Seattle may sue Trump, city splits with meter service, and morning headlines

click to enlarge Seattle may sue Trump, city splits with meter service, and morning headlines
The shadow of Frank Straub remains cast over City Hall



Remember former Police Chief Frank Straub and his incredibly expensive lawsuit against the City of Spokane? Well, even though it got tossed out by a District Court judge, it's currently under appeal in the 9th Circuit.

A couple more of those, and we're talking real bake-sale money
The Wellpinit School District got busted by the State Auditor for getting $400,000 dollars in state funding it shouldn't have.

Here comes the Fastball!
And other '90s rock bands to the Northern Quest Casino.


In City of Spokane, Parking Meter Gets Busted For Not Paying YOU!
The company that the City of Spokane was using for pay-by-phone parking meters owes the city $80,000, so the city is ditching it. (Spokesman-Review)

It's like Seattle doesn't like Trump or something
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray may sue Trump to figure out, among other stuff, how, exactly, he's defining sanctuary cities. (Spokesman-Review)

Swedish Fishy
The Seattle Times claims the head of Swedish Health Services, after it exposed all sorts of shady shenanigans in its neurosurgery institute. (Seattle Times)


Basket of Deportables
Trump's immigration plans will dramatically expand the types of unauthorized immigrants who are deported. (New York Times)

Bathroom Pass?
Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos doesn't like the Trump administration's proposal to rescind protections for transgender students in public schools. But Jeff Sessions is a firm supporter of it. (New York Times)

Minus the Milo
The Conservative Political Action Conference is today, and it's Trumpier than ever. (Washington Post)