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Jun 8-14, 2017

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  • The Dead Don't Lie

    When the Spokane County medical examiner says one thing, and a body seems to say another, families are left searching for answers

    By Samantha Wohlfeil and Mitch Ryals

  • Political Science

    In Idaho, educators try to figure out how to teach about human-caused climate change in a state where the concept has been challenged by politicians

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Poor Grade

    Hangman Creek gets an 'F' from Spokane Riverkeeper; plus, Spokane, Fairways Golf Course battle over water

    By Daniel Walters and Samantha Wohlfeil

  • Ticketed at Home

    In Spokane, you can be ticketed for parking more than 24 hours on almost any section of any city street — even in front of your own house

    By Daniel Walters

  • Green Greens

    Washington will soon be the first state to have organically certified cannabis

    By Mike Bookey





    A new wine bar, expanded menu and live music attract to this longstanding Sandpoint fave

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Hearty Appetites

    Creative growth in Spokane's culinary and cultural scenes inspired a well-known local chef to start a food festival to match its pace

    By Taryn Phaneuf


  • Get Down in Browne's

    A guide to this year's Elkfest lineup, filling one of Spokane's most historic neighborhoods with a weekend of live music

    By Nathan Weinbender


  • Fear Is Contagious

    The eerie It Comes at Night is a sure-footed, finely wrought psychological thriller

    By Eric D. Snider

  • Warrior Princess

    DC redeems itself with an exuberant, empowering origin story, anchored by Gal Gadot's star-making performance

    By Marc Savlov

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