Teachers union deal lets kids out early some days, growing fires and morning headlines

click to enlarge Teachers union deal lets kids out early some days, growing fires and morning headlines
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The police chief interviews are restarting, less than a month after Meidl was appointed

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The Bartlett's music festival, Bartfest, has been canceled

Tour please
Brett Dennen's "Tour Por Favor" is touring in Spokane. Buy tickets now, por favor. 


Heeeere weee go agaaaaain...

Police chief interviews are happening all over again, leaving those who did it the first time optimistic, but cautious. "Cautiously optimistic," as the kids are saying these days. [Spokesman-Review]

For When the Bells Toll

The Spokane Education Association has already approved an initial contract this year, which includes early-release Fridays — good news for harried teachers and kids who hate school. [Spokesman-Review]

And Fire in the Sky

The fires on Hart Road and Cayuse Mountain are growing. [KXLY]


Buzzfeed will split its entertainment division off from its news division. That may be bad news for Buzzfeed's incredible investigative journalists — which profits from cat videos and Jurassic Park GIFS have supported. [CNN] 

The $ting

Want to stop your throat from constricting, and your eyes from watering and hives from breaking out? Want to be able to breathe again after a bee sting? Well, get ready to fork over 
as much as $600, as the EpiPen manufacturer has hiked prices to incredible rates. Congress is now looking into it. [New York Times]

Maybe It's All a Giant Coincidence Like When Clinton Made Tons of Money on Cattle Futures? 

The Associated Press reveals that "at least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs." If you're a math nerd, that's more than half. [AP]