Issue of

Oct 21-27, 2010

Vol. 18, No. 1


  • Roll On

    Oil company mega-cargo piles up in Lewiston while the courts decide on permits.

    By Kevin Taylor

  • No Way to Win

    Prosecutor Steve Tucker sidesteps controversy as he faces off against Democratic challenger Frank Malone.

    By Jacob H. Fries

  • The Elephant in the Room

    Can a Mormon Harvard professor out-cowboy Butch Otter?

    By Kevin Taylor

  • Unforgiven

    After paying their debt to society, millions are still branded by their felony records.

    By Leah Sottile

  • Weak Tea

    Despite a nation in the thrall of the Tea Party, the Inland Northwest won’t turn out many votes for the right-wing movement.

    By Nicholas Deshais

  • Gainful Employment

    Especially in the 3rd District, the race comes down to jobs.

    By Dan Herman

  • Election Notebook

    The money, the write-ins and the judges.

    By Kevin Taylor and Tiffany Harms

  • Broken Record

    A prisoner who strangled his cellmate in 2004 strikes again.

    By Leah Sottile

  • Inside the Gates

    Vicki Horton takes on her boss for the job of Spokane County assessor.

    By Daniel Walters

  • The Quiet Campaign

    For one of the most powerful seats in Eastern Washington, the race for U.S. House has very little volume.

    By Daniel Walters

  • A Fleeting Memorial

    An Idaho veteran's run has created a monument that's materially ephemeral, rooted more in spirit.

    By Kevin Taylor

  • Pot, Tents and a Moose

    A proposed tent city for the homeless; plus, a TV reporter chases a moose.

    By Nicholas Deshais, Kevin Taylor and Daniel Walters




  • Grande-Sized

    Mexican food in the Thor-Freya neighborhood. Plus, the game is at the Game.

    By Blair Tellers and Tiffany Harms

  • Turn, Turn, Turn

    At Cliffside Farms, there is a season to every purpose, under heaven — even bear-proofing an orchard.

    By Anna Vodicka



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