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  • May 20-26, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 32

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  • Rockin' On

    I really want to like Rock City Grill. It's locally owned. It started about the same time that The Inlander came on the scene. It has held out in downtown through the lean years. Hey, they even want to "rock" me! Rock City -- An Itali
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  • New Math for Wild Salmon

    The journey of some wild salmon species takes them from gravel beds in Montana all the way to the Pacific Ocean. After traveling through the rivers and streams that empty into estuaries along Northwest coastal waters, their ocean vigil last
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  • Game Review

    If you're a gamer, you know the feeling: Your hands aren't even being controlled by your brain -- they're running on pure instinct. And as the game's action gets underway, and you start responding with perfect timing, the result is a Zen-
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  • Now Playing

    13 Going on 30 -- Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, this Big-like bite of bubble gum -- directed by Tadpole's Gary Winick -- is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry
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  • But They Didn't

    They didn't. Did they, really? I Do! I Do! (at the Civic through June 12) is a sentimental journey through a 50-year marriage. (Some call it a cheesy romp. I do!) Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, who wrote this 1966 musical, intended it to
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  • Sheltered Existence

    It's 7:45 in the morning. You're standing in your skivvies looking at your bleary-eyed self in the mirror as you sluggishly brush your teeth in preparation for yet another day at the office. Over the sound of your children playing in the
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Aki's Grill and Sushi Express -- Aki's is tidy, friendly and intimate in a way that encourages conversation. In addition to sushi, the menu features grilled chicken, steak and salmon with teriyaki sauce, tempura shrimp and veggies, chick
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  • Letters to the Editor

    It's Called "War" -- Someone should inform the military-industrial-political complex that once a nation is fully committed to the institution of mutual mass-murder -- the definition of "war" -- that nation shouldn't simultaneously demand
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  • From Civil Defense to FEMA

    Though the nation toyed with the idea of civil defense prior to World War II, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the realization that the territorial United States was vulnerable to enemy attack prompted President Roosevelt in 1941 to establ
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  • DVD Review

    Before A Room With a View, the Merchant and Ivory filmmaking team covered the clash of cultures in Shakespeare Wallah (1965), the second feature by Ismail and James, the producer from Bombay and the Oregon-born director. It was the film t
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  • A Celebration of Ceramics#B34A9

    "A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence" May 21-July 18. Opening reception for MAC members: Friday, May 21, featuring a lecture with the Archie Bray Foundation's Resident Director, Josh DeWeese, at 6 pm, followed b
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  • Not On the Level

    As a sport, lawn bowling isn't entirely on the level. Oh, sure, it seems fair enough: Somebody rolls a spherical target - smaller than a billiard ball, it's known as the "jack" - about 35 yards down a putting-green-like surface, and com
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  • Take Two

    If any art can capture charisma, it's film. And if the pleasures of cinema are sometimes shallow because of it, it's still the only artistic medium that can give us the pleasure of doing nothing more important than watching someone who i
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  • Cheap Chic

    A wise writer once noted that every age gets the household goddess it deserves. Ever since Martha Stewart lost her claim to the Moral Purity Award, the title of reigning domestic diva has been up for grabs. What we deserve around here is
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  • True Grit

    "Archie Bray" is one of those names you're going to be hearing a lot of over the next few months. And even if you'd rather eat ground glass than go to art galleries, even if your first thought upon hearing the word "ceramics" is "garishly p
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  • Beyond $2

    It's kind of like a heat wave. You just endure it and hope for it to end. But what if it never does? That's the possibility some experts are raising about the skyrocketing price of gasoline. Over the past month, gas prices in the
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  • Opening Films

    Shrek 2 -- The story picks up right where the first one left off, with a little extra twist: Prince Charming arrives to rescue Princess Fiona, but it's too late; she's on her honeymoon with Shrek. And Charming's mom -- the Fairy Godmother
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  • Buzz Bin

    Making ARt -- Michael Weaver's new Actors' Repertory Theatre of the Inland Northwest has established a home and announced a new season. Most important, there will be a half-dozen more professional theatrical productions on the Spokane t
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  • Sneva Country

    When Tom Sneva is inducted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame in a ceremony in Indianapolis on Friday, May 21, he will join the all-time legends of the Indy 500. Not bad for a former high school math teacher from Spokane. Twenty-one year
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  • Kicking Up Some Mud

    It's only May and already the governor's race has gotten ugly. By the time most voters start paying attention -- usually after Labor Day -- the blood on the floor will be knee-deep. The current flare-up is between the Democratic fro
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  • Down With the Ship

    The lieutenant commander was almost done. He was about to finish putting in his 20 years, and then he would be gone. I had worked with him for a couple of years and always sensed that there was a story in his past -- that something had hap
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  • In Brief

    Media in Democracy -- SANDPOINT, Idaho -- Media is arguably the greatest teaching force on the planet, reaching hundreds of millions of people everyday with images and words that construct our realities. That's why there is an important dis
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  • Mental Challenges

    If you think police officers spend a majority of their time dealing with criminals, think again. Due to a better understanding of mental illness and because of a decrease in available services, cops are often the first -- and frequently the

Culture & Food

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  • In Search of Shelters

    What can I say? I dig the underground. Whether it's speakeasies, steam tunnels or cult films, I very much like it in the dark. My current obsession with fallout shelters was ignited by the sight of a faded shelter sign on the exterior of

Music & Film

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  • Digging Deep

    If you don't have a DJ, then you can't be a hip-hop posse. Kind of like if you don't have a standard lead guitar-bass-drum line-up, you can't be a real rock group. If you don't have hair gel, you can't be n & uuml;-metal. Your l
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  • 'Howling... It Grows And Grows!!!,

    Ignore the skulls on the cover of the Catheters' third release Howling... It Grows And Grows!!! Actually, ignore the glowing volcano, the lightning bolts and about half of the song titles. On its face, you'd totally assume that the Seattle-b
  • Film
  • Ogre Easy

    The most absurd thing about this fast and funny sequel to Shrek -- which was released three years ago this weekend -- is the fact that talk show host Larry King provides the deep, gruff voice for the bartending Ugly Stepsister. The best thin

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