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  • Dec 2-8, 2004
  • Vol. 12, No. 7

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  • Welcome to Downtown

    On behalf of the entire Downtown Spokane community, I would like to invite you to come be a part of your city this holiday season. Each and every day, more than 1,200 businesses and properties in the Business Improvement District ensure D
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  • The New Cold War

    A specter is haunting America, and it isn't the specter of communism. Barely a decade after the definitive collapse of the Soviet bloc, the United States finds itself in a new cold war, one being fought simultaneously on economic, politi
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  • Heavy Metal

    Star Wars... Nothing but Star Wars... See if you can't walk through Tim Biggs' newest exhibit without humming Bill Murray's version of Star Wars to yourself. It's not just the gleaming stainless steel, the refurbished leggy machinery and the w
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  • Swords, Sandals and Eyeliner

    You know from an early scene of tiresome exposition by Anthony Hopkins that Oliver Stone's three-hour sword-and-sandal epic is doomed when a giant scar across the right side of Hopkins' forehead mysteriously moves to the left side of his h
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  • Check it Out!

    Buried deep in our collective memories lie visions of magical elves and talking animals amid the snow and glitter of the holiday season. For people growing up in Spokane, the annual trip to the windows of the Crescent department store wa
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  • Thinking Big

    You ask Mitch Silver what he thinks about his newest prize possession and he's likely to talk your ear off. And for a guy who's made a career of buying and selling expensive and exotic automobiles, his going on about an old theater comes as
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  • Wulff Survives

    The post-game ritual was about to begin. In the midst of a boisterous celebration, everybody takes a knee and a different Eastern Washington University football player says a prayer. The Eagles had just defeated top-ranked Southern Illinoi
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  • A Family Holiday

    There's always a calm before the storm, and there's always a bit of a lull just before Christmas. Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, there's a mad rush to buy gifts, attend parties and videotape the school's Christmas pageant. But u
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  • The Ice Palace & amp;amp; Imax

    One of my favorite animated sequences of all time is the ice skating scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas. As cutout paper snowflakes tumble earthward, the whole Peanuts gang glides over the ice of a small pond. Pigpen's dust cloud miracul
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  • Buzz Bin

    Be Heard -- From Biblical times to the present, war has always inspired writers, whether they're beating swords into plowshares or praising heroism in battle. The most thought-provoking work somehow manages to do a little of both, reflec
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  • Opening Films

    Being Julia -- Why is it when excellent actresses of a certain age don't work very often, directors just want to swoop them up in epics of plus-size personality instead of playing to their quiet strengths? Istvan Szabo clutches Annette B
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  • An Off-Beat Holiday

    Off-Beat -- it's a nice hyphenated name for today's couple. They're hip to the cool hangouts in town, but they're not afraid to be uncool if that's what it takes to have fun. They know how to have a good time without slavishly following e
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    New Spokane Span -- We were going to mention this a few weeks ago but were distracted by something else. What was it? We can't remember, but we think it had something to do with Ohio. Weird. At any rate, if you hadn't noticed yet, the ne
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  • Told And Retold

    Too much telling, not enough showing. ARt's Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol (through Dec. 12 at SFCC's Spartan Theater) delivers the same encouraging message as the Dickens original. It even finds a creative way to retell the familiar stor
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  • Retro Wraps

    With so many burrito places springing up in just about every imaginable warren across town, one might understandably surmise that Spokane has gone burrito-crazy. And well, what would be wrong with that? Burritos rule. They're delicious, p
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  • Special Events

    HOLIDAY IN JAZZ A special holiday treat is in store as the Spokane Jazz Orchestra performs Duke Ellington's arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and also showcases the voice of Seattle's Charlotte Carruthers on Dec. 4 at
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  • Breed All About It

    Having a baby is, biologically speaking, the most natural thing in the world. Perpetuating the species is what species do, no matter how hard we tried not to in college. So why, when I sit down to read the premiere issue of the new bimonthl
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  • Now Playing

    After the Sunset -- Possibly the ideal film to more or less ignore while lounging poolside and sipping Jamaican rum, After the Sunset is 100-proof pap that's as inoffensively asinine as it is eager to explore the wonders of deep diving i
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  • An Artsy Holiday

    First Friday is always a big day for local galleries, but in December the holiday season adds a glow of excitement -- along with great opportunities to pick out one-of-a-kind gifts. It's also a time to hang out with art-loving friends, an
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  • Letters to the Editor

    The Guilt Trip In the 1970s and 1980s, Americans loved to say that people around the world knew it was the U.S. government, not the U.S. people, that was the enemy of peace and justice around the world and at home. That is no longer tr
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  • That New Car Smell

    The fact is that it's impossible to maintain that new car smell in your car after a certain number of years. Odors take over, spills happen, and there's always something that makes its way down between the seats that can contribute to som
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Bonsai Bistro -- The Bonsai Bistro (housed in a renovated concrete building just across the street from the Coeur d'Alene resort) is a fun restaurant with a cool concept and pan-Asian foods that range from mild and comfortable to fiery a
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  • Getting Around

    Getting around Downtown is made a little easier with help from the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District (BID). An EasyPark dollar-off validation coupon from participating merchants will take $1 off the cost of parking in lots o
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  • Book Review

    When speculating about the future, who better to turn to than someone whose entire career is based on futurist imaginings? Science fiction and cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling has been writing about the fictional near future with eerie accura
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  • DVD Review

    This is a stupid movie. That said, stupid can be very funny - like watching a dog chase its tail or an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. And in the case of Elf, stupid is at first hilarious, awkward and silly, eventually dwindling
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  • A Traditional Holiday

    They are a family that values traditions and classic celebrations, especially around the holidays. On Sunday, Dec. 5, let's peek in as the whole family -- Mom and Dad, their six-year-old daughter and Grandma -- heads downtown to take in th
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  • Action Plan

    No matter how many exciting theories you have about boosting the economy and creating a thriving, diverse cultural landscape, nothing will change without action. So far, Spokane seems to have plenty of ideas but perhaps not enough action.
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  • Sound Advice

    Band of Brothers -- Identical twins Jason and Justin Munning -- who currently form the nexus of S.F. Bay Area band Ten Mile Tide -- grew up in Spokane and went to L.C. (class of '95, for all you interested Tigers). The band played here in A
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  • In Brief

    Good Karma -- BOISE, Idaho -- It couldn't have come at a better time. Just as the holiday season sets in and the first snowfalls warn us of the long winter ahead, Idaho's Attorney General Lawrence Wasden parades in like Santa
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  • CD Reviews

    Hot Water Music The New What Next THREE STARS We've all heard of a little thing called punk - yeah, yeah, yeah, you know all about it. But punk squeezed from the pores of Gainesville, Fla.? Well, that's something co
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  • Democrats Go West

    Can a teetotaling Mormon from a busted mining town in Nevada lead Democrats to the Promised Land of national power? This much is certain: Democrats rallied behind Harry Reid in the hope that he can take them through purgatory -- or is it

Music & Film

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  • Cool Yule

    Charlotte Carruthers wants to sing more than just "Jingle Bells." She's in search of new jazz material. That's why, in the second half of the Spokane Jazz Orchestra's "Holiday in Jazz" concert on Saturday night at the Me
  • Film
  • Love Bites

    Love: the foremost four-letter word. Or at least it is in Mike Nichols' glossy yet stormy adaptation of Patrick Marber's 1997 world-weary hit play, Closer, which collates the most intense moments in the romantic lives of a quartet of modern-d

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