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Nov 3-9, 2016

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  • Well Wishers

    A Washington Supreme Court decision makes sure proposed developments plan for water availability. Is it worth the potential economic impact?

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Hiring Bias?

    Lawsuit alleges employment discrimination in county PD's office; plus, the Valley addresses panhandling and the right to petition

    By Mitch Ryals and Wilson Criscione

  • Crosswalk Guard

    For more than a year, Spokane has pursued a plan to open homeless shelters 24/7 — while scrambling to save the services that shelters already have

    By Daniel Walters

  • Big, Dumb Truck Problem

    The Inlander asks Spokane's street guru if there's anything the city can do to stop trucks from running into bridges

    By Daniel Walters

  • Killa in Manila

    The Philippines cracks down on cannabis and those who use it

    By Connor Dinnison





  • Country Rising

    A reluctant country music listener and a seasoned old-school country devotee discuss the ascendance of alt-country

    By Dan Nailen and Laura Johnson


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