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  • May 19-25, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 31

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  • C-3PO Speaks

    The shiny golden android we all know as C-3PO in the Star Wars films has clunky feet and a high-pitched voice. For a robot, he's a complete Nervous Nellie. "We'll be destroyed for sure! This is madness!," he cries in the first film. "I feel
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  • Entrapped?

    When Spokane mayor Jim West announced his leave of absence to the City Council last week, he cited the "news media hysteria" created by the Spokesman-Review's investigations and said he needed a chance to "gather my thoughts and prepare my d
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  • Opening Films

    STAR WARS: EPISODE III Revenge of the Sith -- George Lucas hits his stride with the final chapter. He neatly ties the six films together, ending it on the planet Tatooine, where Episode IV begins. This one may have a few plot problems a
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  • Buzz Bin

    "Runaway Bride Strays Into White House Air Space" -- This headline and others like it ("Study: Some Star Wars Fans Have Sex," "Shark Attack Postponed Until Slower News Week" and our favorite, "Surprising Number of Americans Despise Raymo
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  • Letters to the Editor

    West Must Go The case of Mayor Jim West is yet another example of the shameless hypocrisy and abuse of public trust that has typified the Republican Party since the Nixon/neocon revolution. It is yet another story of yet another cynica
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  • Now Playing

    The Amityville Horror -- In the latest Amityville Horror, you get to see it all. Where chairs rocked and doors slammed unprovoked in the 1979 version, this Amityville reveals all -- blood, guts, bullets, axes, drowning, murder, possession
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  • Book Review

    Set in a time where the American Southwest was a ravenous, Godforsaken wasteland, The Diezmo (Houghton Mifflin) illuminates a timeless struggle between man and the forces that struggle tirelessly for the soul. This
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Maggie's Grill -- Maggie's seat-yourself, order-at-the-counter style of dining adds a new twist to South Hill neighborhood dining. The menu includes a little bit of everything: sandwiches, wraps, salads and hot entrees like lasagna, chi
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  • 5 Bands to Watch

    Recently, the music writers at this newspaper sent out a survey to more than 50 area music professionals and scholars posing a single question: "What are the five local acts to
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  • DVD Review

    China makes just about everything we consume these days, and lately they've even been making inroads in one of the few remaining American-dominated industries: entertainment. Director Zhang Yimou has transformed himself from maker
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  • A Great Saab Story

    There are plenty of sport utility vehicles on the road. Finding one to fit your budget as well as your fuel allowance can be challenging for mere mortals. As the boom of high gas prices and even bigger SUVs continues, automakers are downs
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  • Take Two

    Did anybody bother to tell Richard Linklater that his upcoming Bad News Bears remake has been beaten to the cineplex by this third-rate knockoff? Does anyone care? Probably not, since this genuinely strange film hybridizes Michael Ritchie's
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  • Sound Advice

    Music Video Thrills -- The Makers will be in town this Friday night, May 20, at the B-Side to squash a bunch of nasty rumors (like, that Jamie had quit) and to stretch their leathery rock 'n' roll wings after completing work on the band'
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  • CD Reviews

    M.I.A. Arular FOUR STARS I'd never listened to a record, hated it and then been uncontrollably drawn to listening to it. That is, until I heard Arular. I deemed it "crap" but found M.I.A.'s beats, tribal lyrics and comple

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