Paint, Parks and Plants

I admit to a strong desire to at least attempt almost any project around my house. I've painted all variety of surfaces, rearranged and repurposed rooms (usually on a whim late at night), added moldings and removed wallpaper. But even in my most ambitious moments, I could never have imagined the creative projects the local Instagrammers featured in our cover story have undertaken. From crafting a custom built-in, to a low-budget bathroom makeover, to a whole-house transformation with paint, these resourceful women take the job of making a home to a whole new level.

Everyone has gone to the doctor and received orders for a particular medication, but I'm willing to bet few of us have received a prescription to spend time outdoors. In his Health story, Wilson Criscione takes a look at emerging research that suggests doctors should consider writing detailed "parkscriptions" to help address some of the most urgent health problems patients are facing — things like hypertension, anxiety and depression.

And you won't want to miss Jacob Jones' story about chasing butterflies. Or, more accurately, making sure there'll be butterflies for your grandkids to chase. Learn about the small things you can do around your home to help our little six-legged friends.