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Feb 16-22, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 18



  • The Honeymooner

    How can David Condon avoid the fate of so many Spokane mayors? Simple: Take the people's side.

    By Ted S. McGregor Jr.

  • Political Animalism

    How politics of the past make modern mud-slinging look downright demure.

    By Daniel Walters

  • Trail Mix

    Why voters are tuning out the Republican primary. Plus, get yer political merch.

    By Ted S. McGregor Jr.





  • Keeping Pace

    This Borrowers adaptation doesn’t have the flash of Pixar, but it has the texture of Ghibli.

    By Scott Renshaw

  • The River

    River creator Oren Peli compares his horror formula to getting a cavity filled.

    By Blair Tellers

  • Sing Out

    Watching the joyous, dark Harold and Maude with the legendary Leonard Oakland

    By Luke Baumgarten

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