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  • Feb 10-16, 2005
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    How Rumors Start -- If you want to get the word out about something, have the Associated Press write a story about it. That way, editors at newspapers across the country can pick it up when they're filling out the back pages of their edi
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    Alone in the Dark -- Getting over that a place is actually called "Shadow Island" is just one of the many suspensions of disbelief you might need in order to enjoy this thriller. Christian Slater plays an X-Files-ish detective who goes t
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    Stronger Together The two "Think Big" items -- "Merge Two Cities" and "One Big Happy Chamber" (1/20/05) -- both have the right idea, but don't carry it far enough. At a certain point in the development of a largely urban county or metrop
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  • Star of the Open Road

    For as long as there have been cars, there have been lockouts, flat tires and fender benders. Yet as technology has advanced, so has the opportunity to nullify the crippling effects of these pesky problems. In the 21st century, such conve
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    Twigs Bistro -- Twigs offers food and atmosphere that manages to transcend commonly held food court dining conceptions. The lunch menu of the day offers an array of intriguing and competitively priced choices, including sandwiches and wr
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  • Book Review

    by Marilynne Robinson by Michael Bowen John Ames comes from a long line of men who never quite connect with their sons. His father, a pacifist, parted ways with his radical abolitionist grandfather. His best friend and fellow preacher in the small
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  • DVD Review

    This is one of the movies where the story behind the story is more dramatic than the film itself. As detailed in one of the DVD's special features, Sky Captain was born on a Macintosh computer in a cramped apartment in Southern Cali
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  • Digging Deeper

    It's a bitterly cold February morning in Spokane, and the city's socked in with fog. I'm shifting my weight from one foot to the other just to keep warm. Meanwhile, Keith Hein, a bespectacled scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey, is scr
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  • Calzone Coliseum

    On a recent trip to the northwest corner of Spokane, The Inlander food review team made a long overdue stop at one of the River Ridge neighborhood's most enduring dining institutions. Stadium Pizza Parlor is tucked into the Yoke's Market
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  • Witnessing History

    Murder, kidnappings, bombings and political cat-fighting have resumed in Iraq, but still the images linger from last month's election. Men and women, sometimes dressed in their best clothes, sometimes bringing children along to witness the
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  • The Prince of Porn

    Sure, it's a small world - but saying that the world seemed small when Ron Jeremy said he remembered my father doesn't even begin to explain how I felt. Suddenly I had a strange link to a porn star, and the world seemed extremely weird. Y
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  • Midwestern Girl

    First you notice the Midwestern accent, the level eye contact, the quick laugh. Yvonne A.K. Johnson may have studied and directed in the United Kingdom -- she may even have two middle initials -- but she's not going to be some snooty kind o
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  • Opening Films

    Hitch -- Breezy romantic comedy gets a big boost here with winning portrayals by Will Smith as the title character, a "date coach" for unsure men trying to win the women of their dreams, and by Kevin James (The King of Queens) as one of
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    1 Billion Estimated number of Valentine's Day cards that are sent out each year. Feb. 14 is the second-largest seasonal card-sending holiday, after Christmas. 110 Million The number of roses that will be sold and given on Valentine's
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  • Team Player

    Jeff Varem is a dedicated student, a fine basketball player and a sensational magician. After all, it's not easy making yourself disappear when you stand 6-foot-6, weigh 240 pounds and have an upper body that would leave Adonis quivering


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    Le Tigre This Island FOUR STARS This Island marks Le Tigre's first involvement with a major label. For this fiercely political and independent band, the jump to the majors was quite a surprise and a cause for concern am
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  • In Brief

    Many Kinds of Valentines -- SPOKANE -- Valentine's Day is good example of how holidays change with the times. What began as a pagan rite eventually morphed into a Christian-sanctioned holiday (after St. Valentine); and, as is
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  • Mission Accomplished 2?

    Quick, before the conventional wisdom hardens, it needs to be said: The Iraqi elections were not the second coming of the Constitutional Convention. The media have made it sound like last Sunday was a combination of 1776, the fall of
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  • Abstaining from Facts

    Can an abortion lead to suicide? Does it put you at a greater risk for breast cancer? If you have sex when you're 14, are you more likely to develop cervical cancer than if you wait until you're older? Medical professionals may be astonish
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  • Sound Advice

    4,000 Holes Goes Norther -- Spokane's oldest independent full-service record/CD store has moved just a block north from its former location (on the corner of Maxwell and Monroe) to much better and more spacious digs at 1610 N. Monroe St.
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  • Inland NW Crossroads- Re#24CB38

    Fog seeps in through the draws and coulees around Reardan, Wash., on many winter days, a low gray coverlet that brushes the tops of the Reardan Grain Growers' elevators and makes the town look like an Impressionist painting. The fog does


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  • Songs from the Range

    Sourdough Slim. Sounds like a tasty sandwich, doesn't it? Mmm....a long, cold cut and cheese-stuffed hero on a narrow, crispy sourdough baguette. Well, it's not. The fact is, Sourdough Slim (aka Rick Crowder) is a one-man variety act with a


  • Movie Reviews
  • Mister Romance

    Romantic comedies are usually vehicles for fluffy stories, likeable characters and happy endings. It's not very often in one of these films that good acting upstages all else. But that's the case here. And just about all of that fluffy, likea

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