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  • May 27 - Jun 2, 2004
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  • Take Two

    If for no other reason, Young Frankenstein is a classic because, since its release in 1974, filmgoers have been unable to get some of the movie's scenes out of their heads. You can check it out at the Garland at midnight on Friday and Sa
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Get a Plan, Man -- In regard to the article "Handling Growth" (5/13/04), should I be amazed or just stupefied? Are developers in North Idaho really that naive to believe that fleecing off portions of Sandpoint will benefit the local an
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  • Surviving Preschool

    Our 3-year-old son is brilliant. I mean, we think he is. He has known his ABCs for a very long time, and he has corrected my grammar at least once. He can also explain how a pump panel works and the distinction between an engine an
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  • Book Review

    I know it seems like a new low in the annals of book reviewing to review a book of postcards. I can hear it now: "What's next, Inlander? Wanna review the phone book? How about a book of stamps?" OK, you've had your fun. Now quit snickering
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  • Opening Films

    The Day After Tomorrow -- Roland Emmerich's newest film is his best, despite the fact that the dramatic premise of a father (Dennis Quaid) trying to rescue his son (Jake Gyllenhaal) is more preposterous than the special effects. Yes, you
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  • Jake's Take- Nightwatch

    Part of my research for this article involved going to some bars that I normally don't visit. It's a tough assignment, I know, but such is life. So, on a recent Thursday night, I went to the Pub Club with some friends to see what the line
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  • People Power

    The November election will be a big one in Washington state. Not only will citizens choose a new governor, but Washington is getting a lot of attention from the Bush and Kerry campaigns, as it is viewed as a swing state that could g
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  • Now Playing

    13 Going on 30 -- Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, this Big-like bite of bubble gum -- directed by Tadpole's Gary Winick -- is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry
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  • Dramatic Developments

    With off-the-record comments and rumors, on-again-off-again negotiations, power grabs, firings and a couple of legal actions, the Spokane theater community is currently writing a script for itself that feels more like All My Childr
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    A Set-Up? -- While you read this week's cover story on Ahmed Chalabi, keep this in mind (but take it with a big chunk of salt): Some people think the whole thing might be an elaborate hoax. That's right, some unnamed sources being quoted
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  • DVD Review

    With New York Minute still feverishly inhabiting the nation's cineplexes like an outbreak of junior high mono, now might be a good time to discuss In America. Like New York Minute, In America is set in the Big Apple. And also like New York
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  • Buzz Bin

    South of the Border -- If you've ever camped at Sullivan Lake, driven to Canada through Metaline Falls, or followed the logging roads near Priest Lake, then you've probably had an eyeful of the Selkirks. Avid hiker and outdoors writer De
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  • In Brief

    WSU Is Full -- PULLMAN, Wash. -- If you haven't sent in your application to WSU for this fall, forget about it; the university announced last week that it is no longer admitting any more first-time freshmen for the fall '04 semester. The fr
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  • The Brothers K

    There is no shortage of comparisons between our current military misadventures and Vietnam. But after watching RFK, David Grubin's powerful new documentary on the life of Robert F. Kennedy set to air on PBS in October, I feel there i
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  • (Neo)Con Man?

    When the definitive history of the current Iraq war is finally written, wealthy exile Ahmed Chalabi will be among those judged most responsible for the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein. More than a dec
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  • CD Review

    This is one movie that doesn't need any help in the publicity department, but the soundtrack is worth a closer look. I would submit that the original Shrek was so memorable because of its use of pop music. As The Breakfast Club did
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  • SciTech

    It may be a while before Spokane has anything like the Butterfly Room at the Seattle Science Center, where thousands of the colorful, winged creatures flitter around an enclosed jungle, resting on the heads, arms and laps of visitors. But

Music & Film

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  • Fully EnGorged

    The Gorge Amphitheatre is a hell of a lot more than just a hole in the rocks out in the middle of Washington's inland desert. That may have been the reaction to it when it first opened its gates 18 years ago, but today th
  • Film
  • Playing House

    Two things immediately come to mind when sitting down to review this film: The poster, showing Kate Hudson lying down, her little tush up in the air, and looking oh-so-perky, has absolutely nothing to do with what goes on in the movie. And, m

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