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Re: “Separation Anxiety

Wow, Professor Bob (He’s a Political Science instructor at GU folks) did you write this column or did the Siddoway for Judge campaign do an Al French and write it for you and slap your mug an moniker on it?

(This is one of the funniest political stories in the Spokesman in years folks; imagine an eight year veteran politician, Al French, gets caught writing his own letters to the editor…OMG is that funny….)

Whew, well back to this,

As a long time friend of Judge Siddoway, you don’t really praise her much Professor Bob. Instead, you just liberal trash talk her opponent in an MSBC pompous pontificator style neglecting to mention obvious warts on both candidates…which is what your readers should read from you…

For example: Professor Bob, you failed to mention that Siddoway was on the board of the ACLU and has donated financially to that organization. Perhaps you didn’t know…

I did some simple research since you didn’t, to find out just how objective YOU are and Professor Bob, well if you live in a glass house…

Checking with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) you have donated $50 to the Siddoway Camapgin and $17.50 to Mager camapgin this year. With a $25.00 donation to Amber Waldref in 2009 and $50.00 to the WA State DNC in 2008, this rounds out your entire political donations in Washington State in the last ten years.

I think it is fair to say Professor Bob that you are at best an apologist for the leftwing nut end of the local democrat party. This is not an uncommon debilitating disease of political science professors. Although your political giving is meager (even Megar…%uF04A), perhaps you donate to your political cronies by way of the written word via the bottom of the bird cage partisan press…(is that redundant? %uF04A)

That aside, the PDC is an amazing resource for reality checks, wouldn’t you agree Professor Bob? All one need do is to look up the documents and one may see the truth of how political money is spent and political loyalties are forged.

For example: If one looks up Siddoway one finds that Doug and Laurel are generous donors to democrats. They donated over $3000.00 to Christine Gregorie who in turn appointed Ms. Siddoway to the Court of Appeals in 2010. They donate to the who’s whom of the local DNC as well. Chris Marr, Gary Locke, John Powers etc.

This is nothing new for the Siddoways however Professor Bob. They donated a whole bunch of money (plus a $5000 loan) to John Powers for mayor in 2001 and Ms Siddoway got appointed as the River Park Square (RPS) Attorney for the City of Spokane after Powers won. (The Siddoways also donated about $2000.00 to Powers failed 2003 campaign.) Funny John Powers to date has not donated a thin dime to Siddoway’s campaign according to the PDC records

Even though you have “…known Laurel Siddoway for more than 20 years” and are a local political science wonk, you failed to mentioned these significant fact….hmmmm

You also failed to mention Professor Bob that Laurel Siddoway while acting as the cities lead council for RPS was simultaneously an attorney for KXLY (and remained their until she got her appointment for judge. Her husband Doug took over her duties at KXLY after her appointment and is council for them currently.)

The citizens of the City of Spokane will still be paying off RPS settlement until the year 2027. (2.2 million per year….taken from parking meter money. The irony is overwhelming.) This was the settlement that Siddoway recommended and Al French, Mary Vernor, Brad Stark, Joe Shogan and Dennis Hession approved. Only Bob Apple and Cherie Rodgers said no. (What is that… $34 million for a $13 million dollar garage upgrade? My math is a little fuzzy with big numbers…It does not seem to be a deal that benefited the city much and might explain why we are $10 million in debt today with crappy roads….)

Wow, for a columnist for the Inlander and a Friend of Judge Siddoway, you sure do leave a lot of stuff out professor Bob.

Why didn’t you mention that while working as the RPS attorney, it was Laural Siddoway who recommended withholding a public records request, defying a judge’s order. This case went all the way to the WA State Supreme Court where in a rare unanimous decision, the City of Spokane was ordered to release the public information. All the while (this took years folks) Siddoway collected her healthy annual retainer fee from the city. This needlessly cost the taxpayers of the City of Spokane millions….

Did Siddoway not understand the law or was the strategy to delay, delay, delay? Either way, Professor Bob, this does not seem to me to be someone any reasonable person conservative or democrat, liberal or republican would want on the bench in any court….

If you still owned your own soul professor Bob, you would realize this too and write about it…

(You can read all about Laurel Siddoway folks an some of her colorful legal history as a local attorney on

How did Siddoway rank on the short list of applicants for this Appeals Court position? Did you check the credentials for the other candidates Professor Bob? Did they have more court room experience than Ms. Siddoway? Why did she get the appointment? Was it performance or politics? A perfect question for you to answer, but you didn’t even bother to try…

Information like this is why the Inlander should 86 your column professor Bob. You are not objective and are defiantly not insightful despite your credentials. You writings typically suffer from serious important omissions of relevant fact. I fear what tripe you teach your impressionable students at GU…

Posted by NoSpinIn on 07/30/2010 at 5:08 AM

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