Railroad protests, potholes, and other Thursday-laden headlines

click to enlarge Railroad protests, potholes, and other Thursday-laden headlines
Spokane is on the way to fixing these pesky potholes


5 Seconds of Summer in Spokane Will Make A Hard Man Humble 
The Inlander's resident Boy Band Scholar Dan Nailen explores how Boy Bands have grown up

The Greater Hole

How Mayor David Condon's creative, ingenious solutions helped to clean up the river, fix the roads, and set Spokane on the course to beating its pothole problem.

DNA Denial 

Ricky Anthony Young, convicted of murdering a Franklin County judge 42 years ago, won't be able to use DNA testing to seek an exoneration


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sporadic National News Story Rachel Dolezal stumbles upon a new controversy by headlining the "Naturally Isis Braid-On, Economic Liberty March and Rally" in Dallas, Texas. Wait? Isis?! I think the Daily Beast is burying the lede a bit here. [The Daily Beast] 

Bill Bryant, Friend of the Working Man?

Gov. Jay Inslee opponent Bill Bryant swings by a rally for state workers demanding better pay and benefits. [Spokesman-Review]

The Ol' Snidely Whiplash Ploy
Used to be, old women would be tied to railroad tracks by mustache-twirling villains. But now, in today's more progressive world, women can tie themselves to the tracks. Three "Raging Grannies," and 17 other people temporarily blockaded BNSF tracks to protest coal and oil trains. 


No More Mr. Nice Trump
The Bruce Banner Trump of yesterday's Mexico visit gave way to the Incredible Immigrant-Hatin' Hulk at yesterday's immigration speech, a speech so inspirational that several of Trump's prominent Hispanic supporters have pulled their support. [Politico]

IT Support

Do you love having your taxpayer money spent on things? Do you love Hillary Clinton's private email server? Well, good news! Taxpayer money was spent to subsidize Clinton's email server and the Clinton Foundation. [Politico]

Red State, Blue State 
Why it's a lot crazier for Trump to pretend he's going to win Washington state than for Clinton to pretend she's going to win Arizona. [Washington Post]