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  • Feb 3-9, 2005
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  • Schindler of Kigali

    One of the most amazing things about Hotel Rwanda, a film with no shortage of revelations, is that it's actually playing in theaters, as opposed to the pay cable channels that too often play host to real-life historical dramas like this. Th
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Support Is Blind I can't help being astonished by the kind of people who are Bush supporters. Did you pick Mr. Ortize ("On the Street," 1/13/05), because he was so stereotypical of Bush supporters or were you just unimaginably lucky?
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  • Nightlife- Pure Swank

    The Peacock Lounge 10 S. Post St. * 455-8888 As ornate as the Davenport's lobby is, you ain't seen nothin' till you've turned the corner and entered the impressive Peacock Lounge. Right away you notice the blue peacock wallpaper, the tw
  • Local News
  • Visual Arts Tour

    All venues are open Friday, Feb. 4, 5-9 pm and Saturday, Feb. 5, 10 am-6 pm unless otherwise noted. Sponsored by the Spokane Art School, with additional support from the Spokane Arts Commission and the Downtown Spokane Partnership KOLVA
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Northern Lights -- The Northern Lights brewpub's d & eacute;cor is spacious, inviting and enhanced by low lighting, rich greens and burgundies and recycled bowling alley butcher-block tables. The menu offers traditional pub grub with a sophistica
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  • Top Priority

    The good news is that for the first time, restoration of the Fox Theater appears in the governor's budget. The bad news is that the amount -- some three-quarters of $1 million -- is not nearly enough. We need to readjust our priorities and
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Vibe-acious Venues

    The Catacombs 110 S. Monroe St. * 838-4610 There's a night for everything. There are nights when you have to dance, nights when blowing out your eardrums at a live show sounds fantastic, and nights when you just want a drink without all o
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    The Boogeyman Guess who's coming out of the closet? We don't know his name, but all the little kids like to sing "When you see him count to five, hope that you will stay alive." Barry Watson plays a troubled young man who returns to his
  • Local News
  • Nightlife Section

    Welcome! You're about to dive into our first annual Nightlife issue. As you can see, there's a lot more of it around here than you might have thought. We've tried to think of everything, but we're sure to have missed a few worthy venues
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  • Nightlife- Lounges with #23C3B3

    Chan's Dragon Inn 1406 W. Third Ave. * 747-1121 This is a curious place. There's a restaurant up front serving all manner of Chinese-American dishes and a well-stocked smoke shop just to the left of the front doors, catering to the specia
  • Local News
  • Painless Paintless

    Unavoidable rock damage ... the neighbor kid's handlebar ... an errant bocce ball. Lots of things cause trips to the body shop. There is, however, an alternative to costly repairs. The practice of paintless dent repair is becoming more mainst
  • Local News
  • Bock, Bock From Brazil

    This is Chef Boy Ari, reporting from Brazil. Specifically, I'm reporting from a hammock, surrounded by the sounds of singing voices, and the sound of rain falling on the tin roof of a house in the middle of the jungle in the coastal hills
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  • Strong Suits

    On Feb. 15, a group of five Spokane arts advocates will fly to Olympia to participate in the 2005 Washington State Arts Day. Coordinated by the Washington State Arts Alliance, Arts Day is a gathering of arts advocates who meet with legisl
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Tasty Grub

    The Porch 1658 E. Miles Ave., Hayden * (208) 772-7711 I began to suspect that I'd taken a wrong turn on my way to the Porch in Hayden. Rolling down heavily residential East Miles Avenue, just off of Highway 95, I wondered aloud, "There's a
  • Local News
  • Now Playing

    Alone in the Dark Getting over that a place is actually called "Shadow Island" is just one of the many suspensions of disbelief you might need in order to enjoy this thriller. Christian Slater plays an X-Files-ish detective who goes to t
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Live Music Venues

    Fat Tuesday's 109 W. Pacific Ave. * 489-3969 Gatsby's. Chili-D's. Johnny Rocket's. Boomerang's. Club Say What. This place goes through names (and owners) faster than a Ford Excursion goes through premium unleaded. Well, hopefully, that t
  • Local News
  • No Exit

    She's a radical feminist and socialist; he's the one who writes plays with people stuck inside trashcans. They're both difficult and obscure. Oh goodness, "An Evening of Avant-Garde Theater" with Caryl Churchill and Samuel Beckett: non-e
  • Local News
  • Spiffy Movies

    There's much more to a film festival than the screening of a number of films. That's part of it, of course. But it's the added value features -- aimed at those for whom film is much more than merely a great way to blow off a couple of hour
  • Local News
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    40,000 Number of hours of conservative broadcasts on the radio every week nationally, according to a June study by Democracy Radio 3,000 Number of hours of liberal programming, as gauged by that same study 3 Number of conservative pun
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Sports Bars

    Players & amp; Spectators 12828 E. Sprague * 924-5141 "Dude, didn't they used to have, like, a basketball court in here?" "Yeah, like right over there." So sayeth two nightlifers upon entering Players and Spectators recently, apparent
  • Local News
  • Where Rickshaws Once Roamed

    Lately, it's been hard to find the pulse on the organism we call the "Spokane Nightlife." We are fairly certain that a pulse exists, because we've felt it before, but most of us would like to see a little more proof before our nightlife lands
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Karaoke Bars

    The Star 1329 N. Hamilton St. * 487-1530 First things first: I can't sing. At all. So karaoke bars are about the last place I'd go on a Friday night. But a recent expedition to the Star showed me I've been missing out on a goldmine of ente
  • Local News
  • Nightlife- Wine Bars

    The Wine Cellar 313 Sherman Ave., CdA * (208) 664-9463 The Wine Cellar is one of the region's most beloved wining and dining venues. For the past 12 and a half years, owner Jim Duncan has brought eager customers an expansive 250-item wine


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  • Sound Advice

    Fighting the Rumor Mill -- It's rare that a band has to tell the crowd to take two steps back in order for the drummer to be able to hit his cymbals, but that was what happened last Saturday night at the Death Kills Time, Belt of Vapor, In
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  • Here's What's Next

    After Chevelle wrapped up work on its second album, the 2002 release Wonder What's Next, the band's singer, Pete Loeffler was left thinking the album wasn't everything it could have been. This, of course, is a feeling tha
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  • CD Reviews

    Jose Serebrier & amp; Royal Scottish Natl. Orchestra Glazunov: Symphony No. 5 / The Seasons FIVE STARS Imagine being asked to write dance music for St. Petersburg's Imperial Ballet when all the previous guy had done was Sleep

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