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  • May 26 - Jun 1, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 32

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    Beyond Science Fiction -- Anybody growing up in the early '80s probably remembers the illicit allure of Heavy Metal. Part sci-fi horror film, part animated rock opera and sung by the likes of Sammy Hagar, Journey, Don Felder, Stevie Nick
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  • Opening Films

    The Longest Yard -- Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock and Nelly? Sounds as bad as Hollywood Squares, doesn't it? Well, it might not be. Sandler plays an ex-pro football player who is a true has-been. And if skinny Sandler as a foot
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  • Book Review

    Remember merit badges? Every Girl Scout worth her salt knew not only what the various emblems - a tent, the trefoil, a red cross - represented but how to get them. You'd go to the official handboo
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  • Now Playing

    Crash -- This film strongly suggests that everyone in post-9/11 Los Angeles is angry, and that most of the population is pretty darn racist. Matt Dillon is a bad cop who doesn't realize it; Sandra Bullock is a horrible, wealthy shrew of
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  • Letters to the Editor

    When the Spokesman Attacks People "in-the-know" seem to have long suspected the conflict between the private and political lives of Spokane's strong mayor, Jim West. How many other "newsworthy" undercover investigations has our Cowles
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  • Recently Reviewed

    HuHot Mongolian Grill -- HuHot takes the Mongolian Grill concept to new heights, putting diners in charge of selecting ingredients. The centerpiece of the dining room is a big circular grill where white-toqued grillmasters await your ord
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  • DVD Review

    What's scary about Dig! is that it's real. Even the most seasoned novelist or screenwriter couldn't dream up the characters featured in Ondi Timoner's documentary. It's a film about the hardworking, devoted bands that fill the hopeless,
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  • Fighting Faction

    James Madison would applaud the Senate "moderates" who arranged this so-called "truce" (those 17 centrist senators from both parties who agree on much and hold the balance of power in the Senate were they to operate as an extra party cauc
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  • Take Two

    French director Louis Leterrier is to Luc Besson as Michele Soavi is to Dario Argento: an apprentice to an acclaimed European auteur of genre filmmaking who's never quite risen to the level of his mentor. In Leterrier's case, however, he's
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  • Sound Advice

    Humpty Back Together -- Yeah, we never thought about the Digital Underground any further than a keg-driven college dance floor, either -- but, as it turns out, they're still around. And like all one-hit-wonders who just won't go away, the
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  • CD Reviews

    LOVE AS LAUGHTER Laughter's Fifth FOUR STARS So this is Love As Laughter's fifth, is it? Well, it's a doozy -- from my corner of the world, one of the strongest, most likeable rock albums released this year. The warm, sham

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