Weinstein found guilty of rape, Spokane looks at pricier parking, and other headlines


 Public employees are worried about record requests for employee birth dates — but almost every Washington voter's name, birth date and home address is easy to get.

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Weinstein found guilty of rape
Harvey Weinstein — the Hollywood producer who dozens of women have accused of sexual assault and rape — was found guilty of a felony sex crime and rape, but not the two top charges of predatory sexual assault, the New York Times reports.

Spokane County wants public bargaining, too
Spokane County is supporting a Lincoln County case to require public bargaining with its union contracts, the Spokesman-Review reports.

Spokane looks at more "dynamic" parking rules
After a parking study, Spokane's leadership is being told that tickets for expired meters downtown should be significantly higher than $15 to encourage compliance, and some parking rates should be changed, the Spokesman reports.

Bernie wins in Nevada
Bernie Sanders advanced his lead, gaining significant ground with a win in Nevada this weekend, KREM reports.