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  • May 5-11, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 29

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  • Opening Films

    Crash -- This film strongly suggests that everyone in post 9/11 Los Angeles is angry, and that most of the population is pretty darn racist. Matt Dillon is a bad cop who doesn't realize it; Sandra Bullock is a horrible, wealthy shrew of
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  • Book Review

    Smithy Ide is a friendless 43-year-old fat slob of an alcoholic in a dead-end job whose parents both just died in a car accident and whose beloved sister -- a homeless schizophrenic -- has just turned up 3,
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Latah Bistro -- Just south of town along Hwy 95 is where you'll find the Latah Bistro, a new neighborhood restaurant located in a strip mall across from a Tidyman's. The interior is surprisingly comfortable and chic. And the appetizers,
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  • Now Playing

    A Lot Like Love -- On the whole it's a bit too precious, and there are characters that just aren't needed (wasn't a deaf, signing brother in Four Weddings and a Funeral enough?), but both Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher give winning perfo
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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Boy meets girl amid urban squalor. They hang out with a bunch of proto-Goth starving-artist friends. Girl gets sick. They break up. Girl dies. Boy cries. The end. Sound familiar? If you think you've heard this story before, you're right
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  • Barrels 'o Fun

    The film Sideways has opened up the heretofore-complex world of wine appreciation to the average Joe and Joan. It's also made wine geekdom hip. You may not wax rhapsodic about pinot noir like Miles, who called it "haunting, brilliant and
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  • DVD Review

    My fascination with windsocks began the first time I saw Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, Ran. Whole armies of guys with what appeared to be windsocks on their backs wheeled about, formed battle lines and ran into smoke and chaos. It was insa
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Recipe for Disaster -- Easy recipe for permanently losing credibility/perpetuating mediocrity: 1. Advertise extensively that significant sales tax increase is needed to preserve existing services. Show exactly how many cuts will resu
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  • Take Two

    XXX is dead; long live XXX. Xander Cage, the former super-agent/bad-ass of 2002's Rob Cohen-directed XXX, has been killed in the line of kickassery, and so NSA spookster Augustus Gibbons (a scarified Samuel L. Jackson) recruits one of his o
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  • Buzz Bin

    Oh, the Humanity -- Kudos to all you Bloomies. A few of us in the Bin decided to forego the exercise and cheer you on from the sidelines. We're quite proud at even being up before the race started. Coffee in hand, we had a front-row seat
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  • Failing the Libby Test

    Goofy logic" from "Ray Rong," one critic charged. "The most ridiculous piece of journalism I have read," said another. "Trash" and "rubbish," said others. Those blasts came from angry environmentalists. They're criticizing a piece of news ana
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  • Don't Nail The Hammer

    Moments before brandishing a rifle over his head, embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told a crowd of gun lovers at the National Rifle Association's annual convention last month, "When a man is in trouble or in a good fight, yo
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  • Sound Advice

    Egg on Our Face -- It wasn't until after last week's Todd Snider show at the Big Easy that we discovered the mandolin/fiddle player for the opening act, the South Austin Jug Band, was a local boy. Had we known about 21-year-old string ph
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  • CD Reviews

    Jason Moran Same Mother **** -- In Same Mother's opener, "Gangsterism on the Rise," Jason Moran pounds out an ominous drone on his piano's right-hand keys. In the album's closer, "Gangsterism on the Set," urban tribalism

Music & Film

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  • Collision Course

    Usually when the term "gritty urban drama" is brought up, you would think of something featuring Ice Cube or Mario Van Peebles. In fact, Crash (no relation to the 1996 David Cronenberg film), does have a couple of performances that would easi

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