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  • Dec 23-29, 2004
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  • Opening Films

    The Aviator -- Scorsese, DiCaprio, Hughes -- as in Howard -- are director, star and subject of this splendid mainstream look at three busy decades in the life of the industrialist, filmmaker and airplane nut. John Logan's script focuses on
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Got Art? I am writing in response to "The Boise Story: Idaho's Arts Capital," (12/16/04). I enjoyed the story but thought it left the impression that Spokane does not have a Percent for Art Program or public art. The City of Spokane ha
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  • The Year that Was 2004

    This was the year hope died and William Hung sang at the funeral. We choked on the sickly sweet bile of fear. Fear pushed us in the mud and stole our whiskey money. FDR must have been crazy, because we've got buttloads besides fear itself
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  • Book Review

    By Stephen Kallos by Ann M. Colford There's an old saying that hearts are made to be broken because that's how the light comes in. Seattle writer Stephanie Kallos draws upon this wisdom in her debut novel, a story of growth and redemption f
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  • Now Playing

    Blade: Trinity -- Wesley Snipes still hunts vampires, but now he's joined by two compadres: smart-aleck Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and markswoman Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel). Their mission is to help create a virus that will wipe
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  • Bird Stamp

    She holds the glassy rock from Deep Creek Canyon -- chipped from 16 million-year-old Columbia River Plateau basalt -- while watching the sea west toward Tulum, sifting hues of blues and greens into the coral reef where tangs and pa
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  • Hot for 2005

    As the 2004 calendar year comes to a close, it's easy to see the leaps and bounds made in the auto industry. There are more new vehicles to choose from than ever, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of a slowdown -- and all this in spite
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  • About the Fiction

    Usually people wait until after the holidays to start voicing their frustration with Inland Northwest winters, but sooner or later the familiar lament begins: "I can't stand another [foggy/rainy/snowy/cold/dreary] day. Next year, I'm fly
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  • Lost Boy

    It's been almost 20 years since the release of Dreamchild, a film that explored the relationship between Lewis Carroll and young Alice Liddell, who became his model for Alice in Wonderland. Now cameras turn to what might have been behind J.
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  • Gallery Blues

    Jesse Peck looks a lot different today than she did last November, when I stood in front of the glass display case at Studio 901. That day a year ago, Peck rattled through her ideas behind opening the bite-sized art gallery and leftist new
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  • Wi-Fi World

    OK, so all that glorious CNN coverage of Spokane's Wi-Fi paradise turned out to be little more than a three-minute aside, wedged in between Wolf Blitzer and a commercial for anti-perspirant. But still, the city should allow itself a small pa
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  • DVD Review

    I don't know if you could call it a trend, but there seem to be a lot of movies lately that deal with dissolvin', cheatin', secretive and cruel couples. A few years ago it was In the Bedroom and Your Friends and Neighbors; more recently we'
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  • Buzz Bin

    But Is It Art? -- You've no doubt heard about "chick lit" (those foofy pastel books with curly titles and shopping bags on the covers) and for the boys, "dick lit" (featuring lovable cad protagonists with obsessive hobbies). Now, thanks
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  • Brave New Wireless World

    In November 2003, New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger penned a diatribe in Metropolis magazine against the isolation and dissolution of place wrought by the pervasive use of cellphones on city streets. "The mobile phone renders a
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  • The Facts of Life

    The River Park Square "deal" emerges from the city's forced purchase of the garage at a price we know now to be maybe four times its true value. The Cowles agree only to guarantee a loan that they had already promised to pay off, and then
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  • Sound Advice

    Ear Candy -- We've got a year's worth of great music piled up on our desks, towering over our heads and oozing out of our ears. And, like clockwork, we'll reveal our favorites of 2004 in next week's annual Top Ten issue (
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  • CD Reviews

    David Berger & amp; the Sultans of Swing Marlowe FOUR STARS If Duke Ellington had still been alive on 9/11, this is how he would have responded. Even before Marlowe presents its impression of Raymond Chandler's detective, D
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  • In Brief

    Opening the Floodgates -- KENNEWICK, Wash. -- As one of the final performances in his waning administration, sitting-duck governor Gary Locke unveiled Friday a bold plan that secures water for Columbia River communities, farmers and fish for

Music & Film

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  • 100 Decibel Christmas

    When it comes to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, one gets the feeling that to the group's founder, Paul O'Neill, nothing is worth doing if it can't be done on a grand scale. When it came time to release the third TSO hol
  • Film
  • The Enigma

    It would be big-enough news to note that Martin Scorsese has made an accessible movie, one that can be fully enjoyed by more than just Scorsese buffs. Over the past decade, people didn't exactly go running to see Kundun or Bringing Out the De

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