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When WesOne was 23 years old, his uncle who was also a DJ [DJ Big Mike], once let him be a DJ at a Hip Hop Club he was working at. He started to try DJing a lot more and now has been bitten by the DJ bug. He became much more skilled at it along with MCing and being a Great Entertainer. Also, WesOne started his own Business called BlockMovement Inc Records Store and his DJ & Artists Camp BlockMovement Inc Ent. DJ WesOne became one of the best DJs in the Northwest clubs. He uses the music production software like [[Reason (software)|Reason|Pro Tools SE|[FL Studio 11], first using Pro Tool SE and currently using Reason 5 & FL Studio 11 "With this Mid-West/West Coast Swag music, I’m trying to create my own sound. I want to make this to where it can’t leave the North West, West Coast and The Mid-West... This is something that everybody’s gonna get used to and love. Like how everybody got used to Dr Dre,DJ Quick,Battle Cat and Daz of Dog Pound. I don’t want it to be something that comes and goes, I want it to be something that’s here forever that Coast to Coast will like and love," WesOne said. Musical career DJ WesOne is the Ultimate party DJ from Old School, to Neo Soul, to Hip-Hop. DJ WesOne is the Swiss army knife of Party Rocking. Born Mickey Davis in South Central Los Angeles, DJ WesOne escaped the negativity through sports. Starting off as an emcee, and realizing his love for music at a young age. DJ WesOne was focused on a career in music. "I started writing poetry," DJ WesOne says, "as I listened to Hip Hop more and more, I started realizing my poetry could work." Eventually his love for music expanded. Forming the group Knights of the Round Table (KRT) with fellow emcee Deekon Jones, DJ WesOne found his love for beat making and composing. This love eventually turned into DJing. "I wanted to be a voice for the local artist, and be a conduit to help artists get exposure," says DJ Wes One. DJ Wes One now focuses his career on Party Rocking and breaking new Music. "I get a lot of exclusives, and I feel its my duty to show love," says DJ Wes One. DJ Wes One is truly an all purpose DJ sure to rock any party. Check him out at Club near you.

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