Police Ombudsman Commission to make a decision tonight

The Office of Police Ombudsman Commission meets tonight at 7 pm in City Council chambers to discuss whether or not to hire one of the three final candidates. 

The Commission has a few options: 

1. Pick one of the three candidates. To read more about each candidate, click here. We took a more in-depth look at one of the candidates, Allen Huggins. To read that report, click here. The Spokesman-Review did the same thing for candidate Robert Breeden. To read that report, click here

The third candidate's resume is available here.

2. Decide that they need more information on each candidate. Commission chair Deb Conklin says that might mean sending someone to one of or each of the respective cities to do a more thorough background investigation. We wrote about what Conklin says are the inadequacies of the selection process earlier this month. 

3. Tell the search committee to start over, send three more names. 

Stay tuned, we'll update this post after the meeting.