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  • Mar 24-30, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 23

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    The Aviator -- Scorsese, DiCaprio, Hughes -- as in Howard -- are director, star and subject of this splendid look at three busy decades in the life of the industrialist, filmmaker and airplane nut. The script gives plenty of leeway for DiC
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    If Fahrenheit 9/11 is the only film that inexperienced film watchers can think of when they hear the word "documentary" - assure them that the genre hardly rises and sets on Michael Moore. Because a documentary, when done right, is better
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  • American Dreamers

    Forever Plaid (through April 24 at CenterStage) offers the disappointments of plotlessness and off-key comedy and the pleasures of '50s-style four-part harmony and comforting nostalgia. Written by Stuart Ross in 1990, this musical is just
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  • Take Two

    I sawThe Ring in the theater on two successive days. Sleep-deprived and delirious, I illogically figured that if it had scared me so much the first day, maybe re-confronting Samara, her videotape and the awful, contorted faces of her prey
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  • Buzz Bin

    Lights, Camera, Action! -- The offices of The Inlander were transformed last Sunday evening into a movie set by local film company North by Northwest for their latest project, End Game, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Angie Harmon. The pr
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    Which Lives Count? -- With all the talk of sanctity of life surrounding the Terry Schiavo case, maybe it's finally time to have that really big discussion we never quite seem to have. You know, is it sanctity of life across the board (as
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  • Opening Films

    Guess Who -- Big Bernie Mac is the future father-in-law, Ashton Kutcher is the future son-in-law who find many different ways to butt heads in this racially charged, yet fresh and funny updating of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. When Ther
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  • Book Review

    by Anne Lamott by Ann M. Colford In 1999, Anne Lamott released Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, and her readership and fame skyrocketed. A memoir that takes readers through the author's struggle with alcoholism
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    Stay Positive I notice there is a tendency in the media to emphasize the negative far more than the positive. The intrigues, crime, the controversies and endless bickering usually occupy a lot of space and are discussed over and over i
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    Mogwai Government Commissions FOUR STARS John Peel, an innovator, father and king to the music industry, died in late 2004, having been one of England's most influential disc jockeys. He helped launch acts like David Bo
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  • In Brief

    Choose Your Words Carefully -- SPOKANE -- In case you ever wondered what happened if you didn't support the troops, just ask Lily Morris, a student reporter for The Communicator, the Spokane Falls Community College newspaper.
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  • Case of Confusion

    The decision on whether to allow Terri Schiavo to die has sparked endless controversy over what is legal and ethical when patients are unable to make their own wishes. One observer who brings both legal and moral authority to the debate
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  • Sound Advice

    Juicy Tidbits -- No matter what kind of music you dig, you have to respect musicians so single-mindedly devoted to a concept that they surrender their lives to it. For the constantly touring guitar'n'drums duo, Jucifer, t

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  • A Second Helping

    Let this review be a lesson to anyone who chooses to judge a movie before seeing it. After seeing the trailer, I had no desire even to watch this one, never mind write about it. I mean, how dare Hollywood take a classic (though slightly flawe

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