A guide to some of the Inland Northwest's major projects in 2018

With a housing shortage affecting cities all across the western United States, new development isn't just a matter of aesthetic or urban planning: It's about homelessness, poverty and the region's future.

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Years ago, when I was urging a friend to move to the Inland Northwest, the word I found myself using most often to explain why I live here was "easy." It's easy to live in Spokane.

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Insider Insight: Mark Robitaille

Coeur d'Alene CVB head talks up the Lake City's appeal
Mark Robitaille has spent most of his career in the tourism industry, and currently runs the Coeur d'Alene Convention & Visitor Bureau, which is part of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Growing Communities

Where the next booms are about to blow up, plus housing and transportation in 2018
The Inland Northwest was slow to grow during the past decade.

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Do Something

Feeling like the world is going to hell in a handbasket? Do something about it!
Sometimes it can be a little too easy to focus on all of the bad things going on in the world.

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Insider Insight: Cheryl Kilday

Tour the local tourism industry with Visit Spokane CEO
As CEO of Visit Spokane, Cheryl Kilday is responsible for helping guide the strategy and direction of Spokane's tourism industry.

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Employment updates, industries on the rise and health care in 2018
A Year of Growth

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Seeing the Future

Big changes lie ahead for Inland Northwest schools
For schools in the Inland Northwest, change is coming in many forms.


Building a Better Bee

Can we harness the microbes in bee guts to create stronger bees?
The eight white boxes in a weedy, fenced-off field behind the big red barn at Eastern Washington University are absolutely crawling with life.


Math Meets Medicine

A Gonzaga researcher is developing a safer, cheaper and more mobile technology to perform body scans
Thousands of times every day, doctors around the world look for issues inside their patients without ever breaking the skin, thanks to help from imaging technology like computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray and ultrasound.


Insider Insight: Christopher Keane

WSU vice president of research sets his sights high
Christopher Keane is vice president for research at Washington State University.


A Higher Degree

Why Spokane community colleges are now offering four-year degrees
For some job fields, an associate degree used to be enough to earn a job and move up to a higher-paying position.


Insider Insight: Darryl Potyk

UW Spokane Medical School's Darryl Potyk discusses growth, interest
Darryl Potyk has been involved in medical education in Spokane for 25 years.


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Trendwatch: Kombucha & Matcha


Food & Restaurants

Trendwatch: Canned Beer

More regional breweries are turning to canning, so here are four canned beers we recommend
It just makes sense.

Food & Restaurants

The Time is Now

Cocktail Hour takes on new meaning with the rise in craft cocktails
315 Martinis & Tapas

Food & Restaurants

A Year in Food Festivals

Where to find the best celebrations of food in the Inland Northwest in 2018-19
Coeur d'Alene Mac & Cheese Festival

Food & Restaurants

Notable Newcomers

Seven restaurants new to the Inland Northwest in the past year that you have to try
Park Lodge

Food & Restaurants

Burger Bonanza

Where to find and eat all the burgers, from great bargains with a pint of beer, to vegan and local classics
The humble hamburger is a menu mainstay at restaurants everywhere, from the cheapest of fast-food joints to the finest of fine dining.

Food & Restaurants

Trendwatch: Açaí

A refreshing and fiber-packed treat, acai bowls have popped up on menus across the region
With their eye-catching, deep violet hue, chilly temperature and nearly limitless topping choices, açaí bowls are one of the hottest long-lasting trends to hit the menus of juice, smoothie and other health-centric cafes around the U.S. in the past decade.

Food & Restaurants

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So, You Want To... Dance

Five spots to cut some rug in the Inland Northwest
COEUR D'ALENE CASINO This place is a haven for food, drink, gambling and, of course, live entertainment.

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Do Karaoke

Sing like there's nobody listening at these five local joints
CRAVE A roomy lounge on the corner of Riverside and Washington, Crave offers dancing and karaoke throughout the week.

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Laugh

We all enjoy a good laugh, and thankfully the Inland Northwest has venues offering up all manner of material to tickle funny bones.

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Have a Conversation

Get together with friends at one of these hangouts
It's a common problem: You've got a date, but you need to find a place where you can actually hear the person across the table from you when they speak.

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Play Games

Whether your game is pool, darts or Super Mario Bros, the Spokane area has a place for you

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Gamble

Test your luck at these local casinos

Nightlife & Bars

So, You Want To... Play Trivia

Six spots where you can test your mind while filling your belly
The Bar

Nightlife & Bars

Don't Miss: The Inlander's 2019 music festival, Volume

Every spring the Inlander scours Spokane, the Inland Northwest and points beyond to find the most interesting musicians and lure them to a massive two-night festival in downtown Spokane.

Nightlife & Bars

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Stand and Paddle

SUP takes the Inland Northwest by storm
During one hot summer, Lacy Gannon and Sara Murphy were looking for a workout alternative to yoga.

Outdoors & Recreation

Pickleball is taking off!

While the name may get a giggle or two, the rising popularity of pickleball is no joke.

Outdoors & Recreation

Big Wheels

Fat-tire bikes are opening whole new landscapes — and seasons — for cyclists
The Columbia Plateau route runs 150 miles from Pasco all the way up to the Fish Lake trail in Spokane.

Outdoors & Recreation

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

You don't need to be perfectly poised to enjoy the snowy outdoors
Sure, people who are good at balance like to spend their winters gracefully gliding down mountain sides on one or two polished pieces of wood, but what about those with a little less coordination?

Outdoors & Recreation

Insider Insight: Eric Sawyer

Spokane Sports Commission Eric Sawyer on athletics in the region
Eric Sawyer has been the CEO and president of the Spokane Sports Commission for 25 of the nonprofit's 29-year history.

Outdoors & Recreation

Fit on the Farm

Farmgirlfit takes a unique approach to city fitness centers
After a workout at Farmgirlfit, you'll likely feel like you spent the day bucking hay bales.

Outdoors & Recreation

Don't Miss: Winterfest

Adventure-seekers on a budget can discover a new hobby through Winterfest, an annual celebration of cross-country skiing at Mount Spokane.

Outdoors & Recreation

Insider Insight: Tom Chasse

The Schweitzer Mountain Resort's head sings the Inland Northwest's praises
For more than a decade, Tom Chasse has been at the helm of Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, the country's 16th largest ski area in terms of skiable acres, and the only resort in the region with the ability to make snow when needed.

Outdoors & Recreation

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Get a dose of culture at one of these eight productions in the Inland Northwest
While standing ovations have become quite customary in the Inland Northwest, here's our pick of the eight shows most likely to earn one in the 2018-19 arts season.

Arts & Entertainment

Insider Insight: Jack Lucas

Events professional Jack Lucas talks entertainment in the Inland Northwest
For more than four decades, Jack Lucas has been deeply involved in the Inland Northwest's entertainment industry.

Arts & Entertainment

Read local

New releases from local writers
The Inland Northwest's literary talent pool is deep, a fact made ever-more evident with every new piece of stunning work produced by locals in genres ranging from young adult (YA), fantasy and romance to poetry, nonfiction and fiction. We get to enjoy the writers year-round, through their appearances at public readings and literary festivals, but readers outside the region have to rely on new books published and distributed far and wide.

Arts & Entertainment

Reader's Choice

What are local bookworms reading lately?
Want to know what people in the Inland Northwest are reading?

Arts & Entertainment

Don't Miss: Tony-nominated play Waitress

Dec. 12, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

Insider Insight: Melissa Huggins

Spokane Arts director reviews the city's current scene
Melissa Huggins began serving as the executive director of Spokane Arts in 2016.

Arts & Entertainment

Outdoor Art

Spokane's artwork is becoming more vibrant and easy to spot. Find it at these locations
Seeing the Big Picture

Arts & Entertainment

A Year in Festivals

Your guide to the Inland Northwest's festivals of 2018-19
Spokane Zine Fest

Arts & Entertainment

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Fashion Statements

Stand out by shopping at these local boutiques
We get it.

Shopping & Style

Everything Old is New Again

Where to shop for vintage style that's right on point
Echo Boutique

Shopping & Style

White Dresses & Whatnots

Local Inland Northwest bridal shops poised to deliver the perfect dress
Affordable Elegance

Shopping & Style

Get Your House in Order

14 brick-and-mortar furniture stores worth visiting
Is that sofa really comfortable?

Shopping & Style

Words, words words: These places have all the best words

2nd Look Books

Shopping & Style

Divine Consign

59,000 square feet of shopping space versus 15 inches
In an age where surfing is more often done on a computer than on ocean waves, everything can be found online from the comfort of home in your PJs.

Shopping & Style

Green Houses

Put some life in your home with these local plant shops and florists
Whether you want to jump on that succulent trend or put your green thumb to the test with one of those fiddle leaf figs you see in all the design magazines, these local shops have the plants and the people to help you bring some life and color into your home.

Shopping & Style

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