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  • Jun 9-15, 2005
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  • A River in Revival

    On a cool, overcast Wednesday afternoon with dark clouds threatening rain, I'm at People's Park to meet Steve Faust of Friends of the Falls for a preview of the "passport tour" planned for RiverFest this Saturday. Visitors will get a
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  • The Hobby Badges

    Ever wanted to shoot a movie using actual film but figured it would require lots of expensive equipment? Well, you're in luck, because used film equipment is dirt-cheap these days due to the fact that most of those living in the video ag
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  • The Urban Fun Badge

    I have a friend who, while hiking, was chased by a bison. He had nearly tripped over the snoozing beast in a dust wallow. It was a scary, pulse-pounding near-death encounter that made him feel acutely alive and more than a little silly.
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  • Changing Hands

    "It was my son's idea," says Vic Wills, new co-owner of the Garden Grill. "He kept bugging me to have my own restaurant. And Janice Maas [the former owner] made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I've been a chef here for two years, and I ju
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  • Rossi's True Colors

    Republican Dino Rossi should have apologized to Washington state. On Monday, June 6, after seven months of irresponsible rhetoric and fruitless litigation by his lawyers and spinmeisters, Rossi finally ended his bid for the governor
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  • Ford Five Hundred

    Certain auto manufacturers exude a sense of presence and style. For the most part, it has been European vehicles that conjure images of comfort, engineering excellence and a bit of panache. U.S. companies, however, are now in the running
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  • The Small Towns Badge

    It's good to get out of Dodge sometimes, and for us city slicker types, that often translates into quality time spent in that vast rural area that is the Inland Northwest. The Spokane-Coeur d'Alene corridor is an anomalous island of urba
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  • DVD Review

    "I'm Rick James, bitch." You know comedy's working if you can hear a line like that close to 43 times and still not be sick of it. Dave Chappelle's second season is one for the ages - it's John Belushi in Animal House, Eddie Murphy's "Miste
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  • A Feast of Playlets

    After 22 years, the Civic's Playwrights' Forum Festival isn't merely a provincial affair anymore. This year's dramatists hail from major cities like Seattle, San Diego, Houston, L.A. and Chicago -- and from one not-so-major city: one of t
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  • The Food & amp;amp; Drink Badge

    I swear, I'm not overweight. But dear God, do I love to eat. That is, I love to eat on my terms. What I mean is, I'm not the kinda gal you'd find mowing down a plate of meat and potatoes, asking for seconds or pointing to my sides saying
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  • The Travel Badges

    Looking for a day trip this summer that's less of an Inland Northwest obligation (Grand Coulee Dam, Steptoe Butte, Palouse Falls, etc.) and more of an adventure along the lines of The Land That Time Forgot? We've got one here. But be for
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  • Take Two

    I remember the urethane revolution. And I vividly remember following the adventures of the Z-Boys in the pages of Skateboarder Magazine in the late '70s. My brother had a subscription, and every month, from our bedrooms in a place called
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  • Buzz Bin

    Makin' Wookiee -- The rumors are true - there's a familiar face in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Only problem, is you can't really see it. Axel Dench, who played for the Gonzaga Bulldogs from 1997 to 2000, is not only one o
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  • The Outdoors Badge

    Ask people why they live here, and they're bound to bring up the outdoors in their first breath. Inland Northwesterners love their mountains and rivers and lakes and rolling hills, and kayaks and bikes are common sights around here, even if
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  • Where Craig Isn't

    I have always been fascinated by people who collect. I am not talking about tax collectors or your Thursday morning garbage man. I am referring to the people who do so as a hobby -- folks who spend the greater span of their lives collecting th
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  • Refueling, No Fooling

    On June 15, the Kootenai County Commissioners will finally get to hear details of an agreement that led to the reopening last month of a railroad's leaking refueling depot located atop the aquifer that provides drinking water to half a mil
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  • The Arts Badge

    I still have my Camp Fire Girls vest. Moth-nibbled, crumpled and looking every bit as old as it is, this one garment says a lot about me. In fact, it sorta says too much. Specifically, the damning evidence of my honor beads. Honor beads wer
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  • The Theater Badge

    Oh, it's so beautiful outside. Everybody's going to some never-quite-specified "lake." People don't want to sit inside theaters in the summer. That's what we're told, anyway. Then why are there more shows around here between now and Labor
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  • Opening Films

    Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D -- Don't be deterred by the kiddie-friendly name. In fact, this new flick is directed by Robert Rodriguez, the man with the plan behind Sin City, the El Mariachi trilogy, From Dusk 'til Dawn a
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  • Book Review

    by W.K. Stratton by John Dicker American sports culture is as diverse as it is divergent. NBA hopefuls, competitive cheerleaders, freestyle BMXicans can prosper and fail in states of mutual obliviousness. Even still, it's odd that a seem
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  • The Music Badge

    You'll have plenty of opportunities during the next several months to earn your merit badge in Music, as summer in the Inland Northwest is nothing if not swarming with live concert events and outdoor music festivals. Any will do -- includi
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  • Tube Tops

    There are 500 channels and nothing's on, you say? Here are 35 more ways that the tube will turn you into a boob this summer. Enjoy! Hit Me Baby One More Time (NBC, Thursdays) Reality/Music: Has-been rock stars compete in a TV battle of the
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Fiesta Charra -- This place offers great service and authentic, tasty Mexican food in an unpretentious, out-of-the-way location (on top of the Sunset Hill next to the Motel 6). The lunch menu is good until 3 pm and features a variety of
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  • Bout With Drought

    A couple of weeks ago, we were hard at work on a cover story about drought in Washington. Then two things happened: the West scandal erupted, and it started to rain. While one story distracted us, the other made its issue a moot point. But
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  • The Borowitz Report

    by Andy Borowitz Addressing concerns about the treatment of detainees at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff today announced today t
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  • Happy Camper Club

    Scattered throughout our small editorial staff are one former Camp Fire Girl, two ex Girl-Scouts and at least one Boy Scout. Of course, you'd never know it from looking at us now -- we're all a bunch of drinkin', swearin' unrepentantly cy
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  • The Sports Badge

    Summer is the perfect time to exert yourself -- or, perhaps better yet, to watch others as they exert themselves. The weather is perfect, the sun stays out late and you can find cold beverages for sale just about everywhere. There
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  • Now Playing

    Cinderella Man -- Ron Howard has made a good old-fashioned Hollywood movie about Depression-era prizefighter James Braddock, in a terrific portrayal by Russell Crowe. His fighting days were hindered due to bad hands, but he scrapped thro
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  • Bankrupting Big Bird

    An action by the House of Representatives last week restored $100 million in funding to public broadcasting, a sum that was strategically left out of the previously proposed budget. This seemingly gave PBS and NPR a brief break in their
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  • Bearing Responsibility

    Life on the streets can be tough for a bear. Especially if it's bolted down to nearly a ton of concrete. Two of the fiberglass public art bears in downtown Spokane have already been vandalized, and a third has been damaged. Organizers of
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  • & amp;quot;E-ZPass & amp;quot; Russert

    Sunday's Meet the Press, featuring Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, was another classic example of why host Tim Russert is fast becoming journalism's answer to the E-ZPass, that electronic tag that allows drivers t
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  • Sound Advice

    Swap and Spin -- This Saturday, June 11, be sure to check out the fifth annual Music Swap at the Shop (924 S. Perry St.), spearheaded once again by the Lord of Long-players, the Viceroy of Vinyl, DJ Breezy Brown -- aka Tony Brown of Unifi
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  • CD Reviews

    Nine Inch Nails With Teeth FIVE STARS Trent Reznor has been angry for a long time - hell, I doubt I was even wearing a bra the first time I heard him and his splitting shrieks of hate, passion and self-loathing. The Downwa

Music & Film

  • Music
  • Kissing Like You Mean It

    The Kissers are a five-piece group from Madison, Wis., who combine traditional Celtic sounds, punk spirit and an old-fashioned country vibe with rock and roll rhythms. They are famous in the Midwest for thei
  • Film
  • Marital Dis

    Beyond its relentless gunfights and car chases -- so many bullets are fired, it feels like a full-blown war -- the only thing Mr. & amp; Mrs. Smith offers its audience is the attractive onscreen union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. John and Jane

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