Annual Manual 2016-17: cover contest photos

This year, we also asked you a question: We asked you why you live here, and asked you to answer with photos to be considered for the cover of Annual Manual. Hundreds of images were submitted, and here is just a sampling of our favorites.

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Megan Kennedy
A native Californian, Megan Kennedy’s love for the Inland Northwest took root as a student at WSU. Since then, her appreciation for this region has only deepened as she’s traveled the Northwest capturing the stories of local entrepreneurs, clients and couples as a professional photographer and videographer. “We try to live with an adventurous spirit and tend to connect with people who share that love of nature,” explains Kennedy, who co-founded Rogue Heart Media with her husband, Rob. “On a lot of our shoots, we find ourselves in really beautiful spaces. From our perspective, the diversity of the terrain is amazing — that we can go out on an engagement shoot and be in an urban setting, and in 10 minutes drive to find high grasses, or be on the river, makes this area truly like no place else.” This winning image was captured at Spokane’s High Bridge Park, as part of an engagement shoot for Khalid and Sara Beznaigvia.