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Jun 5 - Jul 30, 2017

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Health & Home

  • Creature Comforts

    Mysterious and powerful, the bond between animals and humans provides elements of healing and understanding

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Failure to Launch

    "Adulting" is a thing now: Are kids acquiring the skills to navigate real life?

    By Taryn Phaneuf

  • Treatment and Testing

    Spokane-based PAML streamlines its laboratory testing; also, a local neurologist offers a new Parkinson's treatment

    By Mitch Ryals

  • A Human Problem

    Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues, and there are things you can do to help

    By Samantha Wohlfeil

  • Veggie Tales

    Science says to eat more plants and less meat — here's why

    By E.J. Iannelli

  • No Meat? No Problem

    Fresh and hot off the grill, plant-based recipes can be just as flavorful as their meaty counterparts

    By Chey Scott

  • Eat Your Veggies!

    Charity Corner: An annual celebration of plant-friendly living

    By Chey Scott

  • Mystery Poem

    Genealogy can be an engrossing hobby — especially when you stumble upon somebody else's story

    By Daniel Walters

  • Companions in Health

    From the editor: Furry companions can be good for your health

  • What's In Your Genes?

    Genetic testing is poised to radically alter the future of health care

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Smooth Sailing

    100 percent local: All-natural beauty based in Plummer, Idaho

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • 24-Hour Fitness

    Does requiring first-year residents to work some 24- or 28-hour shifts make things safer for patients?

    By Daniel Walters

  • Feeding the Kids

    Ask Dr. Matt: How can we make sure kids get the nutrients they need?

    By Matt Thompson

  • Just the Flax

    Superfood: Fighting cancer and aiding the cardiovascular system both possible benefits

    By Anne McGregor

  • Food for Thought

    Life coaching: Myriad impacts of what we eat

    By Robert Maurer

  • Walking for Water

    Charity Corner: The Spokenya Run and Walk

    By Chey Scott

  • Street Medicine

    Good Read: A compelling look at serving the underprivileged

    By Anne McGregor

  • Medication Mishaps

    Pill Box: Pay attention to the details upon being discharged

    By John R. White

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