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  • The Car Wash

    Spring is synonymous with so many things. Everything seems to start moving again, the grass starts to turn green, and everyone gets the cleaning bug. After a mild winter and a minimum of the annoying debris and buildup that accompanies th
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  • The Truth Emerges

    SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL -- UK EYES ONLY From: Matthew Rycroft Date: 23 July 2002 S 195 /02 IRAQ: PRIME MINISTER'S MEETING, 23 JULY This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made. It should be shown only to th
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  • Home to Roost

    The Spokesman-Review is publishing a great investigative series and performing a public service, but it finds itself having to explain its own behavior as well. Was it justified in hiring a computer consultant to catch Mayor Jim West in
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  • Road to Wellville

    The Body, Mind & amp; Spirit Expo is back at the Spokane Convention Center for its 15th year. On tap are lectures, workshops, and exhibits on past lives, palmistry, holographic structural realignment, the I Ching, life assessment, Voyager
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Fiesta Charra -- This place offers great service and authentic, tasty Mexican food in an unpretentious, out-of-the-way location (on top of the Sunset Hill next to the Motel 6). The lunch menu is good until 3 pm and features a variety of
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  • Head Games

    Spokane Valley ponders a bike helmet ordinance
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  • The Fools of April

    This Friday is April Fool's Day, but what I'm about to tell you is no jive. DEK -- that fast, frenzied and fun band of high-spirited teen punks from the wilds of North Seattle -- will be back in our fair city to build on th
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  • To Live and Shoot in Spokane

    The president's been assassinated -- and this time, the grassy knoll is in Spokane. Instead of Abraham Zapruder, Spokane's own North by Northwest is on hand to film all the action. And "action" might just be the operative word for End Game
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  • Arterial Blockage

    Life is a game, Spokane is the board and you, my fine friend, are merely a pawn. And if you have kids or a job that requires driving from one end of Spokane to the other, you are a frazzled pawn. Thanks to voter approval last fall of a str
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  • DVD Review

    Easily the oddest entry in director Wes Anderson's distinctive filmography, The Life Aquatic is nevertheless a charming and consistently amusing fable of redemption set aboard the good ship Belafonte, a research vessel under the command o
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  • The Scene in Olympia

    All 38 plaintiffs, representing 19 gay and lesbian couples, packed into the tiny hearing room in Olympia's Temple of Justice Tuesday afternoon for oral arguments in their combined suit against King County. The suit, which was tossed up the j
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  • Take a Taste... or 20

    One of the state's most significant wine events flows into Spokane's Davenport Hotel this Sunday. Taste Washington Spokane features more than 100 Washington wineries and 30 restaurants, offering samples, wine education and nearly unlimi
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  • Minivans Return

    The idea of a sport utility vehicle has convinced many vehicle buyers to go the route of a large, gas-consuming rig that may sometimes be too much vehicle for their basic needs. When you step back and take a look at what sport utility veh
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  • Take Two

    For Burt Reynolds, 1974 was a good year. Coming off the success of Deliverance two years earlier and the more recent popular appeal of White Lightning (which recast him with Ned Beatty), Reynolds had plenty of years before Loni, Dom, and St
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  • The Doctor Is In

    There have been folk singers who have been revered for their sagacity, their insight, their fresh take on the world around them. Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Utah Phillips come immediately to mind. Some of them have even be
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  • Time to Fly

    Early this month, fledgling crows began falling softly out of trees and human beings began to flap and flutter in agitation, uttering cries of distress. Springtime in the baby animal world seems to bring out the worst in people, who scoop
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  • The Borowitz Report

    by Andy Borowitz Actor Tom Cruise stunned the Arab world today by seizing control of the Arabic-language al-Jazeera network to declare his love for former Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes.
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  • Trees for Peace

    When she first heard that she had won the Nobel Peace Prize, she went out and planted a tree. Then, during her Nobel acceptance speech last December, she invited people everywhere to celebrate with her by planting trees wherever they live.
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  • The Big Boy from Brazil

    Gonzaga basketball star J.P. Batista is an uncommonly gentle, soft-spoken young man. He only looks like a hired assassin. "The morals he possesses, the values he possesses, the type of character instilled in him -- he's amazing," Gonzaga
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  • The Mini is Mighty

    I finally had the opportunity to fulfill one of my guilty pleasures, driving the Mini Cooper. Since there are no specific Mini dealerships in Eastern Washington that sell Mini Coopers, I solicited car lover Cory Kerr and his little piece
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  • Ultimate Machine

    Europe has always symbolized a certain sense of fashion and style. In the auto industry, a few standout manufacturers have upheld a high standard of luxury and elegance that embodies European sensibilities. BMW is one of those compani
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  • Buzz Bin

    Swept Away -- The caravan of national media satellite trucks suddenly drove away from Coeur d'Alene on May 25, leaving behind a still-unsolved triple murder and apparent abduction of 8-year-old Shasta Groene and her brother Dylan, 9. The
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  • Opening Films

    Cinderella Man -- Ron Howard has made a good old-fashioned Hollywood movie about Depression-era prizefighter James Braddock, in a terrific portrayal by Russell Crowe. His fighting days were hindered due to bad hands, but he scrapped thro
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  • The Clock is Ticking

    Technology has changed our lives so thoroughly that now it has even put the bite on parking meters. All along the strip in front of River Park Square, curious little green machines have popped up and sent the parking meters of yesteryear
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  • Think Before We Link

    Recently my brother and I were talking politics and the discussion turned to gay marriage. My brother, who proudly calls himself a conservative, believes that if gay marriage were permitted, it would cause an unleashing of constraints.
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Welcome to Cowlesville The Cowles empire intends to force a change at City Hall. They control almost everything else. Spokane might as well be renamed "Cowlesville." Their Spokesman-Review's tabloid expos & eacute; of Mayor Jim West first requi
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  • Tired Tomatoes

    George Bernard Shaw famously noted that America and England are two countries divided by a common language. In You Say Tomatoes (at Interplayers through June 18), playwright Bernard Slade explores this cultural divide as it plays out bet
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  • Save Room?

    Americans rarely stop to wonder why they enjoy cr & egrave;me brulee or hot apple pie. A short tutorial with Chef Robert Lombardi, of the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, reveals those well-established traditions. "Each dessert created should b
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  • Terry Saves Tom

    Just when you thought that the right wing of the Republican regime couldn't stoop any lower on the ladder of cheap propaganda (and there really is no other word for it), they manage to do it -- all without even a hint of shame. Indeed, it'
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  • Pinching Panhandlers

    For some, getting hassled for spare change is as familiar to their work routine as meetings and trips to the office coffeepot. For some, panhandlers are just everyday faces; for others like Betty Findley, they are the thorns in the sides o
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  • The Force Is Strong

    Has there been a more anticipated sequel? Has one ever been approached with more trepidation? The two previous Star Wars films, while making gobs of money, weren't exactly treated with the same kind of adulation given to the first three -- OK,
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  • Turn Up the Juice

    They're green and squishy. I've even seen them in orange. You can pick them up at the grocery store, at gas stations -- really, you should start looking now. Because if you plan to enjoy yourself during Jucifer's
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  • Book Review

    For 14 years, Jordan Fisher Smith worked as a park ranger on the American River in California's Sierra Nevada. That's 14 years of dust and sun, 14 years of taking detailed statements from drunken miners and
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  • Now Playing

    Crash -- This film strongly suggests that everyone in post-9/11 Los Angeles is angry, and that most of the population is pretty darn racist. Matt Dillon is a bad cop who doesn't realize it; Sandra Bullock is a horrible, wealthy shrew of
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  • CD Reviews

    The Books Lost and Safe FOUR STARS A British man recites Lewis Carroll's poem, "Jabberwocky" while a cello moans and strange percussion instruments rattle frenetically. A journalist reports live as Salvador Dali splashes
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  • Reform Done Right

    If necessity is the mother of invention, Spokane needs to discover the political equivalent of the light bulb. Necessity is upon us. Because our form of government is based on the separation-of-powers model, we have a disgraced mayor who
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  • A Century of Service

    The evidence of their service is everywhere -- look at the daffodils planted all along the Centennial Trail, the Children's Fire Safety House making its rounds to area elementary schools all year, newly painted park benches in Riverfron
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  • Sound Advice

    Slipped Their Minds -- When spooky-mask-wearin' metal band Slipknot cancelled its original April 17 concert at the Spokane Arena recently, it was rightfully assumed by fans that the show was merely postponed and would be rescheduled at a

Music & Film

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  • All In Your Head

    In the world of hardcore music, it's easy to mistake bands that claim to be hardcore for bands that are best described as "heavy." The Oakland, Calif., foursome Machine Head makes no claim for their rigid a
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  • Ringside View

    What was the name of that other boxing movie? Million Dollar something? Sorry, no disrespect meant, and that was one of my favorites of last year. But this newest entry in the pugilism genre is the better of the two. In the ever-capable hands

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