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  • Nov 18-24, 2004
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  • Tailgating 101

    It's game day, and you're ready to party. You've got beer, ice, potato chips, folding chairs, tunes and a pigskin to toss with your buds. Your T-shirt announces your favorite team. But perhaps it makes you dimly uneasy that the entire pa
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  • Book Review

    Everybody knows that Shakespeare's plays weren't actually written by Shakespeare. Unless they were. Which, of course, is what the historical record proves to everyone not wearing Super-Duper Elizabethan Conspiracy Spectacles. The question
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  • DVD Review

    It's too bad that the Saved poster/DVD cover has a coy, halo-ed Mandy Moore standing front and center like it's her movie or something. Because when it comes right down to it, this is Jena Malone's show. Malone has always been someone to wa
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  • Letters to the Editor

    A Commanding Majority Robert Herold's commentary, "The Last Big Issue" (11/4/04), on the position of the Religious Right in George W. Bush's re-election raises an issue he fails to address, namely that if John Kerry had been elected he
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  • Holiday Seen

    Your pastor knows who you are. You're the one who only shows up once a year. (OK, you're not the only one, but still.) You think holiday worship services aren't calculated, at least in part, to get you to return after the holidays are ove
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Anthony's Homeport -- Anthony's has brought its Seattle style to Spokane, settling into one of the best spots in town, the former Satly's above the Spokane Falls. Seafood and freshwater fish dominate the menu. The $23 Northwest Duet (wil
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  • Needy Times

    On most Fridays, Elsa Leiva can be found filling a grocery bag full of fresh produce - onions, tomatoes, broccoli and bagged salad. She chooses carefully from the stack of apples, checking for bruises and punctures. "I was cleaning the h
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  • Caribbean Caper

    The man behind the Rush Hour franchise proves that dropping sly nods in Alfred Hitchcock's direction does not necessarily a fine caper make. While a couple of references to the master's 1955 classic To Catch a Thief crop up in this inane-ye
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  • Our Favorite Martiniquean

    Gonzaga basketball coaches love Ronny Turiaf like a son -- a 6-foot-10, 249-pound son who would probably eat them out of house and home, but a son all the same. Thus, when Turiaf's coaches at the little Catholic school on Boone bring up
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  • College Hoops Preview

    Team-by-Team previews EASTERN WASHINGTON EAGLES Season Opener: Saturday, 5:05 pm PST, at Wichita State (KEWU 89.5). Home opener Dec. 1 vs. Cascade at EWU's Reese Court. Tickets: (866) 4GO-EAGS. 2003-04 Record: 17-13 overall, 11-3 Big S
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  • Opening Films

    National Treasure -- An absurdly plotted story has a third-generation treasure hunter (Nicolas Cage) believing that he's finally closing in on some long-lost glittery spoils from thousands of years past. The only problem now is that the
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  • Stick to Tradition

    Being Catholic, I am accustomed to the idea of government guided by Christian values. Catholics organized the very first Christian Coalition. Four hundred years ago, the kings of Austria, France, England and Spain were men of faith, and
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  • Toyota's Hipster

    There are cars that are "noticeable" -- and then there are cars that turn heads. Toyota's Scion line has created a whole new kind of head-turning phenomenon. Scions may be marketed to a younger generation of car buyers, but they're gaining
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  • Buzz Bin

    Being Neighborly -- In case the occasional cop cars, stolen autos and number of halfway houses weren't indication enough, now we have a new way of discovering "yep, our neighborhood could use some help." In this case, the bulky presence
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  • Now Playing

    After the Sunset -- Possibly the ideal film to more or less ignore while lounging poolside and sipping Jamaican rum, After the Sunset is 100-proof pap that's as inoffensively asinine as it is eager to explore the wonders of deep diving i
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Somebody's Idea of Fun -- Anyone else notice the Keystone Light billboard up near the Amtrak station in downtown Spokane? The ad features a sweaty can of the noxious macro-brew, a Yellow Pages book flipped open to an ad that reads "Free
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  • Styrofoam Homes?

    Those Swiss, they really know how to make good quality stuff: army knives, cheese, chocolate, watches, Rastra. Not many Americans know about the latter, though that's changing. Rastra is building material made from 85 percent post-consumer
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  • In Brief

    Smaller and Different -- SPOKANE -- Chad Hutson almost has to yell to be heard over the screams of a circular saw in the Montvale Hotel lobby. "It's not another Davenport," he says, looking pleased. Entering one of the crooked empty rooms, he
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  • Rethinking the Party

    Twelve days before the election, James Carville stood in a Beverly Hills living room surrounded by two generations of Hollywood stars. After being introduced by Sen. John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, he told the room -- confidently, a
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  • Sound Advice

    Listen Globally -- Endearingly self-deprecating in the time-honored tradition of most Spokane bands, early-'90s local scene stalwarts Nice World have no allusions about their relevance in today's market. The announcement we received promo
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  • CD Reviews

    Phoenix Alphabetical FOUR STARS Espresso, cheese, soccer, drugs -- there are some things that Europeans just do better. Among those things is that sort of breezy, electronic pop rock branded by Coldplay, Doves and, in the
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  • Mixed Reviews

    Before the presidential election, the nation's capitol hosted its largest-ever gathering of First Nations people -- and it didn't have anything to do with George W. Bush or John Kerry. No, on Sept. 21, the new National Museum of the Amer

Music & Film

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  • Party Crashers

    When I was in ninth grade, punk hadn't been invented yet. Scratch that. It had been invented; it just hadn't trickled down into my hometown (Spokane), into my suburb, into my brain. It was too late to save
  • Film
  • All Over the Map

    If in watching the first few minutes of this film, you think you accidentally walked into some new version of The Princess Bride, don't worry. National Treasure also begins with a grandfather telling his wide-eyed grandson a story of long ago

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