inflated opinions of thei
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  • Opening Films

    * Against The Ropes -- Having sat on the shelf for about a year and a half, the film "inspired by the life of" female boxing promoter Jackie Kallen finally gets a release, but it will be down for the count in the first round. Meg Ryan lo
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  • Without Fear or Favor

    When a headline reading "It's Chapter 11 for Met" appears in the Spokesman-Review, anyone who did not arrive in town yesterday is bound to search around for a subtext. Is there any sign of gloating? I don't see any. It seems to me tha
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  • Stitch Enriched

    For me, it all started with the yarn. My metamorphosis from non-knitter to enthusiastic generator-of-many-scarves begins and ends with my deep fascination for what is, essentially, fancy string. Like a magpie or perhaps a drag queen, my eye
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  • CD Review

    What should fusion fuse with? Since its beginnings in the 1960s as an attempt to meld jazz language with funk backbeats and rock instrumentation, fusion has sometimes become a m & eacute;lange of other styles. Drummer Dave Weckl's seventh CD as
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  • In Brief

    Re-neighboring Effort -- SPOKANE -- Knowing that downtown living could drastically improve the quality of life in Spokane, Northwest Regional Facilitators (NRF) will host a workshop on Friday with Robert Lupton, a communit
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  • Tending The Fire

    The most intriguing passion in play these days is not whether Mel Gibson's controversial The Passion of the Christ will do miraculously at the box office when it opens on Ash Wednesday. (My prophecy: It will.) No, the real wild card
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  • Hacking Into Democracy

    This story is being reprinted with permission, as it first appeared on salon.com (Please visit www.salon.com for more salon.com content.) A few weeks after Election Night 2002, Roxanne Jekot, a computer programmer who lives in Cumming,
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  • A Big Boost For SIRTI

    It was standing room only in the boardroom at SIRTI on Tuesday morning. All three county commissioners, Mayor Jim West, City Council President Dennis Hession, Betsy Cowles, Rep. George Nethercutt, the presidents from all area colleges and
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  • Touchscreen Voting Locally

    While some states like Ohio, Georgia and Florida have moved heavily into touch-screen voting systems, Washington and Idaho are moving more slowly in that direction. In Washington, Snohomish County is the only county to have switched

Music & Film

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  • Beat The Rap

    When it comes to a commitment to their craft, Spokane's local hip-hop artists are at the top of their collective game. How do I know? Call any of their phone numbers and you'll hear that these men and women even go so far
  • Film
  • Twilight Zone

    A few minutes into the animated film The Triplets of Belleville, you get to see a dancer spinning her breasts in opposite directions. One woman at a recent screening made some indignant sounds when they appeared. At first I was delighte

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